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New Homes Broken Arrow | Honesty in Every Interaction

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Thank you so much for coming to my rotor meeting today. I want to go over the realtor or the program. That’s why we’re here. Um, we’ll just cause right. So we’re going to discuss, um, the four piece. That’s going to be the promise, the pay, the process and the product here at Shaw homes. So the promise that we have is that we promise to never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever steal a client from you guys. Um, and all you need to do in order to work with us is fill out one simple little form and you will be protected. It’s called, um, the realtor protection form for a reason. And we want to make sure that, um, you know, that we’re not going to ever steal a client from you. So that is why we do that. Um, and we promise to give the same fair price to every customer, regardless of whether they have a realtor or not.

Speaker 1: (00:55)
Um, we know that a lot of builders use this tactic. They say, Hey, go ahead and ditch your rotor and we’ll give you a better price. And that is not something that we do here at Shaw homes when you’re wanting to purchase your new homes broken arrow. Um, and we promise to always communicate with you throughout the process so that you’re always in the know on where we are and where we’re going with your clients. Um, that’s just something that we just want to make sure, because if we have a great communication that we can both be helping your client and in the long run that makes both of us money. So, um, do you have any questions regarding, um, our promise? No. Perfect. So then, um, for your new homes broken arrow, the next topic that we will discuss is the pay. So we pay half of your commission up front, um, at contract and then the other half at closing, if you prefer, or we can pay it all as at closing, just how you get paid now in real estate.

Speaker 1: (01:50)
Um, and we do actually have a high percentage for, um, all, any in all spec homes. I mean, you actually get paid 4%, regardless of whether they’re listed on MLS or not. So we typically list them when they are completed, but you can also bring us a bar where they’re still under construction and you still get that full 4%, which is pretty awesome. I’m going to emphasize a new build it’s 3%. So just the regular that you would get as well. So just so you know, that would be the pay. So do you have any questions or about, or how we pay you guys? No. Okay. So the next step would be, um, the process. So there’s two different processes. There’s ones for buying a spec com or a move in ready home is the term we use or building. So we’ll go over buying a spec first. So first you check MLS or www.shopify.com for our inventory. Um, and then two, um, I would like you, I would like to put you on a list if that’s okay to send you updates, um, then that way, you know exactly what we have available right now. Um, would that be okay? You

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Perfect. I’ll get that email when we get done here. Um, and sometimes you have extra incentives for realtors on that list too. So that way you always in the know of what our inventory is, um, and if a home is listed on MLS, then it will have, um, a central lock on it and for you to get into it. So if you prefer, I can show your client, the home for you so I can duplicate your efforts. Um, just fill out that rule to protection form and send it to me and then I’ll do the rest for you. And then I’ll report back to you. And then that way, you know exactly what’s going on. Do you have any questions about I’m working on a spec home together? Nope. Perfect. So then the next part would be, or the next process would be if they were building from scratch.

Speaker 2: (03:44)
So if you want to go ahead and get that document out, that talks about, um, the path to your new Shaw home, um, here in for new homes broken arrow, and we’ll go over that path with you. So the first part is that model home tour and in you’re more than welcome to come with your client. When we do this with them, um, we will go through, it will take about 90 minutes and we’ll go through about six to 12 homes depending on their wants and needs. Um, we have the most furnished and decorated homes, um, of any Tulsa builder, which is awesome. So that way your clients can see how they are lived in and how furniture fits in our homes. Um, you know, and during that time they’ll drive their own car or you guys can ride together. And that way, if there’s an emergency that comes up, you all can leave at any point in time.

Speaker 2: (04:27)
And, you know, we just want to make sure that you guys know that it’s not, there’s no pricing, no pressure during this appointment. It’s all in for just all information. And we focus on the function behind the home. Um, we have so many versatile four plans. I mean, one of our homes can be built 15 different ways. So, um, we have 83 different floor plans. You can build all together and we build in 33 different communities. So we also, we like to say that we have something for everyone, um, and one story in a two plans and then the next step would be the financing. So, I mean, I’m sure you know, your client’s financial situation. Um, but just so then that way, this is on our path as well. Um, and we will always give monthly payment quotes. We never just give you a bolt price.

Speaker 2: (05:12)
Like this house is 257,321. We will always give you a payment with that, which is pretty awesome. Um, and so, and another thing that we do have here at show homes, we have preferred lenders, we have four of them. And the reason we do that is because Mr. Shaw really feels that, you know, getting people to handle everything in your home buying process from building it from the money portion, from just making sure that everything is a really smooth transition. Um, they have been our lenders for years and they know our process. So it’s really easy when you have somebody that knows exactly how to do it too. And then we have a build, um, using one of our preferred lenders as an incentive as well. So right now, for the month of October, it’s $10,000 towards, um, your new homes broken arrow. But if you use one of our lenders, it’s actually 15,000, so that’s pretty nice, and that can go towards their upgrades and, or closing costs too.

Speaker 2: (06:08)
Um, and then the next step would be doing their application. It’s a five minute application and it is free and they’ll get that approval within 24 hours, which is pretty awesome. Um, and then another thing that they will do as well is they do interest rate matching and closing cost matching. If they have a lender that is already approved with them and, but they have a better rate, they’ll match it. If they throw closing costs, both they’ll do the same thing. Um, and they do do all the, they do have all the same loans, conventional FHA VA rule in the native loan of all of those loans. So, um, do you know what type of loan any of your clients are doing right now that maybe would fit this and be able to use one of our preferred lenders? Awesome. So the next step for their new homes broken era would be the Homesite reservation.

Speaker 2: (06:55)
So this would be the first time that we would ask for any money from your client. Um, it’s a thousand dollar deposit, and the reason we do that is it, um, it makes it so they don’t have to make any rush decisions on that home side because you know, it is refundable for seven days and we do allow switching home sites as well. So we just want to make sure that this way they are getting the home site that they’re wanting, which is pretty awesome. We just want them to be able to take their time and get all their questions answered. And the great thing is, is that check’s going to sit on my desk for seven days and it’s not going to be cash. We’re not going to do anything with it. And hopefully between that seven days, we’ll get that price out complete and we’ll get that purchase agreement, date set.

Speaker 2: (07:39)
So then that way, um, we can get all the wall moving, but say something happens like, you know what, we’re just going to walk away right now. We don’t have time, or we found something else, you know, within that seven days it is refundable. Um, the main reason we do it is because there is 12 more of me and not only that, but I don’t know how many they have X, Y, and Z amount of people with them as well. And it’s an active document. So as soon as I reserve it, nobody else can see it or reserve it for their clients. So that’s pretty awesome. Um, and with that, we have, we, we said that a home sites are one of a kind, because we can build any home anywhere, but if you’re wanting that Greenbelt law, or if you’re wanting to be in that coldest sack for your children or things of that nature, that way we’re reserving that Homesite, and nobody else could take that from you.

Speaker 2: (08:27)
So the next step would be the price out. And we do, um, line for line itemized price out for new homes Broken Arrow, fully transparency, you know, exactly what you guys would be paying, um, right down to the dollar. We, wouldn’t no surprises and all your questions answer, and we will give you guys a total pronounced on the spot. So then that way your client can go over it and make sure everything is a hundred percent complete and the way that they want it, the next step, there would be the purchase agreement, which takes about 45 minutes to get that finished. And then we’ll watch an informative video. And it altogether, it will be in like a one hour meeting, I guess, if the 45 minute video and like 15 minutes to sign everything. And after that appointment, your structural options in your home site are final, but not your finishes or your, um, uh, colors.

Speaker 2: (09:12)
So that’s really good. And then at that time, that’s an additional deposit would be due. Um, the mortgage approval would be due and if it would be a contingent or delay of build, and then from there, it’s that, congratulations, we’ve completed that purchase agreement. And now you’re in the next five steps of our path, which are design studio plan review building of the home, the closing and the warranty that we have. So that is that. Do you have any questions about working together on a client that wants to build from scratch for your new home is broken arrow outcry? So the next thing will be the location we do build in broken arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Tulsa, Owasso, and Inola. And for plans, we do have two different series. We have our heritage series in our Manchester series for your new home broken arrow. And for pricing, we offer starting at two 10 all the way to $450,000, which is awesome. So I guess my next question would be, do you have any clients that you think that we could get registered today to get started? Awesome. Well, thank you for coming and talking to me about your new homes broken arrow for your future clients. Let’s go ahead and wrap this up.

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