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New home construction Oklahoma City | A Versatile Design

New home construction Oklahoma City | A Versatile Design

Welcome to another podcast. I am Jordan more featuring shaw homes, Edmond new homes, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. So that is our biggest news is work. We’re expanding our family from the Tulsa area over to Edmund. And so uh, the last few podcasts I have been talking to you guys about our model home tour and so we’ve made it mostly through a handful of them. We left off with the Wyndham and we’re going to pick up and start talking about the last couple ones here. New home construction Oklahoma City It’s important for me to mention that our model home tours at the same time every single week, and this will be the same for Edmond new homes as well. We have the same model home times a are a model home tours and that is Saturday morning at nine, Sunday at five and Monday at six. That’s right. The three, same times every single week. Now these slots do fill up rather quickly and there’s only a limited number of space that we can take on the tour at the same time because we do of course when a kid.

These is personal as we can with you guys, but the thing is we take a couple of families at the same time and uh, we took a tour, everyone around six, 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes and that way they can get a feel for what they like to see, what they find, what they’re interested in a, what suits them best and as us, as the professionals we can, I can start to assess as to what they feel is important to them and find that best option. So we were in seven lakes talking about the Wyndham and how it has a huge great room. Features of Butler’s Pantry, I guess sweet and a master closet walkthrough. Now it’s a walkthrough, just like the snooze button design that we have. New home construction Oklahoma City It’s just another name for it. So the, Wyndham is a real classy holman itself, a lot of different options that you can build on that one as well.

So we’ll actually head out of that community and hit a left back on 121st right past Sheridan. And we will go into the estates at the river here. Uh, we’ll actually see the monroe one, I now you’ve already seen them in row two P, which was in the village at southern trails. Now you could just see one of the many ways that this home can be built. Like I mentioned in that podcast. This home can be built 15 different ways. This is just a second one. Now, this one, uh, again, is our most versatile a design because it can be built 15 different ways. Admin, new homes will feature a monroe one. I, uh, it was well at some point and this one actually has our largest great room. Same about the same features as the Monroe Tupe, outdoor, large outdoor living space, and also largest master vanity.

The Monroe Road to, Oh one, it does not have, um, the snooze button, a design that the two peed, uh, has not ever one once the snooze button design. Some people like being able to go into their closet, get ready, and then come back out again and not have to be able to have two access points into their bedroom. And that makes sense. Some people prefer it, some don’t. It’s a lot more popular to have now, but we give you that option with a New home construction Oklahoma City. However, one neat thing about that one is the one I is when you come in through the door, you have a study on one side and a dining room on the other, uh, as I’m in row two ps, you come in, you have a dining room and a closet on the other side. So the space is utilized a little differently. I’m with that one.

I, it’s bumped out a little bit more than the two. P, uh, making it a little bit more space, but you can utilize those rooms as bedrooms if he would like. So the Monroe is definitely a very popular floor plan, very versatile for a lot of people and works for most people as well. It still has the same features. Is that corner drop into of as the a two P has edmond new homes. We’ll also be featuring another model home that we’re about to talk about. New home construction Oklahoma City that is the Ventana, the ventanas actually in York town, which is a very nice neighborhood with a lot of amenities. I mean, we have other communities that have a few of these and a handful of them, but this one definitely has the most. It has basketball courts, soccer, um, soccer fields. I’m swimming pool of Clubhouse, walking trails.

This place has got it all. Now a admin new homes will feature of Atlanta, which has been. Tanya is actually one of our other plans that only comes as a two story. The, the word Ventana in Spanish. It means windows, which is a ton of light. And this one has something called the pop and Pantry, which is very similar to the prepper pantry. And the stone brook utilizes that space there and has a nice wraparound, lots of storage for that pantry for sure. Uh, the New home construction Oklahoma City, is also a nursery convenient from the master suite, kind of similar to the Addison in that point. And so that’s something to point out for someone that might be wanting a, a plan that is quick access to a nursery or someone that’s expecting or will be potentially a having children. Um, this one is something we call the upstairs.

Kids should fight less because the bedrooms upstairs are on opposite sides. They’re not next to each other, so this should help keep some of that strife down from the siblings bumping into each other and fighting. Our feature is Edmond new homes. We’re expanding our family from Tulsa and broken Arrow area over to Oklahoma City where we will expand shaw homes. I’m the next model home that I wanted to feature a in our model home tour is the Monterrey, which is probably one of my other favorite floor plans. This one is in Timber Creek, which is a pretty amazing community in itself. You’re talking about half Acre home sites in Jenks and that’s pretty unheard of. So New home construction Oklahoma City you have a lot of land and the jinx school districts, um, and you can actually even get larger than half Acre as well. This is pretty much most of them are backed up to the green belt, so there’s a lot of trees and forest that’s behind him.

So for those of you that one, a lot of space, a lot of trees and a lot of nature and want to be in the drinks area, Timber Creek is definitely the place to go. We’ll find out what kind of communities that we have for Edmond new homes is Shaw homes, expands over to the Oklahoma City area. So the Monterey, a few things that I want to mention about that. One is it is a true second suite on the main level. Uh, there’s an entire bed and bath on one side of the house there that is just basically its own suite which can be used as a mother in law suite if the they ended up staying or you have a guest over. It’s definitely a good plan to have that one on. It’s our most private bedrooms of any of our plans. New home construction Oklahoma City so if you’re have a family that has for a very one that wants to be a little bit more private and not quite as wide open on the bedrooms are you just have a bunch of older people, older kids, whatever that might be that they either own privacy.

This is definitely a plan that features, um, the most private bedrooms have any plan. It also has a powder bath layout, not a lot of our plans come with a powder bath. Monterey’s one of those and it comes with a which is a half bath and that is a toilet and a sink and it also has the most private upstairs veterans as well, once again, it’s a very private home in general upstairs. The bedrooms in the way that they’re laid out as a very private and I’m not quite as wide open as some of our other plans and accessible. And so as an Edmund new home builder, we offer these, uh, homes and the Oklahoma City area as well. We would end our tour talking about the Monterey and at that point you will have covered 10 model homes and they usually along the way we even tried to bump into some move in ready homes so people have an idea of some of the other ones New home construction Oklahoma City.

Like yesterday I took a family, uh, on a model home to her and we, when we were in highland creek, we went and saw the crescent, which is kind of a bit of a smaller Monroe with a couple of unique features that they have there, but we don’t have a model plant or that one. So usually what we try to do is have one built that’s ready for moving that we can show at any given time so people can see what those features would look like and what those would be like. So admin new homes will be the same exact way we’ll actually build market ready homes that you will be able to tour and to see as well as fully furnished and decorated model homes. So would that being said, we appreciate you joining us where we’re talking about that model home to and all the features that we have at each model home. Uh, and we hope that you join us again for the next one, uh, where we’re sharing that exciting news and talking about Admin new homes, New home construction Oklahoma City, expanding over to the Oklahoma City area. Jordan Moore 5 9-28-18

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