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New home construction Oklahoma City | The Best Reason To Buy

New home construction Oklahoma City | The Best Reason To Buy

Thank you for joining us for another segment with Shaw homes. This is Barbara Moore and seven oaks south and broken Arrow, Oklahoma, uh, bringing you another good segment where we’re talking about New home construction Oklahoma City and our expansion of our family at Shaw homes to the Oklahoma City area. And now we’ve really stressed on the importance of the path which would be used in Edmond new homes as well as in Tulsa, new homes. New home construction Oklahoma City it’s so important to talk about this because it is a simple process that we have come up with because we’ve done this a few thousand times and we want to simplify the process and make it really just as simple as we can for people to purchase a home. People should have fun buying a house and building a house and making their selections not overwhelmed and stressed. And so since we’ve done it a thousand times, we can really simplify it and do the bulk of the work for you.

And that always starts at the model home to her because it gives us a good idea of which floor plan works best for you. And then we talk about step number two and that’s financing and the third step is the homesite reservation, which we covered in our previous segment and the price out as well. New home construction Oklahoma City so right here is where we’re kind of dealing with about the halfway point. This is, this is the part that I usually cover with just about every customer that comes through the door because we don’t need to cover all of it with them until they start moving further down the process. We don’t to overwhelm them because it is a lot of information, but we’ve still have kept it rather simple. And so the idea behind all this is we can find the home that fits you well. Find out what your budget is, find out where you want to build it.

So whether that is in what community and on which homesite, then we can price it out to the exact dollar to what you want your home to be. And then that’s when we go into the purchase agreement. Now this is actually a purchase agreement is basically just a contract and this is where you’ll watch and an extremely informative video that is done by our director of sales. And the reason why we have you watched this, it’s about a 40 minute video. The reason why we have you watched it is just so that you’re hearing the same information from the same person every single time. Uh, as you can imagine, a, like we were talking about how if you already used telephone and use, say one thing, it ends up being another by the end of it. That’s just my good communication. And so it’s important to us that we tell you the same information from everyone.

So the best way we can do as coming from the top from our manager and having him tell you from a video. So that way you can hear it from the source directly. This is mostly just to answer all of your. I think the video itself will answer all your questions and New home construction Oklahoma City will cover the same things as well. So the idea behind it is that it’ll answer all of your questions and set the proper expectation about how the build and everything else would go from this point on. It’s about an hour meeting. Uh, once again, this kind of depends on you because we will talk about the price out if there’s any other adjustments that you want done to it and depending on how many questions you have, but it’s usually just about an hour and this is like I mentioned in the last one, and it works just the same for Edmond new homes as well.

New home construction Oklahoma City that is that structural options become final and this meeting. And the other one is that, uh, the home site selection becomes final in this meeting. Uh, however the colors and the finishes are not final. So basically what that comes down to is say that you decided to build the Redford one and you wanted to build it at the village at southern trails. That’s awesome. We can do that. But at this meeting, those to become final. We can’t change anything structural. We can’t change the garage. We can’t change the orientation of the plan. We can’t bump out any walls at this point. Nothing structural can be changed after this meeting. The reason why is because once we submit this into the main office, a whole bunch of stuff happens behind the scenes that you’re not aware of and that mostly has to do with permits and city regulation and getting things moving forward.

That would normally take a while to that. Normally it takes a while to do, but once we get that started, that starts to line up perfect with your design studio, which is your next appointment. And that way we can keep things moving as quickly as we can so we can get you in your home as quick as you can. Anything outside of that one. Of course just slow down the process, which is why we don’t allow it to happen. So, uh, I do want to encourage you though, even with an Edmund new home, is that a, your selections and your colors are not final. So if you were just having a hard time deciding whether or not you wanted to do hardwood floors and the great room or not, that doesn’t become, that’s not final here. If you, if you were trying to figure out if he wanted to do paint or stain on your cabinets or if you wanted the mirrors to go to the ceilings and the master or if you wanted knobs and pulls or whatever that might be, those parts are not final as long as it’s not and uh, um, as structural item or a off of a different home site, then those things can be changed.

So the other part about this purchase agreement is this is when the additional deposit is due. And so this is why we cover it. So we can let people know ahead of time what this number would be. If your home is less than $250,000, it is $5,000. That would be due at this time. If it’s between 250 and $300,000, it’s $10,000. That will be due at this time. If it is a 300 to 3:50 than it is $15,000 and I fitted, if it is over $350,000, it would be five percent due at this time. Now, once again, this is your earn your, your earnest money. So that homesite reservation, that thousand dollars is part of this price. So say that your home was $280,000. That means that you would need 10 grand to bring at this meeting of the check. Um, so you actually have already only, you’ve already given us a thousand, so you’d only need 9,000 at that point to make it 10 grand.

New home construction Oklahoma City so this again just goes towards the closing costs. I mean, sorry, the down payment of your home. And so this isn’t for us, this is just to make sure that you know, that we, that you have skin in the game as well because we’re forking out the construction loan for that $280,000 home, uh, even in New home construction Oklahoma City as well. Uh, we’re forking out that loan, but we, and also taking the way to that. So that makes sure that we know that you are in it for the long haul, like we are as well. So, uh, this is also in the mortgage approval letter would be due. And so that goes back to step number two on the financing. That’s something that we’ve already discussed and found out what you’re preapproved for and this is when that mortgage lender would be do a to continue to move on to shows that you are still a preapproved for that amount and that’s what would be due.

New home construction Oklahoma City then this is also when we would discuss whether or not it’s a contingent or a delay of built. These two are really neat options that we do offer and is important that we do cover them because uh, we could, we might need to make the, the contract contingent based on the sell of your home. We allow you to have a contingent contract for 120 days a, that’s four months to sell your home. And so therefore we basically just have everything ready. And as soon as you sell your home and it goes to closing, then we can such a, your design studio appointment and move forward from that point. Also delay of build, which is something we do sometimes with people that have leases that need it to an at a certain point, we can do delay of build a for up to 120 days as well, once again for four months.

Usually it takes about six months to build the home, roughly. So say that your lease was for 10 more months, we could line it up with that one and you would actually even be able to move on to the next step and the design studio as long as the earnest money was given. And by doing that, uh, you would be able to then move forward on, uh, the construction of your home. So those are the two things that we would discuss and make sure that we cover. Um, also, uh, we also just want to say congratulations because at this point we’re moving forward on the building of your home. And Edmond new homes process works the same way as it would in Tulsa. And so we just appreciate you joining us for another one of these segments where we talk about the importance of the path to owning a new shaw home, even in Edmond new homes and Shaw homes and Oklahoma City. So thanks again and we will catch you on the next segment where we will finish the path. Jordan Moore 5 10-19-18

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