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New Homes Broken Arrow | Upgrade Your Kitchen

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey guys, Catherine, here with your weekly podcast where we’re talking about new homes broken arrow. And I think we’re going to go ahead and keep talking about some different decor styles. We’ve been kind of talking about trends and decorating and what you’re going to be seeing in a lot of new homes broken arrow and the surrounding area. So today I thought we’d talk about specifically, um, a farmhouse kitchen. So just some things that, um, you can do, um, in order to create a great farmhouse kitchen for your new home in broken arrow is, um, there’s, there’s just several things. Whether you’re wanting to do a full-blown farmhouse style kitchen, or just have some elements of that. Um, there’s, there’s quite a few things that can be done to make it look interesting and unique and not the same old, plain kitchen that everybody else has.

Speaker 1: (01:05)
So a farmhouse kitchen style tends to be a little bit cozier. Um, it it’s fairy, they’re a little bit more rustic and I feel like rustic homes. You think of a cabin you think of cozy, um, those natural elements, the beams that you’re gonna see, um, just a lot of wood, all of those things, especially in new homes and broken arrow are going to make things pretty cozy. So your typical farmhouse kitchen is definitely going to have a lot of white in it. Um, there are several different ways and styles that you can do these farmhouse kitchens, but you’re going to see a lot of white shaker cabinets, even a white tile backsplash. Um, definitely white somewhere on the island. Um, a lot, I would say, um, granite, but a lot of people are going more for quartz now. So you’ll definitely be seeing a lot of quartz countertops also soapstone.

Speaker 1: (02:15)
Um, leathered granite is also something that’s kind of unique and has a little bit more of a rustic feel to it. So that’s definitely what you’re going to be seeing on a lot of islands, um, and countertops. So something that’s really popular, I say all white. So that’s going to be white walls, white cabinetry, white backsplash, and then a darker gray, or almost a black and white for the soapstone or quartz on your countertop. So it really has that contrast. Um, another thing that you can do in a farmhouse kitchen is do a lot of white and then actually, so basically everything would be, um, all white. So like your S your hood vent would be all white. Uh, everything else, backsplash white cabinets, white walls, white, and then even a white, uh, countertop and white island, and then have our white island top and then have a stained island and a darker wood floor that really gives a nice clean farmhouse vibe where you still have all of that white, but you ha also have the warmth of the stain in the wood. Um, and another way to, if you wanted to just kind of add a farmhouse element to your kitchen, um, you could do a farmhouse style, light fixture, or even like a large wood family style table. Um, like a barn wood table. You’re going to see this on a lot of decorating trends and new homes broken arrow. And your

Speaker 2: (04:04)
Also going to, um, just see this, like I said, those natural wood elements are definitely going to be, uh, quite popular in this, in all new homes Broken arrow and in your, um, your farmhouse style kitchens. Um, another thing to do would be a black metal hood vent instead of a white hood vent. Um, this is, or I’m sorry, it doesn’t even have to be metal. It can just be paid at black, but it is definitely, um, something that can be, that can bring a great farmhouse element to your new home in broken arrow. Um, another thing that you can do is, um, you’ve been to a great farmhouse kitchen in shades of green, um, like a mossy green cause definitely very farmhouse with a clean white countertop and or maybe even a wood countertop, um, just very earthy green and then with specific fixtures and that wood element had, does make it look very farmhouse. Another thing that you can do and new homes broken arrow is to add a farmhouse sink, um, or an apron front sink, either way. It’s just a stylist thing that you’re going to see where the front of it is exposed instead of hidden behind some sort of, um, some sort of wood or cabinetry in front of that. So that’s the

Speaker 1: (06:02)
Definitely something else that you’ll see in a lot of new homes broken arrow,

Speaker 2: (06:06)
It’s a full farmhouse kitchen, or if it’s just going to be something like your, um, just like an element of a farmhouse kitchen that you’re choosing to put in your new home in broken arrow.

Speaker 1: (06:24)
So a couple of other things we talked about lighting fixtures, um, another thing to add an element would be, um, some stools. So natural wood stools would be great, even something with black raw iron, just something to add a little bit of an accident. I say wood like barn wood. Um, you’re going to find a lot of that, a new homes and broken arrow also. I mean, you can really just change it up with your chairs. That’s another great thing as a farmhouse kitchen is actually really versatile. So if you wanted to put like red leather bar stools on there, you could, and it would just make that pop out a little bit more. So definitely something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about a farmhouse kitchen, but you don’t want to go full farmhouse. Um, another thing is just a really high contrast of black and white, for example, um, having everything, um, white at, including your tile back splash, and then maybe doing a black grout in that tile.

Speaker 1: (07:42)
Um, that’s always really nice looking and it kind of, I feel like is a little bit easier to keep clean because once grout gets stained, it’s awful, awful, awful having to clean it. So black grout just kind of hides a multitude of sins when you’re thinking and looking at tile. Um, another way that you could do this is to have all white countertops, cabinetry, everything else, and then a solid black countertop. Um, it sounds strange, but when you pair that with a nice wood floor in new homes and broken arrow, and then maybe some like wood and black leather stools, it actually does look very, very, very farmhouse and very like very unique farmhouse actually. Um, also another thing that you can do is, um, exposed shelving. So perhaps instead of cabinets, and I don’t feel like you’ll see this in a lot of new construction in new homes and broken arrow, but definitely you would see this perhaps in, um, somewhere that is, um, has been remodeled.

Speaker 1: (09:01)
So instead of, and it’s also, if you’re thinking about remodeling and doing a farmhouse kitchen, of course, we want you to buy new homes broken narrow, but putting up these exposed wooden shelves and then just stacking everything on those, as opposed to cabinets, it opens your kitchen up a little bit more, and then it adds a little bit more of that farmhouse element to it. Um, a lot another thing is definitely having windows in the kitchen, particularly above or near the sink somewhere is very much a farmhouse kitchen element. Um, also brass and copper fixtures, not necessarily copper, but copper looking, something that has the look of copper or brass. Those are definitely going to be things that you will see in farmhouse kitchens. So just a couple of things I’ve trends that you’ll be seeing in these styles of new homes broken arrow. Um, the farmhouse sink, just a couple of other things that I’ve mentioned, and we hope you think of us when you think about building new homes broken arrow, see you next time. Bye.

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