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New Homes Edmond | A beautiful neighborhood

New Homes Edmond | A great opportunity

As a big homebuilder, New Homes Edmond, we have several move in ready homes or nearly moving ready homes available in the big space school district. Um, and I wanted to take minutes today and talk to you about those as well as homes that we have that are available and a broken Arrow and in jenks. So, um, we’ll start with the first one on my list which is in ash brook that is a neighborhood over in east baroque and narrow, um, that has big huge home sites available. So if you’re looking for, you know, half Acre or more and east broken Arrow ashbrook would be the perfect neighborhood for you to consider a, we have one of our most popular addison p floor plans for sale in that neighborhood. It’s in the final stage, New Homes Edmond which means that it’s only a couple of months away from being finished. And this home is 2,430 square feet.

And the address on it is nine five, one six south, 238 east avenue. And it is for sale for $282,400. Next one on my list is in our beautiful bell trace bell traces a community that is very close to bass pro shop, a bit kind of mature, kind of between Tulsa and broken Arrow off the broken Arrow expressway, we have our beautiful Monterrey for sale. That is a single story 2,419 square feet. It is a three bedrooms, two and a half bath, three car garage for $316,901. Also in Brighton village in Broken Arrow, we’re actually selling our former model home. Our parkwood a model is actually available for sale since the neighborhood is a nearly complete. A Brighton village is a beautiful neighborhood with a wonderful community pool and clubhouse. New Homes Edmond, the address is six slash 11 south 15th place. It is five bedroom, three and a half bath, three car garage, and is for sale for only $338,000.

So for a complete finished home former model with all the upgrades you could possibly want in there, that’s an incredible price for $338,000. Also, I’m Brighton village. We have a single story, Finley for sale, 1,802 square feet, um, for only 2:27. Oh, five. And that’s a three bedroom, two bath, three car garage home. I’m in. Jake’s a, in our beautiful elwood park. We have the vin tonic queue for sale, which is a 2,595 square feet. It’s only in the electric rough phase, which means that it’s probably about, New Homes Edmond, four months away from being complete, a three and a half months, something like that. Um, it’s four bedroom, three bath, three car garage. It is the same floor plan as our beautiful Ventana, a q model in the Yorktown, um, neighborhood. Uh, which as a big home builder is a big city schools, but it’s just right around the corner from Elwood Park.

So if you’d like to come see it, it’s right here. Also in Elwood Park, we have a Redford a for sale, which is a single story. Redford at 2,349 square feet. The address is one one seven, three zero south Redbud street at only two 97, 9:59. So that’s a beautiful home. The redford is one of those homes that’s real special because, uh, the kitchen is typically on an outside wall and most homes, but in this home it is right in the middle of the home, so it’s truly the heart of the home. New Homes Edmond, and the kitchen is nice and big with lots of lots of extra cabinet. So if you’re a dishes lady luck, I am. And you need lots of spa places for your dishes, pots and pans, et cetera. The redford in Elwood Park, that is for sale, might be just for you in Fairway Park, in Baroque and Arrow, we have an addison a for sale, which is 2,430 square feet.

The address is two, six, five, nine north 17th street and it’s complete and it is for sale for only $301,314. Then in highland creek we have two homes for sale. Highland creek is another one of those neighborhoods if you’re looking for a larger lot in east broken Arrow and larger homesite backyard, New Homes Edmond, for the Kiddos. Plus, I’m speaking of the Kiddos. Highland Creek has got a lot of fun toys for the kids to play on with playgrounds and soccer fields, basketball goals, that kind of thing. New Homes Edmond, highland creek, we have got a monroe, a to eight, which is nearly 3000 square feet. Uh, the address is one. Oh, four, one five south, 229 east avenue. And it’s for sale for only two 99, 900. Also in highland creek we have a 2095 square foot. Single Story Crescent home available a one. Oh, four, three, three south, 233rd east avenue for only 2:50, two 9:49.

Now as a big speed homebuilder we also have in our big speech, Quail Creek neighborhood, a Monterey, a single story for sale for 2,419 square feet. The address is one, two, five, three, three south, 73rd east avenue. It is 100 percent complete ready for you to move into. And it is for sale for three slash 24 eight 83. So for a big ski property, New Homes Edmond, as a bixby home builder, that is a great price for you. Now in union schools and millicent pond, we have our Stonebrook v for sale, which is 2,805 square feet. The address is 10:16 south Joshua Avenue. It’s for sale for only $319,900. And it is 100 percent complete. So what a great price on a great home. Also in millicent pond we have for sale our notting hill, it’s 2,805 square feet. Uh, the address is nine one seven south [inaudible] avenue. And it is for sale for 3:52 9:34 bedroom, three bath, three car garage.

We have a couple of homes for sale in Ruby estates. Ruby estates has huge, huge home sites. I’m on a real close to a 4:12 highway. We have a, a two single story homes. One of them is, well they’re both 2100 square feet. We have a monroe, three and a glendale both for sale in ash in Ruby estates for $232,678 and 2:33, 400. Also as a bixby home builder, we can build you a custom homes on any of our big speed neighborhoods such as seven lakes, beautiful seven lakes at 128th and South Sheridan, also in Quail Creek, which is on the South side of 121st street about halfway between memorial and Sheridan. I’m kind of across the street from bixby north elementary. Then right next door to bixby elementary. We also as a Bixby homebuilder have beautiful gated Somerset for sale that we can build you some gorgeous, gorgeous homes in right there and the big ski area. And then right around the corner from seven lakes and Somerset. New Homes Edmond, we have um, estates at the river and that is on the south side of 121st street. About halfway between Sheridan and Yale.

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