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New home construction Oklahoma City | Build The Plan

New home construction Oklahoma City | Important News

Hey, this is Jordan, that shaw homes in the south. I am joining you in the stonebrook and we’re really just talking about the importance of the path. Now I always want to shed light on this very important news that we have and that is we are expanding our family to Oklahoma City. It’s right Edmond new homes is our focus. That’s what we’re talking about. Edmond new homes. And so we left off talking about the model home tour and financing and then into step three, which is a homesite reservation. And what is so important about the home site reservation is that there is only so much land that we can build on. We can build the same floor plan for you a thousand times over. We, New home construction Oklahoma City, we have the materials to do it. We can continue to create the materials for it, but we cannot create more land.

New home construction Oklahoma City so with the homesite reservation, the primary focus of this is our ability to take that piece of land off of the market. I currently work with, um, you know, 10 to 15 customers, myself and I have about 10 other colleagues doing the same thing and we never know if someone was looking at the same home site that you might be interested in and we don’t know if they’re going to come in tomorrow and reserve it for themselves and we work on a live system. So if we hop on there we can make, we can take it off from there so that way no one, none of the competing customers can take that home site from you. Like I said, we can build the plan over and over, but we can’t make more land. So once we find that one of a kind of home site, we want to make sure that we take it off of the market, uh, and claim it as yours.

And how we do that is the thousand dollar deposit. Cool thing about this is it’s fully refundable for seven days. The idea behind this is to slow things down so that way you can make a clear headed decision. Just kind of put a stop on things that way. We don’t want to make you have a rash decision, we want to make sure that we slow this process down, get all your questions answered. Uh, also the, you know, if you feel like there was any pressure there, it’s just to take it off and, and, New home construction Oklahoma City, gives you the option of also swapping between different home sites as well. So if you were, if you had a favorite one and your wife had her favorite one and you wanted to swap between for Edmond new homes, it would work the same way. You would just, um, swap between those two.

You’re able to make those adjustments. We actually don’t even cash the check. And like I emphasize that there’s only one of a kind. If you’re wanting a pond home site and willing to have a couple of those left and you’re wanting to build your home there, we’ve got to make sure that we get that home site reservation to put it, um, to hold that for you. The awesome part about it is that thousand dollars doesn’t go towards us. It doesn’t go towards my vacation. I don’t cash the check and hold onto it. What it does is go towards, it goes towards the earnest money, uh, in your home. That’s the down payment of your home. And so we, we don’t, we don’t hold onto it, New home construction Oklahoma City, we don’t cash or for our own benefit. This is actually your money going towards, uh, your home. And so the next step for your path to your new shaw home and Edmond, Oklahoma.

So New home construction Oklahoma City is the price out and I think this is probably just about everyone’s favorite points in the process. And what’s so important about it is that we get to give you an itemized price out down to the dollar, exactly the way that you want to build your home basically, or building your home on paper. And the important part of that one is knowing what that price is. So we meet at your favorite model. It’s about a 45 minute meeting. We go through the itemized pricing. That way there’s no surprises. You get all your questions answered, price down the way that you want down to the dollar and that told a price that would give you that total price out print out on the spot so that way you can go home and Kinda what I’d say is divide and conquer. You get a pink highlighter, you get a blue highlighter and you get to compare what you want and what you don’t want in the home and kind of narrow down that option.

That way you can have an educated decision of what you know, what you want in your home and how much that is going to cost. And we, um, since we’ve been around since 1985 and we’ve built so many homes and we’ve had a lot of the same trades, we know exactly what it costs for us to build the home exactly the way it is for every, for every piece of wood, every nail, every sheet of dry, a dry wall, whatever that might be a, we know exactly what it costs to build it. New home construction Oklahoma City so that way it’s no surprise to our customers if you deal with a lot of other builders that are not doing what we’re doing, they can give you a ballpark or the vicinity of what it might be. But as an Edmund home, new home builder, we know exactly what it’ll cost to build your home the exact way that you want to.

There’s no, there’s no guessing. This is the number that you will have when you move forward, unless you make any different changes in the design studios, what it will be when you get to closing. Um, so the price out is, it’s definitely one of the more exciting times. It’s also when we answer all of the questions that you may have about whether or not things are included or whether or not it’s an upgrade, we will do a presentation in that model and literally go through room by room, uh, with photos of each of them showing you what comes included in what you can do as an option. So it’s really exciting because we get you those numbers and you have something to kind of work with and play with there. New home construction Oklahoma City then we find a lot of our customers are always excited about that too because it just clears any clear anything up for them as well.

So for an Admin new home builder, uh, the next step after the price out the purchase agreement. So if you choose to move forward and choose us as your builder, uh, we appreciate that number one, and I know you won’t be disappointed, but the purchase agreement is basically where we signed the contract and you will watch an informative video that goes over all the pertinent information, uh, regarding, uh, you know, the build of the home and a lot of common questions that most people ask. And so, you know, if you have any questions we ask that you just hold onto them and then watch the video because it may answer them for you. And then afterwards, of course, if you have any that were not answered, we’ll be glad to kind of fill you in and give you that. Give you whatever information that you need to move forward, and it’s about an hour meeting and this, this informant informative video is actually done by our managers.

So that way we’re not playing a game of telephone. You’re not hearing me say one thing and someone else say, in other words, you’re hearing it from the source of our management and you’re hearing it from him directly and we’re giving you a consistent, uh, uh, answer to all of your questions. Uh, our goal is to really just simplify this and make it as easy as we can for you. And part of that is just watching that video. Uh, at this point, we want to make sure that you know, that this is when a structural items. And let me mention admin new homes real quick. This is when structural items, a structural options and, New home construction Oklahoma City your home site become final. So when we move forward from this step, we actually send out a permits to the city that you are building in, whether it’s Admin to new homes or big speed thinks a broken arrow, Tulsa, wherever you might end up building.

We send out permits to get things moving forward there, there’s a lot of behind the scenes things that happen and uh, so that we need to know that those things won’t change. So at that point they will not be able to change. However, I want to let you know that you’re a indecision about whether or not you want to have hardwood floors in the great room or whether or not you want tile, you will be able to change that all the way up into, uh, the design studio so you have a lot more flexibility there. But if it has to do with the outer wall, uh, or anything structural or changing the home site, this cannot be done after this day. So when need to make sure that we know exactly, uh, what that looks like for you guys and let you know that it cannot be changed after this day.

And so, uh, this is also when any additional earnest money would be due. And for a Edmond new homes, if you have any law, if you have less than $200,000, it’s only $500 dollars. Now the thing is, is you’ve already given us a thousand dollars for the home site reservation, so that would go towards it. So technically you would only need $4,000 on that day if your home isn’t the price of two, uh, 202, sorry, if it’s from 2:50 to 300, then you will need $9,000 making that $10,000 total because you’ve already given us that home site reservation. And if it is a 303 50, then you’ll need $15,000. Or once again 14, because you’ve already given us a thousand dollars. And if you were home is more than $350,000, then it will be simply just five percent of whatever the total cost will be. Um, in addition to the home site reservation. So for Edmond new homes, this is Jordan wore out. Jordan Moore 5 10-26-18

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