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New home construction Oklahoma City | Weekly Updates

New home construction Oklahoma City | Weekly Updates

Alright, so we’re here on another segment for Shaw homes in the mobile studio today, and so what we’ve really been talking about has been, uh, the easy path to owning a home and the, the awesome news that we have and that is that we are expanding a shaw homes to Oklahoma City. Yeah, that’s right. We are now building and Edmond Oklahoma. So admin new homes is what we’re focusing on and that’s what we’re talking about with you today.

And so with that path, I’m kind of doing a quick run through with you on that one. We actually have 10 easy steps to owning a shaw home and that first step is the model home to her. That’s where we want to start. The second one is financing,

a third one would be your home site reservation. The fourth one would be the price out. Number five would be the purchase agreement, six would be the design studio seven would be the plan review, um, and then eight would be building. And that’s actually what we’re talking about today. So number seven was that plan review. And we’re literally just discussing about what we’re about to do, we’re just kinda trying to set the proper expectations with you and going over the information that you gave us, making sure that we,

we have our, all of our checks and balances in place so, so it was just a way to check that and then they’ll let you know about what’s about to happen. So then step number eight is actually doing it. We actually start building on that home. We break the ground and we want you to know that this is actually an open job site. And so admin new homes will be the same way. If you build over there and Admin a, it’ll be an open job site. You can go in and check it out for yourself. We’re not, we, we encourage you to check it out. It’s your home. And so, uh, if you aren’t able to make it a, our construction managers send out weekly updates either way. That way you can see what’s going on in the guts of the home. And like, as things are going as, as it starts to progress, you’re able to check it out and we want you to know that questions are welcomed through this process. We want you to know that you’re, you’re able to do that if you have any family comes up and you just want to know how things are done. They’re there to help explain that to you. So it’s the, it’s one of the most exciting parts. You’ll actually have a free wall I pre dry wall meeting where you could see, like I said, the guts of the home, you could see all the water and the electrical lines, everything that’s being put in before that drywall goes in. So they’ll explain the room. And

the awesome part about that is there a rule of thumb is every room of every house every day. And that’s for all the ones that are under construction. And so, uh, that’s one of the exciting parts is that you know, that

they’re going to know your home so intimately. Well that, uh, those questions that you do ask her, I’ve got to be the ones that Dell now. So admin, new homes will feature this same building process as well, um, and then what they’ll end up doing is doing the, uh, the next step in the process. And step number nine is closing and this is actually where we will meet at the title place and this is where you’ll fulfill any down payments and a signed your mortgage agreements and we will transfer the title over to you and we’ll give you the keys and you’re good to move in a, the construction manager or the builder will be meeting with you or for a homeowner’s orientation, which should be done at your house. And kind of just explain a few of the things like how I, uh,

how a home can be, uh, you know, uh, you know, like the pilot light can be lit, so on and so forth. And then the next step after that, after closing is now we’re not done with you yet. We actually have Tulsa’s best warranty. And so, uh, and an Admin, we’ll see if this is a, the same there. We would love to say it is, but we’ll have to make sure that it is. I’m not sure, uh, what, what the other builders are offering up their butt and we have Tulsa’s best warranty and that is a 10 year structural warranty, a, a

two years mechanical warranty and a one year everything warranty. And so we have a full time a warranty coordinator on staff. It’s 24 hour emergency and uh, we’ll actually be in contact with you at a six weeks and 11 months. That way you know, we’re doing a follow up, making sure everything’s good. Uh, your everything. Warranty is not absolutely everything. It’s just everything minus the sod and landscaping because you can kill that, uh, and anything that you would end up doing to the home yourself, uh, it would have to be an error on our end in order for it to fall under warranty. And so, uh, those are the 10 easy steps to owning a home. And so we encourage everyone, uh, you know, to, to ask any questions through that process. But it’s there to set the proper expectations. Owning a shaw home. It’s so easy. I mentioned in the last couple podcasts, we’ve done this a few thousand times, so you don’t have to, you don’t have to think about it. All you get to do is enjoy the process. That’s, that’s our, throughout the whole thing. It’s just amazing.

Sure that you are enjoying the process and um, and that’s why we’ve simplified it to those 10 easy steps. Oh, you’re just making your color selections. And for Admin new homes, the easy process will be the same path that we use here in Tulsa as well. So, uh, just to reemphasize on a few things, um, especially as far as the model home tour is concerned, is that it is 90 minutes, usually it’s about an hour and a half to kind of depends on the, the needs, the wants and the desires of that customer. We take several families at the same time and we actually only have a limited number of spaces available, but we do them at the same times every week and that’s a Saturday morning at nine, Sunday at five and Monday at six. And we can do others by appointment as well if need be. But those are the ones that we do every single week and, uh, whether they join us or not. So, uh, you know, that the way, there’s no pressure on that appointment. We can let people know that we want you to join. I think you’ll find the benefit of it. In fact, we’ve heard from our customers that even if they end up building with someone else,

even if they end up buying a used home, they found that our model homes who are, was the single most helpful thing that they did during their home shopping experience. And that’s exactly why, especially in Edmond new homes, is because we focused on that function behind the design of the homes floor plan. That is our focus. It’s not about price, it’s not trying to put any pressure there. It’s just to focus on that function. That way people know why we laid out the rooms the way that we did. You know, we got, we. Most of our plans are over the years have just been built by her

customers. That’s because of thousands of comments that they have told us over over the course of several years of the things that they’re interested in, things that they’re looking for and the things that they want. So it’s important that people know that. And then also we have 30 years of architectural experience, I would say over 30 years now. And so that’s the importance and the experience that we have on it. It’s, we, we go through and you get to see all the different communities

we have to offer as well as all the different floor plans, you know. And the thing with that is we actually have over 70 different floor plans and you can, you’re going to see the, at least you’ll get the gist of how each of those plans will work to help you kind of make that selection. Then we can talk about all the different ways that you can build with that floor plan. And so that’s, uh, that’s pretty much it as far as the simplicity of that model home to her. I think a lot of people want to come in and just talk about pricing and knowing what it is and I think it’s important to know price. Uh, I think it’s important to know if it’s completely out of, you know,

is this out of your budget or is it an and those things. But once we get you on that too, when we can find out what plan of works for you, what plan that you’re interested in and which community that you want to build it in. Once we know those, we can actually give you that exact number. I think people find that as soon as we know those things and we tell them those, that it’s not like we were being cryptic with it. It was just making sure that we had the right information to give them because we don’t want to give them the wrong answer. They want to know exactly what the price is and we’ll be glad to give it to them if they know what they want. Um, the thing is is you can ask that question and we could be in Bixby, Oklahoma and you want to build in broken arrow. There’s a significant price difference between those two and you might be looking at a two story model with a bunch of features you don’t want and then I’d tell you that price that might not work for you. But the thing is, is that could be an entirely different prices, a one story and Ashbrook. It could be an entirely different price when you’re dealing with it and admin new homes as well. Jordan Moore 5 10-12-18

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