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As a big speed homebuilder, uh, we offer, uh, about 80 different custom floor plans that we can build for you in approximately 20 some different neighborhoods all over the greater big speed. Tulsa jenks and I know law and Awaso areas. So, um, we’re kind of the big guy in town. We have a lot to choose from. New Homes Edmond we also have several move in ready homes. I’d like to talk to you just a little bit about today. My, a former model home in country woods is our Prescott model. It is 2,565 square feet. This Prescott has the three bedrooms down and a game room and a three quarter bath up. So this home is, as you pull into country woods, which is off of 111th, and highway seven, just west of highway 75. When you pull in, it’s going to be the first home on your right.

I’m full brick home with a two and a half car garage. Which for country woods at the time that those homes were built, a lot of those homes in there only have a two car garage. So the fact that you’ve got extra storage, well that’s just, that’s just icing on the cake. Not only that, but it’s a beautiful home with lots of upgrades since it was a model home, hardwood floors and the entryway, a dining room, great room and study. And then, um, you know, full ceramic tile in the kitchen and the nook and the nook has a real cute a bay window in it that we actually, we can’t build them like that anymore. So it’s a, it’s a beautiful home. Uh, the cabinets are cow shell, Ralph Lauren, a cream colored paint with a, New Homes Edmond, Vandyke Brown glaze on them. They also have, um, a glass fronts on the top with lights at bynum.

Um, this home is, is just beautiful. Uh, the utility room is a nice size just off the garage. And then the great room is actually a really big, nice square gaining great room with a fireplace in the corner. The fireplace also has the county shall Ralph Lauren cream colored paint with a band Dyke Vandyke Brown glaze on it. And then, um, it’s also a granite a front. So it’s a real pretty slick look on this fireplace. Then of course you’ve got the master suite, which is a generous sized master suite that will handle a king sized bed in the bedroom as well as plenty of furniture as a bixby home builder. We like to make the rooms and the sizes that our customers love and they love big and they love light and they love lots of closets and storage was, which this home certainly has in fact in the master closet, it even has a built in, New Homes Edmond, chest of drawers in a little niche area back in the back. So it’s a real handy, uh, amount of storage there and the master closet as well.

Then I’m country woods is that kind of neighborhood that all families with kids love to live in because not only is it the wonderful school system, but the neighborhood has got lots of fun things for families to do outdoors, including jogging, biking, hiking, trail miles of it, winding through the neighborhood. Also, there’s a splash pad that’s so neat for the little ones to play on. It has those, uh, those fountains that shoot up from the ground and it has the, New Homes Edmond, the buckets of water that can tip over when they get full. And, and, um, they had these tube things that the Kiddos can run under that has a fine spray that sprays out. I’m right next door to the splash pad or just down the street from the splash pad is a beautiful playground also for the Kiddos that they love with swings and slides and all kinds of fun stuff on it.

Um, country woods also boasts a community pool and in fact the trails ride right up to the community pool so you could actually ride your bike or pull the wagon or push a stroller on the sidewalk right up to the community pool. The pool even has, whether it’s a beach front entries so that it’s slanted so that it’s a perfect place to sit. The very small ones so they can just splash and a small amount of water with mom or dad sitting close to them. So, New Homes Edmond, that model is for sale is 2,565 square feet. And the address is one one, oh, one seven south Lawrence Street and it’s for sale for only $279,000, three bedroom, three bath, two and a half car garage with a game room study and formal dining rooms. So if you’d like more information about that, you can call candice at nine.

One Eight, seven, two, four, two, two eight, zero. As a bixby homebuilders. We also have homes for sale in shelby at Yorktown, which is bixby schools. Shelby is one of those high end luxury, very large lots, very large homes neighborhoods, but it’s also in the master plan community of Yorktown. So you have all of the wonderful family, uh, amenities that can draw your family outside, such as a beautiful community pool, a little kiddie pool also, it has a splash pad, a clubhouse. I’m also miles of paved, jogging, biking, hiking trails that wind all through the neighborhood. It also has a full sized soccer field slash football field. I’m a full sized basketball court. New Homes Edmond, so you can play those pickup basketball games. It has. I’m just lots and lots and lots of catch and release fishing. And the Big Lake out there with the fountains said it. That looks so pretty. So lots and lots of pretty and myth and amenities for families here at yourtown. So this home that I’ve got for sale in chill Chelsea, I mean in shelby is my Chelsea model. It’s 4,402 square feet and it’s located at 405 West,

127th place south. This home is completed. It’s five bedrooms, four and a half bath, three car garage. This home is gorgeous. It is a more modern styled home with stucco and stone exterior and a a nice big yard, big backyard. Plenty of room to add a pool. And in fact the paved sidewalks, the trails are right behind this hump so you can put a gate back there and be able to step right out onto the sidewalk, which is so handy. You wouldn’t have to drive on the streets at all to get to the trails there. So this home, when you walk in the front door, well first of all, the front door is a rod iron, a scrolled design with a rain glass rob key design front door, and a two story entryway with a box ceiling detail with the chandelier, Kevin out of it. And then right next to that entryway is that beautiful open guiding group. The dining room has a groin ceiling treatment in it, New Homes Edmond so it looks very high end and it is very expensive. Beautiful Hardwood flooring throughout the

entryway dining room, the hallways, the great room area on into the study and the kitchen and the NERC. So continuous flooring throughout the home. I’m a very beautiful staircase that is actually extra wide. That leads up to the upstairs, a game room theater room, an en suite, New Homes Edmond and an additional bedroom and bathroom and storage closets. I’m the Chelsea is beautiful. It’s got, like I said, a study and a formal dining room. The study is real pretty too. It has a high vaulted ceiling with the suspended beams in this study and big windows overlooking the backyard. So the studies on the rear of the home and the Patio, oh my goodness, the patio is huge and you can see for miles and miles from the view of the back patio of this home and this home, if I were to build it on the lot next door, uh, today at today’s current pricing, this house would cost well over $650,000, but we are clearancing out that home, New Homes Edmond, because it is a, a former model that’s a few years old and we want to build some new model homes. Um, so were clearancing that home for $599,999. So it’s a great price on an incredible family family home here in Yorktown. It shelby.

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