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New home construction Oklahoma City | Pick Your Paint

New home construction Oklahoma City | Pick Your Paint

Jay scott shaw home session one January 10th. We’re going to go through the process and all the things that tails to a the model homes tour. The second you have a financing 30 to have a price out for you. Have a homesite reservation and we’ll just start with a model versus the model. New Tour is really important because you’re going to go look at a bunch of different homes, see what fits your family the best and all those good things as a new home. Once you do that and you can check that you want a living room, do you want a larger note? Do you want, um, large master all the different things that entails that people are looking for. New home construction Oklahoma City That’s what we’re going to go over and make sure that we get exactly what you want and that you are happy with your beautiful home. And uh, so then we do that and you pick out your favorite will also go to silver and we’ll go to a, it opens up and we’ll go to Tucson village and we’ll, we’re going to go to all these different places and make sure that you get to see everything we have to offer so that can be really exciting.

And then you also get to narrow down what you’re really looking for it and new homes. And so we will start out and some village and we’ll look at the Newport and forgive me, I can look at the only thing we can look at Remington, we can make it a little while to different planes. And so we’ll be looking at all of these things and you will get to decide what you would like to do after that. So just remember, it’s a very, very important to take notes and look at everything and make sure that you get to cs and then we will. That one is done towards just dinner. Uh, so then once you do that we will, uh, go to, you will look at the Canberra and we’ll look at the Birkdale and then we can for a little bit longer look at the Ashton.

So New home construction Oklahoma City those are different things that we can do and you will enjoy that a great deal. The new homes and once we have completed all of those things, uh, we will go to Crystal Creek. Guess we can look at it in Austin and they do bury there and you can see if you like those homes, New home construction Oklahoma City that will drive back to possibly two village. We can do price out on fan favorites, favorite humps, and you just, you just let me know and we can definitely priced that out for you and price it out. And then we’ll just go over some of those upgrades or anything that you possibly like to add. We can view had been the homes. And so what you’ll be doing is a pricing that out and making sure that you can do that and all of those things. And it is very, very a period to pay attention to the upgrades and the different floor plans and make sure that you liked the bathroom. All those things. Homes. Audio_01_07_2019_11_27_28

Shaw homes, January 10th session to Admin, new homes. We’re going to continue to talk about processes, just how important it is to experience all the different homes and all of the different communities does. A lot of times you may think you want one thing, but then you get to see all of these different floor plans, not just online or pictures and you may fall in love with something else. That has happened quite frequently actually. New home construction Oklahoma City i’ve been new homes, so it’s just something to keep in mind. You may say that you only want to see one plan, you’re only interested in it because it happens all the time where people get something completely different than what they first intended on Ed and the new holiday, so it’s always exciting to find those things into watch people find their dream home. So when you go on that model home tour and we just start here in Tucson village and we would look at the. We will look at the Newport with liberty for sure, the models and then we’d go look at the Remington. We’d go with the Ellington right now. We can also look at the dewberry back there and the new homes, so we’re going to look at all of those plants and see what you liked the best and so that can be really exciting. Admin, new homes. Then we’re gonna drive over to silver leaf size will also be there and ready to go here. No time and so we’ll, New home construction Oklahoma City we’ll go look at those two things community wide.

We’ll have a kincaid maybe in the pines, but then also right now you have Cambridge and silver leaf have a birthday. You have you to check out. You can go there and see what we like to check all those out and see what best fit and then you will go onto crystal creek, the Delaware and we can see that Ashton model. So you’re going to get the seats and different things and just check out the flow and see, see what you liked in that home and see what you don’t and just kind of take notes on what you’d like to do. So it’s exciting to see those New home construction Oklahoma City things and you never know. You may find something that, like I said you didn’t intend to possibly get, but I can do remington and sort of keep those square feet and the new homes. One thousand, 323 square feet. I’ve been new homes. One thousand 444 square feet. One thousand 499 square feet, 1,683 square feet, 1,982 square feet, 161 62 square feet of the new homes. One eight zero, six square feet. Ellington, one eight, seven, six square feet. Newport, 2048 Remington, 2,277 new homes. Audio_01_07_2019_11_34_00

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