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New Homes Broken Arrow | How to Utilize the Space in Your Home

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey guys, I’m here again with your weekly Shaw Holmes podcast. And recently, when talking about new homes broken arrow, we’ve been talking about what is in for design and what is in as far as what’s popular in decorating and then trends and then building trends and features in the homes. So I thought we would give, um, we would take a little break from that and talk about the opposite of that when talking about new homes in broken arrow. So let’s talk about what’s not popular anymore and what’s time to, um, what it’s time to let go of and what it’s time to, um, throw away and things that are just completely outdated and no longer. You’re no longer going to see these things in new homes Broken Arrow or anywhere else. Really. So the first thing that we’re going to talk about not to do in your new home in broken arrow, is that not a coal motifs are out.

Speaker 1: (01:23)
So this is seashells, um, ropes, anchors, all of this should go. So anything that’s like, you’re not a cool theme. Um, it’s just time to let that go. That that trend is over done. It’s outdated and it’s time to move on from that. So when thinking about building a new home in broken arrow, just remember that nautical motifs are out when you’re decorating. Now, with that being said, of course it is your, um, your home that you’re building and everybody has their own personal style. And so if you like that in a little cool motif, then by all means you put that nautical motif in your new home, in broken arrow. Um, but just know that that is going away. Um, the next trend that’s going away are going to be the Edison light bulbs. So these were really popular for awhile. Um, I actually was seeing a lot of them in new homes Broken arrow and everywhere else, uh, hanging from, um, just like the strings of lights that a lot of people are putting in their, um, on their back patios or up for parties.

Speaker 1: (02:44)
Um, even some certain lamps or pendant lights would have that Edison light bulb and them. And just when thinking about new homes broken arrow, um, just think about that trend is, is kind of going away. They’re a unique thing to look at, but, uh, that just kind of goes with the whole industrial look that is also kind of going away. Um, also I’ve heard, and I don’t know if it’s true, but I have heard that those light bulbs don’t last as long, um, which is another reason why people are starting to get away from them. That they’re just, they’re very specifically for aesthetic purposes only. Um, they don’t really serve a function. They don’t let off a lot of bright light and they don’t last a long time. So when building new homes broken arrow, just keep this in mind. Um, another thing that’s going away are going to be tufted headboards.

Speaker 1: (03:45)
So these became popular, um, quite a few years ago, actually people were doing, uh, the tufted headboard book. So basically it’s like your padded headboard, um, with like the buttons pushed in on it. I don’t know how else to describe it, but you’ll see them a lot in a lot of new homes in broken arrow and a lot of new homes and other places as well. Uh, but that look is just kind of going by the wayside. It’s starting to get dated. People are moving more back towards, um, wood and natural looking, um, headboards and bedroom furniture. So that’s something that you definitely are gonna want to keep an eye on as far as trends go. Um, and the decor in new homes broken arrow. Another thing that is going away is the Tuscan kitchen. So your test can kitchen is going to be, um, like your I’m trying to think of how to describe it.

Speaker 1: (04:55)
You’re going to see it in a lot of new homes in broken arrow and in the Tulsa area. It’s, it’s kind of like that brownish tan-ish, um, kind of worn brick look, uh, very olive garden decor type, uh, style. So like I said, once again, if you are into that, then by all means, put it in your home. If that’s what makes you happy, but as far as trends and what you’re going to be seeing, um, in new homes and in design studios, et cetera, is going to be that Tuskegee kitchens are on their way out. The next thing that’s going to go away is a damask print. Um, this is just, these were really popular several years ago, kind of like 12 was before that. Um, but damask print is just kind of going away. A lot of people were doing it for wallpaper and curtains.

Speaker 1: (06:03)
Um, but any print really just kind of gets dated fast except for leopard print. Of course that’s the best one. And I would put that new, every single new home in broken arrow if I could. Um, but, uh, the this print is going away. Um, another thing is going to be matching your window valances to your furniture. So this is something that people were doing quite a bit, their curtains or their valances would be custom done in their new homes broken arrow or anywhere else to match their furniture. And now it’s not necessarily about matching it as it is coordinating it. Um, if you choose to even have curtains or balances at all, the next is going to be that, um, Mason jars are going away. So several years ago, the shabby chic, uh, decor was really popular. And in that shabby chic decor, um, there were a lot of Mason jars, Mason jars with flowers in them.

Speaker 1: (07:14)
People are using Mason jurors as their pencil cup. Um, just everything Mason jars, just painting them, putting them on their table as decor, um, just all kinds of stuff. So those are kind of going by the wayside, along with the whole shabby chic, the core idea. You’re not gonna see a lot of this and new homes broken arrow. However, once again, if this is your flavor, then by all means enjoy it. Another thing that you’re going to stop seeing a lot of in decor, new homes broken arrow is going to be Wicker furniture. A lot of people would have Wicker furniture out on their patios, but now, um, you’re going to see a lot of treated wood and even metal. Um, it’s just a little bit more durable and easier to take care of. And it’s just a little bit more modern, a little bit more sleek and also more comfortable cause the Wicker squeaks a lot.

Speaker 1: (08:18)
And you’re just not going to see a lot of that new homes broken arrow anymore. Another trend that’s going to be going away is your Hollywood mirror lights. So these are the great big lights that go around the mirror in order to light, um, the entire area up. So basically kind of like makeup lights. So this was popular, but you’re not gonna see this in a lot of new homes in broken arrow, just because the new design is to let in a ton of natural light so that you don’t need that artificial light as much.

Speaker 2: (08:55)
Now, another thing that’s really going away and I am particularly grateful for this one is that vertical blinds are going away. So vertical blinds would be, um, on the sliding mostly they’re on like a sliding glass door. Um, would you actually don’t even see in homes anymore? I can’t remember when the last time I saw a sliding glass door in any new homes broken arrow was, and you’ll see them a lot of times in older homes instill in apartments, but definitely not in any new homes that are being built right now. So mostly vertical blinds were going to be on your sliding glass door. They did sometimes have them on windows, but those are just going away. Um, a lot of people are doing the internal blinds, even a Roman shade is better. Um, or just putting up curtains just to add another design element to your room, but the vertical blinds are definitely, definitely out. So, um, this was just something a little bit different while talking about new homes broken arrow. We’re talking about what was out instead of what was in and I’ll be coming back next week with some more information for you on new homes and broken arrow from Shaw homes. Goodbye.

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