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New Homes Broken Arrow | Finding a Great Community

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hi guys. Welcome back to your weekly podcast with Catherine and Shaw homes. We’re talking about new homes  broken arrow. Once again, I thought today I would go over a little bit of the community in broken arrow. Um, just some things to do around the community, the different parts of community, the community, and that way, when you’re building your new homes broken arrow, you’ll be familiar with where everything is and, um, which Shaw communities are located where, so let’s start in south broken arrow, which is going to be your older part of broken arrow. So there are a lot of new homes in broken arrow. On the south side, Shaw has several neighborhoods over there. Um, we offer new homes in broken arrow and Tucson village, also in the reserve at Aspen Creek, the village at Southern trails, Highland Creek seven Oaks south, um, rush Brooke north is also gonna have new homes in broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (01:20)
And then we’re also going to have Brighton village and just, um, there are several communities that we build new homes in broken arrow in. So all of those that I just named are going to be south broken arrow. So your main things to do in south broken arrow, well, let’s go over, um, um, community amenities first. So grocery stores for south broken arrow, you’re going to have a Walmart, um, at 120 first and Elm. So anybody with new homes in broken arrow on the south side, that’s going to be your main place for groceries. Um, you also are going to have your target grocery store at hundred and first and Memorial. So if you’re building new homes and broken arrow and you prefer to shop at target, that’s going to be your closest. We also, um, you’re also gonna have, uh, let’s see another Walmart at a hundred and 11th and Memorial that can service all of your new homes in broken arrow. Um, particularly south broken arrow. You’ve also got our researchers over there at a hundred and 11th and Memorial. So anyone with new homes in broken arrow that prefers to shop at a traditional grocery store, you do have researchers over there on that side of town. So of course, um, gas stations, you’re going to have lots of quick trips and come and goes

Speaker 2: (02:58)
Everywhere. They’re starting to build Casey’s general store. Um, but most of your new homes broken arrow are going to be near a quick trip. Um, moving on. So let’s talk about north broken arrow now and kind of some of the things that you can find in the new home communities out that way. So north broken arrow is going to be your newer, um, more recently developed parts of broken arrow, where you’re going to have a lot of new homes. So over there, 71st and Lynn lane, you’re going to have your research, which like I said, is your more traditional grocery store. And then on top of that, you’re also going to have Walmart. You have your Walmart, um, Superstore at 70, or I’m sorry, 61st and Len lane. Um, you’re also going to have a sprouts over there at 61st and Lynn lane. So if you, um, like more of like a natural grocer, then you have sprouts.

Speaker 2: (04:14)
Um, and then also for people who are building new homes broken arrow, you’re going to have another Walmart out, um, 71st and the Creek turnpike. So those are going to be your main grocery stores, um, for new homes in broken arrow on the north side. And then there’s also going to be, um, lots of quick trips come and goes for your gas station. Um, Casey’s is out that way as well. So lots of options for gas and groceries, um, for new homes in broken arrow out on the north side. So, uh, now broken arrow is starting to expand east. Um, so you’ve got a lot of new homes in broken arrow going out on the east side, like more towards, um, let’s say east of county line. So east of county line, lots of new homes in broken arrow, actually east of Lynn lane.

Speaker 2: (05:24)
Yeah, it’s more east of Lynn lane, which is a little bit closer, but lots of new homes broken arrow going out there and you are going to have basically just your Walmart neighborhood market at 91st and Elm, and then your major stores are going to be either on the north end or the south end of town. But wherever they build a lot of new homes broken arrow, you know, they always end up putting in more stores. So in order to keep up with the supply and demand. So let’s talk about a couple of other things in broken arrow that you may be interested in. If you’re thinking about moving here or staying here or building here, um, when you purchase new homes in broken arrow, you’re definitely going to get a great, uh, community, uh, great schools. So some of the things there’s a couple of, um, different, really nice parks near new homes in broken arrow.

Speaker 2: (06:35)
So you’ve got your re Harold nature and center, which is over behind Childers, middle school on 120 first between Elm and Lynn lane and back behind there. And there are a couple of new home communities over there. Uh, but that’s just a really nice nature reserve area. It’s very woodsy. There’s some walking trails. Um, it’s gorgeous for fall leaves. A lot of people like to take family pictures there, or they like to do senior pictures there in the fall time. Um, if you’re looking for new homes broken arrow, then you definitely need to keep re Harold nature park in mind for whenever you’re looking for something to do. Um, moving on another great park for people who are thinking about new homes in broken arrow is going to be Hakey Creek park and hanky Creek park is actually located on Garnette between a hundred and 11th and 120 first.

Speaker 2: (07:41)
And this is a really neat park. Um, it actually goes on both sides of Garnette and it’s got a really large, um, it’s got baseball and softball fields. It’s got several different areas of play equipment, volleyball nets, um, a great big walking trail, and then they also have disc golf set up there. So if you’re thinking about purchasing any new homes broken arrow, uh, I know that disc golf is really popular. So you will have that course nearby for when you just want to get outdoors and, and do a little, um, sightseeing and, and outdoorsiness. So we’re also going to have, um, let’s just go ahead and talk about main street really quickly. So recently people who are purchasing new homes broken arrow have noticed that main street is really an area that starting to develop and, uh, bloom, and they’re calling it the rose district, which is really, um, gorgeous.

Speaker 2: (08:56)
And they have remodeled a lot of the buildings and done a lot of restoration and they’ve planted roses everywhere. They’re doing a lot of festivals down there. There’s a lot of restaurants, a lot of really neat stores. So it’s great for the community and anybody who’s thinking about new homes in broken arrow really should go down to main street and check out the rose district. Like I said, it’s great for families. It’s great for, um, young couples, older couples, anybody really, who is living in new homes broken arrow, who wants to kind of just experience a little bit more of what the city has to offer. So I hope this has been some new and useful information about some of the things that you can do when purchasing new homes in broken arrow. Um, some things about the community that hopefully you will want to check out and participate in, and we will see you next time with more information on new homes broken arrow with Shaw homes.

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