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New Homes Broken Arrow | Beautiful Spacious Homes

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey everybody, Katherine here with another weekly podcast about new homes broken arrow. I had just finished talking a little bit about some design trends in new home construction right now. And I’ve got a couple of more to go over with you guys. Just some interesting trends that I’ve noticed in home building and checking out new homes broken arrow, either working for Shaw or, um, just, you know, checking out our competitors, just interested to see what everybody is putting in their new homes and broken arrow. So some of the things that I already talked about are going to be your, um, your black colors. So very, um, not just dark colors, but actually, um, black, especially in the kitchen, we’ve talked about wood vanities. So allowing the natural pattern and color of the wood and just putting a clear stain on your vanities and your bathroom instead of the true, um, what has been, what we’ve normally, um, been doing as far as paint goes on that, um, we’ve also talked a little bit about, uh, what else have we talked about in new homes broken arrow?

Speaker 1: (01:29)
We’ve talked about glass and metal, um, inside the home as far as a way to kind of, um, as far as room dividers, I’m sorry. I’m just using that as a new and interesting way to add a unique design element to your home. Um, we’ve also talked about, uh, just, um, let’s see, what else have we talked about? Um, I can’t remember right now, but anyways, moving on. Um, oh, I’m sorry. The destination tub. That’s going to be a lot of, of what you see in new homes broken arrow right now, you’re going to see that special standalone unique bathtub. So another thing that we are, um, going to be discussing here coming up is going to be, uh, let’s see here. What else are they talking about in the design world for new homes in broken arrow? Uh, we also talked about the tiled feature wall, so the next is going to be dark and moody colors. And this is just talking a little bit about how, um,

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Something that I kind of already touched on, uh, as far as colors go. And if you’ll remember several years ago, a lot of new homes broken arrow that you were saying, we’re going to have your, uh, more warm colors. So a lot of your tans, your, um, Browns, um, pretty much anything, um, very, very warm. And those were really what’s trending. Um, as far as now goes, you’re gonna see a lot of light, uh, gray, cool colors. So according to what I’m reading those dark and moody colors are going to come back. Um, and I, I have seen a little bit of this, uh, for example, the model that I am currently in, um, has, does have that dark blue colored, um, ceiling in the kitchen. And then it’s in this study as well. And it is kind of moody. It’s very unique. It’s not like anything that you’re going to be used to seeing in homes currently.

Speaker 2: (04:16)
I do feel like maybe, especially with the, um, with over the past couple of years with, um, the cool colors really taking over, I feel like it’s time for a change. And so a lot of new homes broken arrow are gonna, you’re going to start seeing those dark and moody colors again. So that’ll be interesting to see. So look for your chocolates and your dark blues and even your dark greens. And, um, when I say moody colors, I, I think of like a Bob mood, but, um, even like your gray is, it’s not going to be your cool light grays. You’re going to start seeing more dark grays as well. So that’ll be something interesting to keep an eye out for when looking at new homes broken arrow. The next thing that you’re gonna start to see is actually something, um, furniture wise.

Speaker 2: (05:16)
And that’s going to be that you’re going to start seeing a lot more benches in your dining area, um, or your neck, not necessarily your formal dining area, but like I said, your neck, so you’re going to have, um, and that is actually something that I’ve also seen, um, quite a bit of. And I actually have that in the model that I’m sitting in right now as well. Um, you’re going to have a, either on one side of your dining table in your neck, you’re going to have a bench seat or I’ve even seen a

Speaker 3: (05:57)
Bench, um, kind of pushed up against the wall and then you actually still have your dining table area. So this is just more of a decorating and trend that you’re going to see in a lot of new homes in broken arrow. And this is just one, like I said, that makes things feel a little bit more homey. It gives you, um, kind of more of a rustic feel. So that’s really interesting. This is definitely one that I have seen quite a bit of the next thing that we’re going to talk about as far as trends in home building go, is going to be, um, what is, or what’s called a board and Batten, um, style and the board and Batten style, um, is kind of, um, what you’re going to see on a lot of new homes broken arrow that have that farmhouse look.

Speaker 3: (06:55)
So you’re going to have, it’s going to be, um, a lot of times board and Batten siding is, um, combined with your painted brick. Like I said, which is what really gives you that farmhouse look. So I actually went ahead and looked up what board and Batten men. I knew what it looked like, but I didn’t know what it actually meant. And it said that it was a design style actually developed, um, when people would build barns, not that we’re building barns, we’re building new homes broken arrow. However, putting that Baton or that smaller piece of wood on top of the seam was a really efficient way to build, um, a barn. And it was a really great way to keep air and water out. Um, by just putting that, uh, other piece of wood over the same, it was also an expensive way.

Speaker 3: (07:59)
Not only was it efficient, but it was inexpensive. So, um, that’s something that you’re going to be seeing a lot of, not because it’s inexpensive, but because the look of a farmhouse is really trending right now. So you’re going to be seeing a lot of that board and Batten exterior, um, and even interior sometimes. And you’ll also see it on a lot of, uh, if girl, sometimes it kind of reminds me of a garage that has an overlay. So if you’re still kind of unfamiliar about what that might look like, just think about a garage, that’s going to have your overlay, whether it’s a, um, whether they’re cross, you know, Xs, or if it’s just, um, in a grid pattern on the front of your garage door, that’s a little bit similar to what board and Batten looks like. So that’s going to be another trend that you’re going to start seeing and, um, new homes broken arrow, as well as other places.

Speaker 3: (09:04)
Um, another thing that you’re gonna start seeing are kitchens that open to the outdoors. Um, we currently don’t have anything right now that has a kitchen that opens to the outdoors are all of our homes, um, do have a nook in the kitchen for dining and all of those have a backdoor right there. So I guess technically our kitchen somewhat does open to the outdoors, but it’s not exactly the trend that they’re talking about. Um, this would be more when you’re thinking of this trend in new homes broken arrow. I want you to kind of think of more of like an outdoor kitchen space or a, um, sort of glass wall, or maybe even a wall that had large accordion doors to where you could actually open up that entire area of, or one entire side of the kitchen while you were broke while you were cooking. So I hope this information has been a little bit beneficial to you just talking about some of the trends and that we’re seeing in building and some of the options that you can get when you are shopping for new homes broken arrow. I will see you guys next week. Thank you. Bye.

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