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New Homes Broken Arrow | What’s Currently Trending in the Market

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hey, everybody, Catherine, with Shaw homes here, time for our weekly podcast. And I thought today we would talk a little bit about

Speaker 2: (00:10)
What is trending in home design right now. And right now, I mean, 2019,

Speaker 1: (00:19)
Going into 2020, I think it’s always interesting being in

Speaker 2: (00:25)
This industry,

Speaker 1: (00:28)
Seeing how trends change and

Speaker 2: (00:31)
Seeing what’s popular. It’s almost like no matter what,

Speaker 1: (00:35)
Which builder you go into their model home, you are going to catch the same trends, no matter who it is, that’s building. Um, everybody does have their own unique style, but as far as new homes broken arrow go, and as far as trends go, and a lot of your color palette is going to be the same. And then some of the unique and trendy design elements of homes, whether it be larger windows, um, the open design concept, there’s all kinds of things that are trendy in new homes broken arrow and everywhere else, just like there’s new trends and fashion and vehicles and foods and everything else.

Speaker 2: (01:23)
So I was actually doing a little bit of research just to kind of see, um, if I Googled home building trends in 2000 or current home building trends, what would come up. So I found a pretty neat article that actually lists some things that I have seen in several new homes broken arrow. So I wanted to kind of, um, and then there were a few things that they’re saying that are trendy, that I haven’t seen. So I just kind of wanted to discuss that today and see what all information I can give you about new homes broken arrow today. So the first thing that is trending in home building right now is going to be glass and steel room dividers. Now I have not seen a ton of this. Um, I’ve seen a little bit of it and some of your more contemporary design,

Speaker 1: (02:28)
Um, um, and really honestly, I haven’t seen too much glass or metal. Um, there might be maybe like a half

Speaker 2: (02:39)
Or wall somewhere or, um, you know, I’ve, I’ve even seen, um, a little bit of glass just kind of in bathrooms and, uh, there’s a home right now that has, it looks like glass tile. It’s kind of just like a clear tile and you can see the paint behind it, the paint color behind it. So that’s really neat. Um, other than that, I really honestly, haven’t seen too much of this trend in any of our new homes broken arrow, the Shaw builds, but we may have just not made it that far yet. Another thing that is trending in home building right now is what’s considered a destination tub and the way the best way to describe this is just going to be, um, a really unique bathtub. Uh, your S your pretty much your standard, um, shower, tub combo is still gonna be in your other bathrooms.

Speaker 2: (03:47)
Um, like not your master bath, but your, just the other bathrooms in your home. However, the master bath is generally now going to have a standalone tub or a corner of a garden tub. Um, a lot of people are liking the jacuzzi tubs. Those are still really popular, and they have been for a long time. Um, however, like I said, the standalone tubs are really unique. Um, and they’re very decorative. We’ve got several in our model homes and in our spec homes, um, all of the new homes in broken arrow, most of them are going to have this design with that unique standalone tub. Um, Allstate just adds a really nice design element to your master bath. It really makes a statement. So another thing that is trending in home building right now, and that you’re going to stay in a lot of new homes broken arrow are going to be tiled back splash.

Speaker 2: (04:56)
Um, but it’s actually instead of a tile back splash, these are called feature walls, and it’s basically taking your tile that would be on a back splash and taking it all the way up to the ceiling. So a lot of times you’ll see that in an area in the kitchen that is not going to, um, stop just at your cabinets, but if you’ve got an area that doesn’t have any cabinets, perhaps if you have a wall that has your stove top and just a hood vent and no cabinet space on either side of that, typically for a very, very open floor plan kitchen that would have more counter space and cabinet space on other walls, you’re going to see a full tile feature wall that, like I said, doesn’t just go up as high as the box splash, but would go from counter to ceiling. So that’s just a really Feature, um, and a home-building trend that you’re going to see in a lot of new homes broken arrow right now, another thing that you’re gonna see start seeing are going to be wood vanities in bathrooms. And from what I can tell people are saying that the wood vanities just bring, um, a lot of warmth to your bathroom. So kind of,

Speaker 1: (06:26)
I know that in the past couple of years, a lot of new homes and broken arrow and everywhere else have gone towards more of lighter cooler gray tones, but bringing that wood element back in really brings in a natural Oasis vibe that is going to be great for your large master bathrooms in new homes broken arrow. Um, like I said, we’ve seen a lot of paint in the past couple of years, so I do see, um, the, the, you would look in the, um, bathrooms coming back a little bit just to kind of add that warrants, like

Speaker 2: (07:12)
They’re saying it will. So that’s a very, also a very unique thing. So we’ll have to keep an eye out of that and keep an eye out for that. Um, the next thing that we’re going to talk about is actually one that I have not seen. Um, and that is that black is back. And so basically on the topic of trends in home building, what they’re saying is a lot of times black has been a color

Speaker 1: (07:44)
That is usually left out of the home because it does have like a negative or evil connotation. Um, a lot of people also like to feel light in their home or see light in their home. And there’s just not a lot of room for black. You will see black bedding or furniture sometimes, but not a lot of darker paint color, like black paint colors. And you’re not going to see a lot of black cabinets or anything like that,

Speaker 2: (08:14)
Especially in new homes broken arrow. But this is just, uh, this article just stated that, um, black is turning and a lot of people are starting to use it in their kitchens. So a lot of times their cabinets, um, are going to be plaque, or even if they just want to do a black accent, a lot of people are doing black on the island. So I think that that has been very interesting. Um, it is pairing a lot of the black with black and white design tile, or just a lot of white around it to

Speaker 1: (08:55)
Really make that black pop-out. So that’s just something else to look for when you are studying trends, or if you’re out looking at new homes broken arrow or any other area, and you can just kind of keep an eye out, um, for some of these things, actually, I did just think of something when we were talking about the very first thing that I brought up was the metal and glass room dividers. And I said that I hadn’t seen a lot of that. However, I actually did go in a model yesterday. It wasn’t one for Shaw homes. That was actually one of our competitors that also builds new homes and broken arrow, but they had a really unique, um, let’s see, it was a metal staircase railing, um, and almost looked like a gate. It wasn’t raw iron or anything. It was actually metal. And so it just kind of had, um, it kind of looked like sending that maybe you would see outdoors. It was very contemporary. Um, it definitely wasn’t anything that I’m used to seeing in homes. Like I said, you don’t always see a lot of metal or glass in a home. So that is something that I’m looking forward to seeing. I’m always interested in seeing what type of new trends builders are coming up with and their new homes broken arrow. All right, guys, I’m going to go ahead and end it here. I’ll be doing another podcast on the same topic soon, but tune in for more information on new homes broken arrow,

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