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New Homes Broken Arrow | Staying up to Date

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Hey guys, it’s Catherine with Shaw homes, again, with your weekly podcast about new homes broken arrow. I’ve really been enjoying talking to you about trends in home design and some of the different things that you can do, especially with decor and, um, elevation, and some of the features that you’re able to put in your home for, um, just amenities and design purposes. So I wanted to kind of stay on the, um, the path of that and just keep talking about, um, some different, actually, we’re going to talk about outdoor living today, and some trends that you can do in your new homes and broken arrow that are, um, trendy and definitely, um, you know, just up to date and, um, ways to really just dress up your new homes in broken arrow and make them very comfortable. So one of the first things that I want that I’ve noticed in new homes broken arrow and other places, um, is going to be a summery vibe for your outdoor living space.

Speaker 1: (01:29)
So this is going to be certain types of furniture like loungers. Um, more you could, you know, lay in the sun, um, even just when, when it gets colder outside and you’re not necessarily wanting to bake in the sun, you still have that area, um, that kind of just provides a summary feel to your new homes in broken arrow that you can read, or you can just enjoy some time outdoors. So, like I said, definitely something to think about in your new home in broken arrow is just adding some outdoor patio furniture that has a summer vibe to it. Um, another thing is people are in a lot of new homes broken arrow. Um, people are wanting to, they’re doing their outdoor living spaces, um, as kind of a, well, it, they call it the staycation. So this is, you know, whether it’s your dream vacation is on a beach or maybe a log cabin or a spa type setting, um, beach house, anything like that, any where you would rather where you would like to be on vacation when you’re away from your new home in broken arrow is to just kind of create an outdoor living

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Space that has, that has all of those trends, um, or not all of those trends, but just all of the parts of where you would be vacationing. So for example, um, you know, just putting, if, if you really like a log cabin, maybe putting some just rustic elements out on your back patio, the type of furniture and the type of decor you put out there in your new home, in broken arrow, um, just create that kind of rustic cabin feel. And then it’s kind of like you have a home away from home within your home. So that’s something that you can do. Um, also just maybe if you love the beach, adding some billowy curtains out on your back patio with some loungers, even, um, outdoor living can even include a pool. So maybe if you wanted to put in a nice pool and an outdoor grill and just kind of a very like resort type of vibe, that’s definitely something that you can do in new homes broken arrow as well.

Speaker 2: (04:08)
Another thing that we are going to start seeing in, or that you can do in your new homes broken arrow is going to be adding lots of colors. So, and a lot of outdoor living spaces and a lot of patio furniture, if you’ve ever shopped for patio furniture or anything in your, um, new homes in broken arrow, it’s, um, things are colorful. You see a lot of stripes, you see a lot of bright floral patterns, all in, um, all on types of patio furniture. And you’ll also see a lot of high contrast with black and white, and then, um, maybe like a bright flower or something on there. Um, lots of botanical, um, colors and just think garden, tropical, floral, lots of bright colors. It’s a great place to add a lot of color if you’d like, if you’re a new home in broken arrow is kind of muted and kind of a serene place, but you love color as well.

Speaker 2: (05:24)
Just go ahead and pop that out onto your outdoor living space and new homes in broken arrow. And there you go. So another thing that is really neat, that a lot of people are doing in their outdoor space is to, um, decorate a wall in your backyard. This could be, um, the back wall on your patio. This could be the fence. Um, it doesn’t even necessarily mean like putting a painting on your back fence, but a lot of new homes in broken arrow are going to have, you know, some really pretty climbing plants like IVs or some sort of vine, um, also feature walls, like maybe some shiplap on a, on a wall on your back patio. Um, just something that kind of takes like creates a little bit of focus in your new home, in broken arrow and just kind of brings a little life to that outdoor living area.

Speaker 2: (06:35)
Um, let’s see. Another thing is going to be, um, bringing the indoors kind of outside. So having a, um, eating area outside, um, coffee tables, uh, with your, with your furniture, so that it’s kind of like you’re sitting in a living room. Um, a lot of patio furniture is more comfortable, a lot of plush cushions and, and everything. And, um, it’s just a really neat way to kind of bring the indoors outside. Um, a lot of times we do, um, we bring the outdoors in, but we don’t think of bringing that indoors outside. So outdoor dining areas are great and new homes  broken arrow as well as some really comfy patio furniture. Um, another thing is greenery is really the way to go as far as decorating new homes in broken arrow. Now flowers and shrubs are very popular. Um, but as far as patio decor, um, not, not necessarily patio decor, but really just anywhere in your new homes broken arrow.

Speaker 2: (07:59)
Um, you’re going to see a lot of greenery terrariums with air plants are very popular. Um, anything like, even if you don’t have a green thumb, you know, putting some cactuses or some really Hardy trees or bushes out back in your new homes broken arrow, that green really brings a lot to your outdoor living space. And we’re also going to be seeing a lot of metallics. So your silvers golds, um, even like your rod iron rose gold is really popular. So it looks, these things look really great. Um, when you’re out on, uh, out in the backyard or on the patio, um, because they kind of just contrast with nature. And so it really brings, you know, two elements, like a natural element and then a man-made element together. And it’s just a really, really, um, it makes a really, really unique space, especially if that’s not the rest of your style in new homes and broken arrow, it just adds a little bit to it and gives you something kind of different to work at.

Speaker 2: (09:10)
Um, another thing is going to be lighting for the evening time. Um, a lot of new homes broken arrow and their outdoor living spaces have some, you know, nice soft light or, um, a place where you can do Tiki torches or candles, um, or just like some really nice lighting. It doesn’t have to be super harsh lighting. Like we’re used to, um, a lot of new homes broken arrow or going for the softer lighting and larger outdoor living spaces so that people can entertain out there. Um, besides that, uh, just some things like we talked about earthy elements, like lots of plants, lots of greenery, and, um, just find some fun stuff, find an umbrella with a great pattern, maybe find, um, a reclining outdoor couch, just lots and lots of things you could do, like a, an outdoor rug that has a great pattern, just lots and lots of things that you can do to your new homes in broken arrow that, um, are going to be, uh, great for not only the people who live in the new home in broken arrow, but also who might purchase it from you in the future.

Speaker 2: (10:37)
So we’ll be back later with another episode of my podcast. Thanks for listening about new homes broken arrow.

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