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New Homes Broken Arrow | Finding the Perfect Fit for You

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hi guys, Catherine, here with your weekly podcast about new homes broken arrow today, I thought we’d talked about a few things that you might consider when building a new home in broken arrow. Uh, we’ll just kind of talk about some options that you may feel like you want to add some things, some amenities that might make your home a little bit more comfortable, a little bit easier to get around. Um, basically just a lot of convenience options. You’ll see these things going into a lot of new homes and broken arrow. Um, and some of them are kind of expensive, but some of them are also inexpensive ways to make your new home unique. So one of the first things that you can do is, um, to actually put outlets in your closets and the reason why you might want to put outlets in closets and your new home in broken arrow is because it can, you never know when you might need, um, like you could, some closets are so Lord large, you could actually iron in there.

Speaker 1: (01:16)
Um, you might even be able to plug a steamer in, um, and steam, some things, especially if you have the seasonal storage, um, the hydraulic storage that you can pull down. Um, you could just pull those down and, um, go ahead and steam them. Um, so that’s something that you might consider putting in your new home, in broken arrow. Um, another thing is to, um, make sure that you have either double rods, um, like one on top of the other to hang things and then make sure you also have a high single rod in order to hang full length items or long clothes. And those are just some things that you can put that we’re putting in a new homes  broken arrow, so that you are a little bit more comfortable. Um, a couple of other things that you can do, um, in your mudroom or your utility room off of the garage.

Speaker 1: (02:21)
A lot of them have mud benches and in that mud bench and there tend to be cubbies, or you could just have cubbies, um, put directly onto the wall. Um, you can, a lot of people are putting an outlet in each one of these cubbies so that they are able to, uh, they’re great for like teenagers who have electronics. Um, so they kind of just have a place to set their keys, take off their shoes, um, plug their AirPods in whatever. So that is all there ready to grab when they’re heading out the door, um, new homes in broken arrow, you’re going to start seeing a lot more convenience items like these. Another thing that you’re going to start to see are, um, motion sensors in the pantries and in the closets. So instead of having an actual switch, it would just, the light would just turn on, um, whenever you are walking into that closet or into that area and it just lights right up.

Speaker 1: (03:30)
So that’s something that you’ll also see in some of our new homes broken arrow, and I’m sure other builders are doing it as well. Um, I know that it is in the, I believe Stonebrook, um, the Stonebrook model and then I believe it might be in the Addison model as well, but like I said, definitely something that you’re going to be seeing from Shaw homes in our new homes broken arrow. Um, so another thing is, um, a lot of new homes and broken arrow are now they have the toilet in a closet. Um, it sounds weird to say toilet in the closet, but the toilet is just its own separate little part of the bathroom. And at that, does that have a light in it? Um, or actually it probably would have a light in it, but if you wanted to add an outlet in there for a nightlight, that would be great for at night when you don’t want to turn on that big, bright light.

Speaker 1: (04:32)
Um, also another option, and this is just something, um, really convenient that I actually have not seen in any new homes broken arrow, although I’m sure there are some, um, are heated towel racks, so you can just hang your towel over it, um, while you’re in the shower and it’ll heat up for you. So, like I said, not something that we’re seeing a ton of in new homes and broken arrow, but probably definitely something that we, um, could start offering in the future. Uh, another thing is going to, uh, be putting outlets inside your vanity cabinets for your hairdryer and, um, hair straightener, curling, irons, things like that. So this would be perhaps, um, I know that Shaw homes offers a pullout drawer for, uh, like a pullout catty for your appliances. So adding that outlet in there would be great instead of just for storage, you could keep them plugged in, not in down there and then just pick them up and use them as you needed. Like I said, definitely something that you’re going to be seeing in our new homes in broken arrow. Um, a couple of other things that we might start seeing, uh, or not that you might start seeing, but that you should think about adding into your new home in broken arrow, always add more closet space than you think you’ll need. Um, extra storage is always a good idea and if you don’t have it, uh it’s

Speaker 2: (06:20)
Well, let’s just say it’s a lot easier for it to sit empty and just have it there just in case then it would be to find storage if you didn’t have it there. So

Speaker 1: (06:35)
Definitely something that you’re going to be seeing in new homes broken arrow, lots of extra closet space, um, linen closets, uh, storage cabinets under the stairs, storage, all kinds of stuff. So keep an eye out for that and new homes broken arrow. Um, let’s see. Oh, I’m trying to think of some other things that we could, that we can talk about. Um, let’s see outdoors, uh, something to think about adding to your new home in broken arrow would be, um, pre-wired outdoor speakers. So on your back patio, if you like to do cookouts, or maybe you have a pool in the backyard, maybe you entertain, um, or even just eat outside. If you just have a patio that you like to sit on an E even a patio to sit on and sit out and have coffee in the morning, or to read a book on nice days, um, you can have it pre-wired or those outdoor speakers already installed in your new home in broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (07:46)
And it just adds a little something extra and allows you to kind of listen to music without having to haul anything else around. Like I said, they’ll just be put directly into your new home in broken arrow. Uh, another thing that people are adding for convenience, um, is hoes outlets and power outlets on all four sides of the house. Um, they, a lot of times, um, you’ll see, only on the front and only on the back a host spicket. Um, and then the same goes with power outlets, usually one on the front and one on the back when you have a larger home and typically with a lot of new homes broken arrow, it’s just going to be a really convenient, um, to have those outlets and those hosts, but gets on all four sides. Uh, another thing, um, outdoors is, um, to have hot and cold outdoor water.

Speaker 1: (08:46)
Most water is just going to be whatever temperature it comes out of the hose. So really cold, really hot just depending on the time of year, um, hot and cold water, a hot and cold water option on your new home in broken arrow is great for washing pets. So that way, you know, you don’t want your sweet little pooch to get, um, to, to freeze while you’re trying to give them a bath. So warm water outside is also nice. Um, also when building your new home in broken narrow, you want to think about maybe adding motion sensors, um, or have it at least pre-wired for motion sensing outdoor lights. Um, this is, this is something, um, that since a lot of people are using the ring cameras or, um, nest or whatever, you know, brands you choose to use in your new home in broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (09:47)
Um, if you just go ahead and have that pre-wired, while it’s being built, it’s going to just make things a lot simpler, um, to have that pre-wired during the building process. Another thing that most people actually add, but they, um, it’s just kind of something that’s taken for granted. Most people add it without even thinking about it. And that is the keypad entry on your garage door. Um, we do see a lot of these in new homes broken arrow. It’s great for people who have kids who maybe, um, forget their key, or if you needed to let somebody in, um, who didn’t have a key and it was an emergency, you could just give them that code. Another thing that you’re starting to see in a lot of new homes in broken arrow or continuing to see is a built-in gas line for the grill.

Speaker 1: (10:43)
So this is typically out on the back patio and it just connects your gas line straight to your grill so that you don’t have to worry about getting natural gas or tanks or anything else. So these are just a couple of things that people are putting in their new homes broken arrow that we don’t always think about. Um, just some convenience items, like I said, ways to make your house a little bit more comfortable, a little bit more interesting. And, uh, next time we’ll talk about some other things that people think about adding to their new homes broken arrow. We’ll talk about, um, the kitchen and some electrical things and just some other things that you can do with your new homes broken arrow. So thanks again for listening and we’ll see you next time.

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