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New Homes Broken Arrow | Design Trends and Styles

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hey guys, Catherine, with Shaw homes here in your weekly podcast. And I’ve kind of found a topic that I like discussing when talking about new homes broken arrow, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been talking about a lot of design trends and decor, and I think that, um, this is just something that I really enjoy talking about and hopefully if you’re listening, you’re getting some great information. So, um, today I decided to talk about, I’ve been kind of researching about how decorating trends are going to be changing in 2020 and what you can kind of keep an eye out for. So in a lot of new homes in broken arrow, you are going to start seeing, um, over the top window treatments. So think about like the balloon shades, um, those are back very ornate window treatments, fancy curtains, um, some land Burkins, which are just like a super fancy kind of valance type thing.

Speaker 1: (01:12)
Um, I don’t know how else to describe it, but, um, a lot of new homes broken arrow. And when I say the balloon balance, I mean, I don’t know if you guys, or if anybody remembers this, but, um, we never had them in my house, but my best friend had them in her house. And actually I knew quite a few people who had them in their homes and the way that they keep them ballooned out and puffy is by stuffing them with, um, old grocery bags. So it’s kind of funny. They look pretty, but the grocery bags kind of like hold their shape and make them really voluminous. So, um, I’m kind of hoping that’s not a trend that we start seeing in new homes broken arrow because I personally don’t like it. However, um, according to the internet, you are going to be, be seeing some very, very ornate, um, and over the top window treatments.

Speaker 1: (02:13)
Um, another thing is that you’re going to start seeing, um, again, and these are all kind of things, um, that you’re going to start seeing in new homes in broken arrow that are kind of making a comeback, um, like the balloon valances. Another thing, um, as far as decor goes, is pattern bedding as coming back in. Um, so you’re S you’re thinking like duvet, I’m thinking like do covers, um, pillow, shams, florals, everything like that, um, is just going to be, you’re going to start seeing a lot more patterned bedding in new homes broken arrow. Um, another thing that you were going to start seeing, um, people are talking about the Greek, so just kind of, um, just sort of like a, I don’t know how to really describe, um, like the Greek decor. Um, the only thing that I can think of is kind of like, um, Greece, Italy, I’m thinking the Tuscan style kitchen, uh, that was really popular a couple of years ago.

Speaker 1: (03:32)
So a lot of new homes broken arrow already have that, so they won’t need updating. Um, but it is something when people start building new homes in broken arrow, again, soon that, um, that they’re going to try to kind of tie those Greek and Mediterranean elements into their homes. Um, another thing is just choosing really cool designs. Um, I know I talked about this a couple of weeks ago, but, um, just, just some like super, super, um, interesting, interesting things, um, that you’re going to start seeing, uh, their scratch and sniff wallpaper. Um, a lot of people are going to be, uh, putting things like that. Just really neat features like that and to their new homes broken arrow. Um, another thing that, uh, yeah, I’m just seeing tons of, um, scented wallpaper, and I think it’s hilarious. Um, another thing that you’re going to start seeing in new homes and broken arrow are mosaics.

Speaker 1: (04:40)
So a lot of fireplaces, um, are doing, uh, tile instead of brick or stone, um, and kind of even just doing an entire mosaic, like a tile mosaic around the fireplace and not having a mantle or anything. So it’s really neat, um, to be able to see that in new homes, in broken arrow, some kind of tile, mosaics, and really just adding texture. So, um, instead of, like I said, instead of that basic brick or stone, you’re getting like a smooth texture on, uh, that tile. So it’s, it’s kind of interesting and neat. And you’ll start seeing that in a lot of new homes broken arrow. Um, another, like, so let’s talk about a color trend. Uh, you are going to start seeing lots of yellows, um, oranges and bite oranges. I mean, kind of like a dark golden yellow, um, almost like a burnt orange. So everything along, basically any color that the sun is between, um, when it rises and when it sets, those are going to be your, um, saffron tones or your yellows and oranges

Speaker 2: (05:57)
That, that we’re going to start seeing very, like instead of the bright, basically the really, really rich yellows. Another thing that you’re going to start seeing incorporated in a lot of new homes broken arrow, people are really wanting, even if they’re not building a luxury home, they’re wanting a lot of luxury finishes. So, um, very, very luxurious, very plush furniture, oversized, um, just tons and tons of layered textures. And, uh, just a lot of neutral colored luxury. Um, items are a lot of times, luxury items are going to be like luxury furniture are going to have darker stains, um, on the wood and, um, darker upholstery, but just, uh, looking for plush and light luxury is going to be a trend that you’re going to be seeing a lot of it in a lot of new homes in broken arrow. Another thing that you’re going to start seeing is, and this is actually already pretty popular, but it’s just the oil rubbed bronze.

Speaker 2: (07:19)
And so bronze fixtures, that’s going to be, um, faucets. So bronze fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom. And then, um, just think about maybe doing like some drawer poles, even some, um, I said fixed like plumbing fixtures, but also lighting fixtures. And, um, just a couple of, you know, doorknobs, just some other things. Um, it’s just that oil rubbed bronze is just a little bit darker. It looks a little bit more elegant. It kind of goes along with what I was saying about the, um, luxury. It’s just very rich looking and feeling. So it’s a really using that bronze is a really great way to just kind of dress up your new home in broken arrow and make it feel and look a little bit more. Um, high-end and luxurious. Um, a lot of, I talked about texture a little bit, a few minutes ago with the mosaic and a lot of other thing, something else that you’re going to be seeing a lot of in new homes broken arrow is textured art. So this is going to be, um, art that’s used, um, anything with texture on it. Like I said, so a lot of fabrics, um, like burlap and things like that are going to be used instead of just, you know, putting things like paintings and stuff on the wall. People are really starting to use a lot of texture in their homes,

Speaker 3: (08:55)
In broken arrow and decorating with that. And it just kind of gives the eye something else to look for. Um, another thing is people are just kind of going for it and just doing their own thing. And this is always a good idea in your new homes broken arrow. It’s a good idea for new homes anywhere really. I mean, you have to think about the fact you are paying the mortgage on your new home, in broken arrow, and you should have it designed and decorated the way that you want to. And if there’s something kind of like outlandish that you’re wanting to do or something that maybe nobody else is doing, just go ahead and do it, go for it, customize your home, make it yours, make it feel how you want it to feel, make it look how you want it to look.

Speaker 3: (09:45)
Um, just go for that kind of wow factor design element, whether that’s like a feel full mural on a wall, or, um, just doing, like I said, some sort of mosaic or a crazy paint color, just make it yours and personalize it. And that’s one of the best things that you can do in your new homes in broken arrow. So we’re going to continue on our next episode with some kind of fun trends that you’re going to start seeing in homes in 2020. And I’ll see you next time for more information about new homes broken arrow.

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