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New home construction Oklahoma City | Don’t Miss Out

New home construction Oklahoma City | Don’t Miss Out

Hey, this is Jordan with Shaw homes coming at you with another podcast today we’re talking to you about the exciting news of Edmund new homes. That’s right. We are now building and the Greater Oklahoma City area and so as a toast Tulsa homebuilder. It’s important to us that we had our process and our system down and ready for people to be able to build their home efficiently and easy through our path to your new shot home and we’re actually transferring that over to the New home construction Oklahoma City area where you can now build an New home construction Oklahoma City so you guys aren’t missing out anymore. You actually get to jump in and have the same quality and experience that people here in Tulsa I’ve had over there now as well. So I know the anticipation is over and now you get to be a part of it. So, uh, with that being said, we wanted to chat with you about a few things today on today’s agenda and that is a moving ready at home that is in highland creek.

Now this one is actually our crescent one. Our Crescent is not a current model home. Um, but this one is the one that you can view and get an idea of the floor plan itself. This one is in highland creek, which is off of Evans Road and uh, about 101st street between 90 and 101st. And it is off of 255th. Pretty close off the highway. With that being said, the, uh, the Addison p is the, a model plan, uh, the model home that’s actually there right now. Now the crescent one, this one goes for 250, 3,900 to 153,960. And it’s 2095 square feet. Three bedroom, two bath, one story, a three car garage. It’s a beautiful home. A few things that would probably tell you about this one is it actually has a formal dining room. I know some people really, um, emphasize on whether or not they want those.

Um, but we do offer it in this plan and not only a, this is a move in ready home that already has allen. And the cool thing about it is that it’s an open one, it’s kind of has a similar feel as to the Prescott. There’s a structural beam that’s right down the middle with a really beautiful arch and so it’s an open dining room. It’s not a closed off one into its own room, but it’s open. The other thing is, and Scott vaulted ceilings that come included for this home here that we’re talking about and it actually has, so a couple wood beams across the top which are extremely, extremely popular right now. Um, they, uh, we offer the them as a split vanity. And so once again, that can be considered as a bit of a marriage saver there. One’s a little bigger than the other one as you can imagine them once for the ladies and the other ones for the gentlemen.

Um, as a New home construction Oklahoma City, you have the option of building this plan as well. Um, this one has the snooze button design where you can walk straight through from the utility. And the cool thing is this master closet actually has a window, which is pretty cool. I’m not, a lot of our plans have windows inside of him and I, um, actually incorrect. This one does not have this news design button, a suite, but it does have that window in there, which is pretty awesome. Um, there is a beautiful, um, study right off from the entrance that can be, could be used as a bedroom if you’d like, but it’s got, was really neat. Vault in the ceiling, um, which makes it look very unique and special to its plan. And there’s other two bedrooms off of a little bit of a corner hallway, which is pretty neat in itself.

A lot of counter space and the master, sorry, in the laundry room, I’m an New home construction Oklahoma City comes with this feature as well. Uh, if you choose to build this plan exactly the way that it is here, but this one is located in highland creek and you can actually qualify if you qualify and get this as an rd loan, which is zero down. I’m pretty awesome. Um, this one, I don’t know how much longer it will be considered that one, but it is right now I’m in Brighton village. We actually have a Redford one available that’s $280,000, 996, 280,900 9,600. I don’t know how to say that word. Uh, this one’s 2000, 172 square feet. New home construction Oklahoma City as I mentioned on the previous podcasts that Redford is a beautiful plan, very popular plan that we’ve had more recently added to the list. And so a few things that I want to, uh, other things that I wanted to talk to you about, um, that’s concerning New home construction Oklahoma City is that you will have the same process that we have have

here in Tulsa and that’s taking you through that path. We’ve done this a few thousand times so we know what it takes to get people comfortable and moving ready for making the big investment that they do on buying a new home. And so the awesome part is, is if you choose that your timeline is shorter, we have a handful of homes that are move in ready or even being constructed and, and have less time to be built or say that you have a longer lease, we have something that’s called a delay of build and we can hold off on building your home and try to match it up with that timeline that you have. So say that you just recently signed another lease for another year on your home or your apartment and you can’t get out of it, you know, we’re talking about six months from ground to move in date.

And if you got a year lease on that one, we can actually do it up to four months of a delay of build and that lines up with 10 months there. So if we decide, okay, well I definitely want to build, let’s get moving forward on it. You can, uh, two months before looking at 10 months out from building the home itself. Uh, we can do the delay of built in line that up, or in fact we can actually start it sooner and get things moving for you if you would like. New home construction Oklahoma City, we have another options, uh, called the contingency. And so this contingencies based on you might be moving here from another area and you have another home that you need to sell before you move forward. New home construction Oklahoma City, we can put the contract contingent on the selling of your home and you’ll actually have 120 days to do that, which will give you a lot of time to be able to sell your home.

And then we can move forward in that process for you. As an Edmund new home builder, we will offer these same features and functions to you as well. We want to. Our goal is to, to build people’s dream home and make the process as simple as we can for them because we know it’s a daunting task. We know it can be overwhelming to make all your selections and then you’re talking about prices and where you want to build it and why you want to build it there. And we want to be your new home and expert and guide you through that process and fully prepare you for that. And as an New home construction Oklahoma City builder, we do provide those resources. We train all of our salespeople to be able to answer those questions that you need answered before you move forward with buying your new home.

It’s an exciting process. New home construction Oklahoma City We have a lot of people that actually almost seem apprehensive at first, but once they go on that model home to are, they really are excited about the process because they realize that we’re not. We would that we know our stuff and we want people to see that it’s not as daunting as a task as they think. Ah, because as you can imagine, if you were just to build strictly a custom home, people build their homes and correctly all the time that they’ll have the proper function. And we have 30 years of architectural experience in the and why we laid out the rooms the way that we did. In fact, in most of the times when you’re looking at one of our model homes, New home construction Oklahoma City you’re looking at version two point zero or three point, oh, of a plan because we’ve redesigned it or really constructed it based on popular, popular trends.

And so we’re constantly changing, changing those things as well, uh, to, to feed, to meet the needs of those people and our customers as they come through the, through the doors. And so as a new home builder and Edmond, uh, we want to make sure that people know that the process doesn’t need to be overwhelming. It does not need to be daunting. In fact, it’s really simple. And as we take you through that path and as we answer those questions, I think you’ll find that if you go on that model home to where you’ll be pretty excited about it. And like I said, when we offer those other things like that price out, it really starts to clear things up as far as what those numbers are. New home construction Oklahoma City You’re not committed to any of those. You can start to weigh those things out and feel comfortable with what you are buying before you move forward with it. And you know, uh, as a new home builder in Edmond, um, we want to offer you the same excellent customer service that we have here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Thank you again for joining us this week and I will catch you on the next one. Jordan Moore 5 9-21-18

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