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New home construction Oklahoma City | The First Step

New home construction Oklahoma City | Take It Now

Chase shaw home session five a November first at Edmond, new homes, going to go through some prices and then also the path to a shy home. So for Plan Bay Baywood that’s 1,323 square feet. Three bedroom, two back, $177,500 birthday 1,424 square feet. Three bedroom, two bath plus pocket office, that’s $182,500. Admin new homes Ashtyn 1,499 square feet, three bedroom, two bath, 185,600 amber, 1,683 square feet. Three bedroom, two bath. And that’s 195,700 Edmond new homes, New home construction Oklahoma City Liberty One thousand 932 square feet. Three bedroom, two bath plus pocket office 204,500 Cambridge, 1,622 square feet. Four bedroom, two bath, 192,900 do barrier 1,806 square feet, four bedroom, two bath, 200,700 Edmond new homes, Ellington, 1,876 square feet. Four bedroom, two bath, 200, 3,900 at the new homes. Newport 2048 square feet, four bedroom, two bath, 210,200 Edmond, new homes, Remington, 2,207 square feet. Four bedroom, two bath plus study 200 years. Twenty 1,400 new homes.

I also need to look up one of our homes real quick would be the dewberry to 12. Okay. And uh, here we go. The next thing we want to go to is your path. That was a model heading towards 60 minutes a furnished, decorated, driving on cardinal pricing pressure, three or four bedrooms, something for everyone focused on function, just information. And that is a big step and something to remember me as you really want to focus on function on those things and make sure that, uh, you understand just how great that is to be able to do that and the new homes. Because a lot of times if you’re not focused on function, you can just focus on price. New home construction Oklahoma City You may miss out on what you’re actually looking for. The purpose we have behind model is to really show you all these things and a picture you were aware and comfortable with it Admin, new homes, those. That’s ultimately what we want to do with putting on a blue star on Black Ford Lot too, which is a spectrum. So we need to make sure that is marked up and the new homes and we just want to make sure that all of those things are looking good. Admin, new homes. And then you have lps. English means you the peace of mind because there are warranties for all of that product that. And you won’t have to do worry about it. I’m in new homes. Audio_10_29_2018_14_58_16

Shaw, home session six, November first, and what we’ve been doing is going through the path this week because it’s so important to understand the path and uh, really, uh, follow that and it’s going to help you get into your brain, new home and the new homes. So the first step is the model home tour, the model home tour, going to five to seven homes furnished and decorated, driving your own car. No pricing, no pressure in 60 minutes. One and two, story three and four bedroom, something for everyone. Focus on function, just information. Number two will admin new homes. Number two is financing monthly payment quotes. Three preferred lenders have extra incentive, conventional loans, fha loans, va loans, save American lives, closing class, smashing, five minute application 20 for our approval process, interest rate mashing. New home construction Oklahoma City You Have Spirit Bank B, Bank of Oklahoma, first Oklahoma Bank, Edmond, new homes. And then we had homeside reservation, which is $250 deposit.

We don’t cash the check and fundable for seven days. Get all questions answered, no rush decision competing. Customers are blocked from site, homesites are always wanting to kind of take your time, switching homesites is allowed and the new homes and then we have priced out which is 45 minute meeting, itemized pricing, no surprises, total price pronounce on the spot down to the dollar, tons of options to choose from, all questions answered and knowledgeable staff price the way you want to add the new homes. Then we have number five, which is purchase agreement. That’s mortgage approval. Do contingent liability. Congratulations. Additional deposit of 2,250 do finishes. New home construction Oklahoma City Our final colors, our final home site selection and spinal structural options. Find a one hour meeting Admin, new homes. Then you have preconstruction and that is construction alone. Application closing for Shahin’s building permits ordered ratification of agreement. I mean office construction manager.

Plan Review. There’s only trades from contracts are breaking ground in five weeks and then the arms and then you have building which is number seven, so that is break ground. Construction manager initiates contact with you. Your manager sends you weekly progress home is open for your viewing. Discuss homeowner orientation orientation seven to 10 days prior to closing the written notice for closing issue 30 or 45 days prior to closing Edmond new homes and then we have closing at the title company. Downpayment. Fulfill a peak closing costs were designed for keys given times. Move in, title, transfer Admin, new homes. Then we have a warranty which is Tulsa’s best warranty. It’s a two year mechanical to one year limited. It’s a 10 year old, 24 hour emergency line fulltime warranty coordinator on staff. Sixty day follow up. Call with them and followup call. Excellent customer service Admin, new homes, so you have from groundbreaking to move in day five months and then you have purchase discriminate. One hour. New home construction Oklahoma City price was just 45 minutes. He had model and tour, which is 60 minutes financing, which is five a five minutes. Been new loans. Audio_10_29_2018_15_01_51

Chase xapo session on November eighth, we’re going to go through different features and all the different things that they entail. So you have hardwood floors. Shotgun was available, not offered with competitor quartz. Countertops in the kitchen included with us $6,000. Upgrade with the competitor. Granite countertops in kitchen included with us $1,500 upgrade. New Competitor Admin, new humps. Crown Molding on cabinets included with us. Upgrade charge with competitor, five. Burner stove included with us four burners started with competitor. I’ve been at new humps, Kevin nor styles to choose from three with us. One less competitor stained or painted cabinets both included with us stain only 900. Four, painted with competitor kitchen backsplash for integrated or records with us. Not including 420 $500. Upgrade with competitor. I’ve been new homes. New home construction Oklahoma City Cabinet, cabinet, doors about microwave included with us. Upgrade charge with competitor, mud bench with coat hooks and utility and put it with us.

Offer with the competitor and the new homes. Pocket Study Habits and planning desk included with us not offered with competitor. Separate laundry room, utility room included for playing with us. Not offered with competitor come and patio included with us separate charge $2,000, $6,000 with competitor Admin, new humps, upgraded carriage style garage. Started pleading with us and offered with competitor garage door hardware. Included with the US upgrade charge 400 competitor Admin, new humps, bullnose, drywall corners included with us on offer with competitor window sills included with us. Upgrade charge with competitor like lighting packages to choose from. Two thousand three colors with us. One style two colors with competitor interior door styles to choose from. Five with us to competitive competitor. Edmond, new homes, cultured marble countertop. New home construction Oklahoma City Color choices for with us to competitor bathroom where colors to choose from. Three with us, one with competitor Edmond. New Homes six by 24 would saddle towels including your wet areas fest upgrade.

Charge $8 per square foot with competitor window colors to choose from three with us. Why only with competitor Admin. New homes type of included immediate Jack’s combination. Cat Five, cable that cable only with competitor vaulted ceilings in master bedroom. Included with us on our competitor vaulted ceilings and great room included for playing with us. Sign up for with competitor Admin, new humps, 15 high ceiling and Korea with daylight window included for playing with us at our competitor extended nine foot ceiling for your with crown molding included per play with us on our competitor. Thirty five years of experience with us that would competitor. Not that we’re keeping score 20 to zero. New home construction Oklahoma City, please don’t take our word for it. Call her references. The undisputed master of included features. Edmond new homes. Audio_11_05_2018_15_12_47

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