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New Homes Broken Arrow | Adding Additional Details and Features

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hi, everybody. Katherine here with your podcast about new homes broken arrow today, I’m going to talk a little bit about some fun and functional things that you can add to a home when building a new home in broken arrow, everybody is always wanting to look for something different and something amazing, something unique that not a lot of other people have something that just sets them apart and sets their home apart. So I’m going to go over a couple of those things today. And if you are currently building new homes broken arrow, or you are thinking about building a new home in broken arrow, these are some of the things that you can do in order to make that new home in broken arrow. Pretty fantastic. So one of the first things, um, that is not only fun, but functional as well is going to be a USB wall charger.

Speaker 1: (01:09)
And this basically just looks like your regular outlet. Um, just your two plugin outlet, but on either side of, or I’m sorry, on, um, the left side of each of those plugs in the outlet is a USB port, so that you can just plug your phone directly into there. You don’t have to have the little, um, block that you plug the USB cord into. So that’s definitely something super functional for your new home in broken arrow, because we don’t always have that little block piece. As a matter of fact, I rarely do another thing that, um, is something super, super unique. And you won’t see this in a lot of new homes broken arrow. Um, just because this is something that you’re gonna see and, um, probably your mansions up in the Hills, um, which we don’t have a lot of, as far as new homes broken arrow go.

Speaker 1: (02:16)
But, um, this is going to be a hidden parking spot or a hidden parking garage. And so basically what happens is you drive into it and then it lowers down, lowers you down in your vehicle down underground. Um, and then you pull into your garage that way. So it’s very neat. Um, so it’s just, it’s just a really, really unique feature that you’re not going to see a lot of, like I said, definitely not something you’re going to see in new homes, broken arrow, but definitely, um, something really unique and cool that you just might run into. Um, the next thing that we’re gonna see that is a neat feature that you can add to your home is a steam shower. And not only are these good for things like helping you relax, that’ll also increase the value of your home. Um, it’s also, uh, it’s also very environmentally friendly.

Speaker 1: (03:32)
So if that’s something that you’re concerned about when building a new home in broken arrow, um, it’s a typical, it’s a typical shower, like a regular shower usually uses about seven gallons of water permitted, a steam shower uses one gallon of water per minute. So you’re definitely going to, um, get some of that cost back in the, um, and, and putting in that shower in your, in that, putting in that steam shower in your new home, in broken arrow. Um, another thing let’s see impact rated windows. So a lot of new homes broken arrow, you are going to see this, especially in Shaw homes. Um, and that’s just better energy efficient windows. Um, ours are argon gas filled. And so being able to have being able to put windows like that in your new homes and broken arrow is going to save you time.

Speaker 1: (04:36)
They’re also usually a little bit darker. So, um, it gives you a little bit more privacy security and then reduce noise as well. So just those high quality windows are really gonna make a difference in your new home, in broken arrow. Another thing that’s getting really popular, um, and this is just, this is super, super fun. It is functional as well, but it is super fun and that’s an outdoor theater and that doesn’t even have to be something that’s extremely expensive. It can be done low end. It can be done. Um, D I Y just by using a projector and then, um, having some simple outdoor seating. So some people will even do, um, they’ll create like an entire theater experience and they’ll do, um, a place, you know, for pre projection they’ll even build, uh, like a wall for a fence and they’ll project the movie onto there. I don’t, I think, again, this is something I don’t think you’re going to see in a lot of new homes broken arrow, um, as far as builders go, but it is definitely something that you could do on your own. And like I said,

Speaker 2: (05:57)
At a really great price, so definitely a great way to add some fun and some function into your new home in broken arrow. Another thing is a secret room, so this is really cool. Um, so instead of like putting in a door, you can put in a secret bookshelf and that will open it open up and allow you to go from room to room. So instead of just looking like there’s a room there, there’s actually, it’s actually a bookshelf instead of a door that would lead into a hidden room. Now, I don’t know if there are any things like this, um, in any new homes broken arrow, Shaw does not currently have it. However, it is something that you could ask to be done, and we do custom options and our new homes in broken arrow with an additional charge, of course. But I think that secret room would really add a really unique and one of a kind feature to your home.

Speaker 2: (07:07)
Another thing that, um, adds a little bit of fun to your home is a window seat. So window seats are actually really comfortable. You can just, um, just right next to the window, or even if you have a little Cove area, um, you can do like a bench seat so that there is storage space underneath. Um, I have actually several of those bench seats in my home. Um, it is something that you will see in some new homes in broken arrow. It’s a great way to just add a little bit of storage and an extra, um, space for seating. Um, another thing is, um, the addition of floor drains. So floor drains are great and your laundry and, um, bathroom, and they may not be great to look at, but they can keep, um, they can keep, uh, flooding the chance of flooding down to a minimum.

Speaker 2: (08:14)
They’re also great for any surface that you have to mop or clean. Um, just because you can just kind of send that, uh, you don’t have to worry about like really mopping anything up. You can just kind of squeegee it down that drain. So, like I said, not something that you’ll see in a lot of new homes broken arrow, although definitely something that can be done. Um, another thing is going to be stair shelves. So this would be a great addition to any new home in broken arrow. They’re fun, they’re funky. I’m just adding some shelves underneath your staircase. If it’s

Speaker 3: (08:55)
Open, it’s a really unique thing. It gives the eye something to go towards, and it’s just a great feature that you can put in new homes broken arrow. Another thing that’s becoming great are door levers instead of door handles are door knobs and a lot of new, um, homes and broken arrow are going to have these. It just makes opening doors easier, especially for children or the elderly. So that’s definitely something that, um, you should look for when looking for a new home in broken arrow is the option to put those door levers in there. So I think that gives you some pretty good ideas of what can be done in new homes in broken arrow, just to increase the functionality, do increase the efficiency and definitely to add a little bit more fun into your new home in broken arrow and, um, making it just a great place to call him and a great place to live. I’ll be back next time with more information on new homes broken arrow,

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