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New Homes Broken Arrow | Designing Your Home for You

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hey guys, Catherine here again with your Shaw Holmes, weekly podcast, talking about new homes broken arrow. And like I said, on my last episode, we’ve, um, been kind of focusing on decor and, um, trends in home building for, uh, like current trends. Um, I’ve started kind of going into 2020 now and what we’re going to start seeing in the future as opposed to, um, what we’re seeing in new homes and broken arrow now. So another thing that I wanted to talk to you about a new homes broken arrow and something, uh, that’s kind of fun. And that is that since we are getting into the holiday season, um, just some kind of things that you can do around the house for, uh, just to kind of get your house ready for the holidays, especially if you’re, you know, having guests. So, uh, just, you know, like I said, some, some fun things, um, to kind of prep your home for holiday guests.

Speaker 1: (01:10)
So, uh, just a really fun thing that you can do is maybe, um, change out your bedding, uh, by, um, maybe putting something like dark green, velvety, just kind of changing out bedding and your guest room, um, not a full-blown Christmas, you know, Christmas trees and snowmen and candy canes on your duvet cover, but something elegant, um, kind of like formal Christmas, like I said, maybe like green crushed velvet or something like that, just to make it a little bit fancy for your guests and, um, so that they can have, you know, a little bit of a holiday spirit. So, um, another thing is just kind of adding some texture maybe to the room, um, and then, uh, like a, like a sweater knit pillow, um, would be great or maybe like some chunky furry blankets or sweater knit blankets on top of that pretty velvet, um, comforter just kind of gives it, um, you know, just a little bit more texture and just makes it kind of fun and wintery.

Speaker 1: (02:24)
So definitely, uh, something that you can be, um, thinking about doing for, um, for Christmas, um, maybe even putting like about of Holly across the top of the headboard, um, or some, or even a small Christmas tree in there, just to kind of give your guests in your new home in broken arrow. Um, a little bit of holiday cheer. Another thing just kind of, um, this is just kind of another idea, um, to make your guests feel welcomed during the holiday season is, um, flavored coffees. So a lot of new homes broken arrow are going to have, um, a, uh, kind of like a bar area and what a lot of people are doing now, instead of, um, using that as a wet bar, which a lot of people do, they’re kind of making it a coffee bar, and this is something really nice that you can put in your new home in broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (03:34)
And for, for instance, myself, I only drink black coffee, but whenever I have guests, I always make sure I get some flavored pods, um, for my Keurig and make sure that I have plenty of cream and sugar and just kind of setting different flavors of creamer even, and just, um, kind of setting that out for your guests in your new home in broken arrow is going to be a really nice way for them to feel welcomed during the holidays. And not only that, but it kind of personalizes their experience a little bit as well. Um, even pudding like holiday flavors, um, some things cinnamony maybe, uh, on your coffee bar and your new home in broken arrow is just a really great way to make people feel welcome and warm and dress it up. Um, another thing that a lot of people do and that you will see in a lot of new homes broken arrow is featuring their Christmas tree in the front window.

Speaker 1: (04:38)
So if you do have a front window where you can feature your Christmas tree, this not only is nice for you to look out, but it’s gorgeous whenever you pull up at home or when your neighbors drive by and they’re able to see that Christmas tree, um, and the window in your new home in broken arrow. So that’s definitely something, something to think about, uh, a way that you can kind of dress up your home and, um, make it, uh, make it look nice and welcoming for the holidays. Um, another thing is too, another thing that I like in new homes broken arrow, I actually used to hate when I was younger. I always wanted a fancy Christmas tree. I always wanted, um, everything to match and to have basically I had this idea that when I had a new home in broken era, when I was older, I would want to, um, have a Christmas tree where everything was color coordinated and matching and, uh, and perfect, and not a mismatch of Christmas ornaments that had been collected over the years are

Speaker 2: (05:57)
Handmade. But now as an adult, I’m in my new home in broken arrow, I love putting up the Christmas tree and putting a very, very eclectic, um, array of ornaments, things that I’ve made, things that my daughter has made things that people have given me ornaments that I’ve collected over the years and just kind of having an eclectic Christmas tree. Um, and you’re in new homes broken arrow. They kind of make, they make your guests feel very welcome. They may just make you seem more down to earth and human. And not only that, but when you’re inside of your new home in broken arrow, there is nothing like just feeling nice and warm and, um, surrounded by the things and the people that you love. And when you have all of those things on your Christmas tree, it’s just a nice way to be able to display those things and new homes broken arrow that you’re not always able to display as, um, as, as often, or I’m sorry, on a regular basis.

Speaker 2: (07:09)
So, uh, another thing to think about is just doing, um, Christmas lights, some neighborhoods even have a cabinet if you’re picky about only doing, um, white lights. So, uh, some neighborhoods only are allowed to put up white lights in their neighborhood. Um, some are allowed to put up colored lights, but it’s really just a personal preference. And, um, it’s just a nice way to kind of decorate and jazz up your new homes broken arrow by putting those lights on there. And, um, just making it really fun, especially if you have kids. Another thing that, uh, people, another thing that, um, people are doing in their new homes in broken arrow at Christmas time is just, um, maybe if you have a wood-burning fireplace they’re sent packets that you can put in there that smell like, or even just throw a couple of pine cones into your fireplace, listen to them, crackle, you’ll get a nice scent.

Speaker 2: (08:15)
It’s very holiday ish, very welcoming. Um, a lot of new homes broken arrow are going to have a fireplace and it’s just kind of, it’s just a really, really great way, um, to make your home smell good. And it sounds good and it smells good and it looks good and all new homes and broken arrow should throw pine cones in their fireplace at Christmas time. We’re just in winter time in general. Um, another thing that you might see, some people do is putting up Christmas trees in more than one room. Um, another thing that you’re going to notice is that a lot of new in broken arrow have a Gable out front that has a window in it. Um, sometimes it’s coming off of the attic. Sometimes it is, uh, sometimes it’s coming off of the addict. Sometimes it’s in a bedroom or in the game room, and it’s a really nice place to display a small Christmas tree in your new homes, some broken arrow, or also it’s a nice place to display a reef or maybe some, um, electric candles, uh, just sitting in the window.

Speaker 2: (09:28)
It can really jazz up your home for the holidays, make it feel welcoming and just, you know, add a little bit of something for your neighbors to see while they’re driving by and for you to see when you pull up at home. Um, Christmas is a really, really special time and new homes everywhere, not just a new homes and broken arrow, because especially if it’s your first Christmas in there, when you, um, have a home, you want to build traditions in it. And Christmas time is the perfect time to make memories and traditions in your new homes broken arrow. I’ll talk to you guys next week with another podcast about new homes broken arrow. Thanks for listening. Bye.

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