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New home construction Oklahoma City | Important Considerations to Make

New home construction Oklahoma City | Important Considerations to Make

Thank you for joining us for another segment here at Shaw homes. This is Jordan, more at sevenoaks south off of 101st between Lynn Lane and county line. Over here we actually have to model homes. We have the stone Brook v and the Greenville one a, New home construction Oklahoma City, it’s a pleasure to be able to talk to you. And, uh, one of the things that we’re wanting to bring to your attention is that we’re expanding our family to Oklahoma City and we have edmond new homes is our exciting feature that we’re bringing to you, uh, and our dedicated family here at the show homes area in broken Arrow and Tulsa and that we’re expanding out there as well so we can help you find the perfect home that fits your needs. And so, uh, one of the things that we’re gonna talk about today, um, which is extremely important is the path to your new Shah home.

Now, this path is just exactly what it is, is a path that you are able to walk on that gives you an idea what is coming up next. New home construction Oklahoma City often when you’re walking down the street or if you’re riding a bike or driving, there are signs all the way along the way that they’re telling you, telling you where you’re going or where you can go. And so here at Shaw homes, we’ve done this a few times and the idea behind this path is that you’re going along this journey and we want to put these, this roadmap for you, that way you can find your way and knowing exactly what that step is. And of course we will gladly explain this path to you so you can understand it, but it’s also for your reference as well. That way, you know, after you’re done with the first step, you’ll know exactly what to expect during the second step and what’s after the second step to the third and the fourth and so on and so forth.

And so that’s the fun part about having the Path is we basically, we train our customers to use it. It’s, it’s a useful tool that we have is um, you know, a helpful salesperson to set the proper expectation. But also at the same time as there to help our customers understand exactly what is going to happen next for Edmond new homes, where we would start our path is the model home tour. Now this one is our first step and I would say it’s probably our most important. The reason why is this is where you get to find out what plan works for you. It’s like there’s a lot of people that we’ll hop online and look at a floor plan of that, you know, they think will work for them. New home construction Oklahoma City I go through a few different builders. You look at photos online, you thinking kind of get an arrow down.

There’s nothing like walking through fully furnished and decorated homes. It gives you the idea of the function with the layout. People already love coming in to look at decorating ideas as is, here’s where you get to do that and look at um, what the function of the, the layout is. The reason why it’s so important. New home construction Oklahoma City in fact, our customers have even told us that even if they buy a used home or build with someone else, they said that this was by far the most hopeful thing that they did during their home shopping experience. And that’s why we start there. We want to make sure that we are using the best use of your time. We know that she’s your busy and we want to be most efficient with your time and finding you, helping you find that best plan. And so by talking with you, we get a good idea of already what works for you with taking you through these homes that we narrowed down.

We get a really good idea of even walking through. I can’t tell you how many times people have come in that that said that they have looked at the website and they are stuck on a plan. They think they already know what they want. Then they almost reluctantly go on the tour and then by the time they’re done with the tour, they have entirely changed their mind because of walking through the plan. And after that, they didn’t like the plan that they originally did, but they found something they liked more by walking through it. So with that being said, our model home to her is 90 minutes long. It’s about an hour and a half. Um, and we go through six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. New home construction Oklahoma City The good thing about this again, is that you’re just getting an idea of what the different kinds of plans and the variations that we do offer here at Sha halls.

We actually have over 70 different floor plans for you to pick from now to save you time. Of course we ask a few questions to narrow that down for you that I think you’ll find extremely helpful. And we do the hunt for you because we here at shell homes, we’re, we’re the experts. We’ve done this so many times that we know which plans will work best for you and we’ll know. We’ll know which ones to show you. That way it kind of takes the weight off of your shoulders, get some more time back to you to do the things that you have to do and making it more of an efficient process for you. And so that’s uh, you know, we go through about six to 12, kind of depends on which ones we need to show you and then they’re fully furnished and they’re, they’re decorative.

We actually have more a decorated model homes and any other builder in Tulsa and the, New home construction Oklahoma City like I said, the purpose of that is being able to see the function with everything in there. I know if you’re like, I am, I’m an extremely visual person so it’s kind of hard for me to imagine what it would look like. Um, you know, with my accounts in there, if it’s not in there already or if there is an account as a point of reference. So we’d like to put those in there. Someone’s living in there to help you get an idea instead of walking through an empty home where you kind of have to guess and look at it, you know, it really is able to help narrow that down for you. And so for EPA, new homes, the next step in that process is you get to drive your own car.

We’re not holding you hostage. We want you to drive her own car and just follow us out in your own vehicle to each of these model homes. We’ll spend a few minutes at each one, kind of find out what you like and what you don’t like. We promised it won’t hurt our feelings. We’re there to kind of figure out what works best for you and if you let us know what doesn’t and what you don’t like, we can even narrow it down more, even more. And so you just follow us in your own vehicle. New home construction Oklahoma City at this process we’re just giving you information that we’re not. We’re not, uh, there’s no pressure here and there’s no pricing. I want to let you know that all we’re doing is just showing you things to give you the right information that you’ll need to make a good decision. And that’s what we always say right here.

In order for you to make a good decision, you have to have all the right information and that’s what we’re all about is giving you all the right information to help you make an educated decision. We don’t want to rush you into anything. We understand that buying a home is a big investment and for most people it’s the biggest investment that they’ll ever have. We don’t take that lightly. New home construction Oklahoma City so we want you to know that we want you to have an informed decision to give you all the information that she’ll make to make that decision. Um, with that being said, we’re just focused on functional. We’re going through these plans showing you why we laid out the rooms the way that we did. You know, and I would venture to say that the majority of our plans are semi adult from our customers over the course of many years of doing it.

People have given us feedback on what they like and what they don’t like, what they’re looking for in plan, what they want to get rid of the plan they let us know. And on top of 30 years of architectural experience, we’ve come up with these plans that suit the need for just about everyone. That’s why we always say there’s something for everyone. And we have versatile plans ranging from empty nesters to all the way up to multigenerational. New home construction Oklahoma City that is actually we have one plane called them in row that can be built 15 different ways and that’s exactly how it is. It goes from empty Nester, just a three bedroom, two bath with a maybe a study and a dining room all the way up to, uh, having three beds and two baths upstairs alone and having that same downstairs. So like, you know, expanding massively.

And so that’s the awesome part. They’re versatile and they come in one and two store. We only have a couple of plans. And the funny thing is we only have a couple of plants that come as a two story and that’s it. And the funny thing is is we’re standing in one of them right now, but there’s only, that’s only to, the rest of them can be built as one or two and when we go see these model homes, you’ll see them all as a two story. New home construction Oklahoma City they can, I’ll let you know that they can be built as a one story and for Admin new homes, that is the main thing with the model to or consists of. And I know I talk about it all the time because it’s literally like the most important step because once we find out that plan for you and you find out how it works for you and you kind of get excited about it, then we can kind of, we can narrow down.

All right, well now, unless you know the plan that you want to build, do you have a pretty good idea of where you want to be or do you want to build this home? Do you want to stay in south broken arrow? New home construction Oklahoma City, are you wanting to go to big spiel or genomics? Tulsa county or wagner accounting. Is there a school district that you wanting to stay in? You know, since we can talk about these things, we can kind of narrow them down for you and for Edmond new homes, it’s always in important for us to bring those things up as is that location because once we find a location, we can find the home site and that is one of the next biggest steps that we’ll talk about in our next segment as we move on and our path to owning your new shaw home. Once again, our feature is Edmond new homes. Jordan Moore 5 11-2-18

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