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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Home Construction | What New Homes Are Available

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Shall homes, new home construction though. They’re Southern trails, new home builder and broken arrow. Uh, we have the path to your new Shaw home. Uh, we start with the model home tour and at the model home church takes approximately 90 minutes. We go see six to 12 homes, fully furnished and decorated. You drive your own car. There’s no pricing, no pressure. Just focusing on information and functionality and something for everybody versatile for plans, one or two story plans, how the homes change. The next step of the path is financing and monthly payment quotes can be provided by the preferred lenders. We have four preferred lenders. The application only takes about five minutes, 24 hour approval process. You can do that. Online interest rate matching closing cost matching. They provide conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, native American loans.

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The next step is a Homesite reservation and Homesite reservation is a thousand dollars deposit, which we do not cash that check. We hold it for seven days, uh, refundable, uh, for up to seven days, no rush decisions. Switching home sites. It is allowed. We just encourage you to take your time, get all your questions answered. We do not cash that check competing customers are blocked from that site. Homesites are always one of a kind. So it’s important that you go ahead and reserve that site so that no one else takes your perfect spot. The next step for your next sexual meeting is price out and price out takes approximately 45 minutes. It’s priced out the way we price the home out the way you would like down to the dollar, total price printout on the spot, tons of options to choose from knowledgeable staff. We made it your favorite site and it takes about 45 minutes.

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Itemized pricing, no surprises. All questions are answered. When you leave, you would have a copy of the itemized breakdown so that you can go home and discuss it and see what pricing you want. Um, which items you want to leave on there. What location, what house, see what changes need to be made to keep you in budget. Um, the next with this purchase agreement, it takes about 60 minutes. You watch an informative video. It’s about a one hour long meeting and structural options are finalized on the site. Selection is finalized. Colors are not final finishes are not final. Additional deposit is due for your earnest money. Mortgage approval is do needs to be decided if it’s contingent or noncontingent. If, uh, it needs to be a delay of bill.

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And then from there, the next meeting is design studio. The design studio has award-winning designers. The largest design stadium, tons of options offered simple process. No children allowed in the studio. Three easy meetings. The first one is interior. So you and the interior decorator view design decide how you want to design and decorate your different various rooms in the house. Uh, first is interior meeting. The second is the exterior kind of going over and reviewing what color you wanted, your brick or stone or brick and stone. Um, and then third meeting a spinal signatures. No structural changes beyond that point. After that is to plan.

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When you meet with the construction Manor, repeat manager, review your selections villages, Southern trails, new home construction, broken arrow to kind of discuss the timeline, discuss weekly updates, discuss homeowner orientation, made it to main office. Meet the builder review, review your blueprint. Review your site plan. Discuss the grade of land broken around new home construction, Shaw homes, villages having trails. The next is, uh, next step is meet at your home. Enjoy the progress. Weekly updates, welcome questions, homeowner orientation. And this was through the building process. The next process is closing keys are given time to move in, meet the title company down payments fulfilled, pay, closing costs, mortgage signed, um, title transferred. And the last piece of that is the warranty. We have Oklahoma’s best warranty, 10 year structural to your mechanical one-year limited 24 hour emergency line full-time warranty coordinator on staff 60 day follow-up call 11 month followup call excellent service from groundbreaking to move in is

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Approximately six months the villages hundred trails, new home construction show homes in broken arrow. The model home tour takes approximately 90 minutes. We do the tour and go over the path and we discuss financing and locations. And the next time you meet with a sales rep is the price out. And then after that is the purchase agreement, it would say simple process can take as little as seven days or up to as long as you need to get your decisions. In order, the early included features shop homes, new construction, broken arrow. Um, the included features list includes many different things. The, uh, current Valentine incentive is $15,000 towards price, closing price and closing cost or upgrades. And we are the proud sponsor of the St. Jude’s dream home giveaway, Shaul homes, new construction, broken arrow villages and trails included features. We have the exquisite and exterior’s brick on all four sides, outdoor living, 120 square feet of covered patio on all the homes foundation with engineered post-tension slab hold cables pulled to 32,000 pounds tension, low E argon filled vinyl tilt energy star windows with divider light on front and clear view, blindsides and bag color choices include white, tan and clay seamless aluminum, guttering and downspouts on front of the home.

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Our framing is two by fours on 16 inches on the center, interior and exterior walls. 2.5 X house wrap for moisture vapor protection villages. Charles’ new home construction. Two-story home oyster resistant. So fours LP engineer knows wait for Joyce 30 year warranty, architectural style shingles designer, masonry mailbox to match community covenants, design paint on all exterior soffits, facia trim, main color, accent, color, front door, shutters villages, Southern trails, new home construction, Shaw homes, insulated fiberglass entry door with continuous weather, strip protection back patio, fiberglass door, full view glass Westlock, front door entry setting cleaned dead ball. Your choice, black satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze colors show home new constructions, legit Southern trails broken arrow to cross a frost-free hose. Bibs three waterproof GFI receptacles electric half horsepower garage door opener included for two car bay for plans included three car derived pre-wire for coach lamps on all three bays are included fixtures come with lighting allowance, prime to embossed steel, 16 foot garage door, quarter acre homicides, fully sighted front and rear yard oversized and acreage require exercise. We added C below landscaping, $500 allowance for shrubs, trees, flowers, mold green iron edging included were preferred covenants. Sean Holmes, NuCalm construction village of Southern trails in broken arrow.

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