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Speaker 1: (00:02)
They were walking around, outside in the village at Southern trails, Shaw homes, new construction, broken arrow. There’s a storm’s moving in. It’s cloudy. There seems to be a lot of, oh, cloud clouds in the sky and the is picking up like storms moving in possible Hale up to an inch and a half in diameter this afternoon, the legit Southern trails shall homes, new home construction in broken arrow right now. It feels like it’s in the upper seventies. The temperature’s supposed to drop significantly over the next six to eight hours. Storm will move through cold front and move through some bad storms possible tornadoes, which is weird for the fall, usually that’s spring. And, uh, so I’m hoping we don’t get any hail. I have to drive my car to a location, hopefully a garage in the village of Southern trails, Shaw homes and broken arrow, new home construction tomorrow looks like there’ll be a colder weather probably going to need jacket or coat tomorrow, possibly the next day.

Speaker 1: (01:35)
mid-October, everyone’s running around planning their homecoming dances and homecoming games. The area high schools, the, uh, th this is breast cancer awareness month. So several of the schools are incorporating the color pink with all of their homecoming dances and games and different parades, things like that. Um, so we’ll have to get off the killer pink and wearing it and support breast cancer awareness. This month, bill just Southern trails, Shaw homes, broken arrow  new home construction. Then, uh, we’ll move into Halloween. And what kind of costume, the different kids will be wearing this year. Different releases of new movies coming out, see what the kids are going to be going to be wearing in the villages, Southern trails, Brooke Nero, new home construction. So lots of kids in the neighborhood. Sure. They’ll be going trick or treating and gathering the candy and dressed like ghosts and goblins.

Speaker 1: (03:04)
Lots of pumpkins and Jack lanterns to be carved and lots of candy. Roger teeth out got the, uh, Halloween festivities and carnivals and pumpkins and hay bales and scarecrows, all that fun stuff, scary stuff. Heck’s house, scary activities. Just finished up the Tulsa state fair. Hopefully everyone got to go check that out and eat lots of crazy food. Had my share of the, uh, the normal, um, corn dogs and cheese dogs and cheese curds pop, and pineapple, apple whips, and doughnut burgers and steak sandwiches and fried pies and fried Oreos, fried everything and enough food to make anyone sick and break your budget for the next couple of months.

Speaker 1: (04:27)
Lots of scary people out there not even dressed up for Halloween, just scary in general, people missing teeth and missing clothes, missing personalities, lots of different things going on. Fair, lots of unsupervised children. My favorite thing on supervise children and unsurprised adults attempting to adult check the front porch. And there’s some kind of a stuff on here on my front porch. Somebody was trying to solicit looks like not sure why they’re soliciting a model in the village at Southern trails, show homes, broken arrow, new home construction on Boulder, lots of things going on in the city of broken arrow and the surrounding cities as the weather changes and different fall festivals and activities, hay rides, dances, football games, bending into hockey season, which is a lot more

Speaker 2: (05:57)
Entertaining than football hockey season. Everyone’s fighting. That’s just part of the game. It’s part of entertaining. Basketball gets even more boring. And then of course, we get into more holidays after Halloween and the Halloween parties and the different dress up activities. Then we move into season of eating and being fat. So lots of Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving activities, and food prep. So you go from candy in October to pies in November to everything in December, lots of eating, lots of opportunity to put on the winter 20 pounds have to increase your shies for next summer. The, uh, I think it’s starting to sprinkle outside that to pull up the weather app. See, uh, what’s going on outside. Say, looks like the, uh, weather is 78 degrees, severe thunderstorm warning.

Speaker 2: (07:33)
And, uh, let’s see, it looks like the high today is 79 and the lowest 40 degrees mostly cloudy right now. Like we’ve got a 40% chance of rain this afternoon. 70% chances evening. The hourly forecast shows 78 right now and topping out in the next 45 minutes at 79 and then around three dropping the 74 4 dropping the 71 5 dropping the 71 6 68, 7 64. The villages Southern trails broken around new home construction by Shaw homes. Nine o’clock it’ll be about 58 degrees. 10 it’ll be 55, 11 50 to 12:51 AM. 48. I am 46, 3:00 AM. 45, 4:00 AM. 44, 5:00 AM, 43 and tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM. 42 degrees. Like our 70% chance of arranged around midnight. 60 is 10 and 11 and it looks like eight o’clock. We have a 50% seven o’clock we have 50%, nine 50%, 10 60% like Thursday’s forecast variable clouds with scattered thunderstorms, high 79 winds, 10 to 20 chance of reinforcing tonight showers likely and possible. It’s under storm this evening, then some lingering shower still possible overnight low, about 40 when’s north Northwest at 10 20 chance of rain. 70%, Friday, about 55 degrees, low around 34. So that’d be nice and chilly Saturday, the highest 65.

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