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New Homes Broken Arrow | Purchasing or Building New Homes

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey guys, welcome back to my weekly podcast. This is Catherine, and I’m going to talk to you a little bit today about Shaw homes, realtor rewards program that we do, um, in order to sell more new homes broken arrow, we work with realtors and they help bring us clients and we reward them for helping us sell more new homes. So let’s go ahead and start going over our realtor rewards program. There are a couple of topics that we’re going to discuss today when talking about how we work with realtors, um, selling new homes  those things are going to be the promise, the pay, the process and the product. So the promise is that number one, we promise to never ever, ever, ever steal a client. All that we need from the realtor in order to sell new homes  broken arrow from Shaw is going to be to fill out a simple little form and the realtor will be protected.

Speaker 1: (01:25)
It’s called the realtor protection form for a reason. And this just has some information on it. Um, such as the realtor’s name, uh, the broker, the brokerage, they work for address, phone number, client’s name, address, and phone number. And then just a, um, then we need both signatures signatures from, or all signatures from the sales consultant, the realtor, and then the builder, Mr. Shaw. So all of these things have to be filled out and signed off on in order to sell new homes in broken arrow with a realtor. So the next thing is that we promise to give the same fair price to every customer, regardless of whether they have a realtor or not. We know that a lot of builders use this tactic to entice buyers, to ditch their realtor for a better price. So when selling new homes broken arrow, we are not going to offer our customers a better deal. If they ditch the Thaylor realtor, everybody will be able to, um, everybody will be paid. There’s not going to be a better price if they don’t work with you. Uh, okay. The next thing is that we promise to communicate with you throughout the process. So you’re always the know on where we are and where we’re going with your new home in broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (03:07)
Okay. The next topic is going to be talking about the pay and the way that we pay on new homes in broken arrow is we will pay half of your commission upfront at contract and the other half at closing, if you prefer. So, uh, the reason why we do half and half, um, is so that we can so that you don’t, if the contract bus, you don’t have to pay it all back. So, um, we also pay 4% commission on any and all spec homes, regardless of whether they’re listed on MLS or not. So new homes broken arrow are going to pay from Shaw are going to pay a 4% commission instead of the regular 3% commission. We typically list them when they are completed, but you can also bring us a buyer while they are under construction and still get the full 4%.

Speaker 1: (04:09)
So this is just another thing that we offer, um, for selling new homes in broken arrow, you get that 4%, okay. The process. So if you have a client who’s interested in buying one of our spec homes, uh, you can check MLS or www.shaw homes.com for our inventory. This is going to give you listings of new homes and broken arrow Jenks. Allosso big SPE I know LA and also, um, the couple that we have, or the few that we have in Oklahoma city as well. Um, but those, like I said, those, all of those new homes broken arrow are going to be listed on MLS. So we can also put realtors on a list to send updates to. And sometimes we even have extra incentives for our realtors that are on that list. So if the home is listed on MLS, then it will have a central lock box on it for you to get in. Or if you prefer, I can show your client, the home for you. So you can duplicate your efforts. You’ll just fill out that realtor protection form, send it back to me, and then I will do the rest. And we’ll try to get your clients into new homes and broken arrow, Bixby, Tulsa, Jenks, or Owasso. Okay. So the process is, um, how we take all of our customers through building

Speaker 2: (05:57)
A new home, and we always follow this process. And the reason why we do this is because we want our customers who are buying new homes in broken arrow to always know what expect. They always know. We always set the expectation for them. So we always want to make sure that we’re setting the expectation so that our customers always know what’s coming next. And so that there are no surprises. So the first thing is going to be the model home tour, which we’ll go through new homes broken arrow. Um, the next we’ll talk about financing, uh, make sure that you have a preapproval and everything’s good to go. Then we’ll do the Homesite reservation, finding you a one of a kind home site. Then we’ll do the price out, which will give you a down to the dollar price of the home that you’re wanting to build.

Speaker 2: (07:02)
Then a purchase agreement, which is your contract design studio, which is awesome and fun. And then your plan review the building of your home closing and then warranty. So as you can see, when you’re building new homes in broken arrow, if you really follow this path, then your customers will never have a question of where they’re at in the process. Okay. So, um, we build all over the greater Tulsa area. So, um, like I said, we, you know, we’re based out of broken arrow. So we do a lot of new homes broken arrow. However, we also offer neighborhoods and Jenks, Bixby, Tulsa, uh, WASO, I NOLA, and then some, um, areas in Oklahoma city as well.

Speaker 2: (08:03)
Okay. Um, our new homes broken arrow star in the two tens and they go all the way up to the four fifties. We have two different series of new homes and broken arrow. We have the heritage series. These plans start at 1,802 square feet and go up to 37 12. And we have a lot of options in this series for building new homes broken arrow. And then we have our Manchester premiere series and these plans start at 1,758 square feet and go up to 2,360 square feet. So these homes offer a lot of bonus features that are not normally included in this price point. So these are a great new addition to new homes and broken arrow.

Speaker 2: (09:03)
Okay. So that’s just kind of, um, the program that we have for realtors, uh, how, how we like to do business with you guys for when you’re selling new homes and broken arrow or any of our other communities we pay. Well, we’re very easy to work with. Um, we love your clients and we want that. We want to get them into a new home in broken arrow, a home that they will love and that they will want to live in for a long time. And hopefully they will also have friends who are looking for new homes in broken arrow as well. And they will want to refer them to Shaw homes, um, for another, for us to build more new homes broken arrow. So we’ll see you next time with more great information by.

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