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New Homes Edmond | A Corner Lot

New Homes Edmond | Check It Out

All right, so it looks like the next step and that we will go into, in that price out after you’ve picked, picked out all your light fixtures. I’m just going to be the ceiling fan. Now there will be ceiling fans that are included in the following locations in your home and that’s going to be the master bedroom, the great room and the game room. New Homes Edmond If there are any other rooms where you would like to price the option to pre-wire for a ceiling fan, you have the option of doing so. New Homes Edmond, so keep in mind you will receive the metal ceiling fan bracket with a two switches here for the light and the fan. Um, because if you aren’t wanting to pre-wire for a ceiling fan, what will come will be that plastic light bracket with one switch for the light. Now keep in mind that your allowance, I’m at the lighting studio, is going to include ceiling fans only for that master bedroom, great room and game room. Um, so it will not include

additional funds for let’s say if you wanted to add a ceiling fan and all of the bedrooms and the patio and that may take you over your lighting budget, just slightly optional lights that are going to be available as well are going to be your pendant lights, New Homes Edmond so you can have a single pendant light above that island, a double or a triple pendant light in there as well. Um, another option for optional lighting is going to be a recessed light package. So you will receive recess lights in your kitchen and knuck if there are any other rooms where you would like to price recess lights, like let’s say the great room and the bedroom, um, that’s going to be an option here as well. New Homes Edmond Another option is going to be under cabinet lights. Um, if you’d like to have lighting, I’m under the cabinet as well. That could be something that you would do in the price out appliances is going to be the next thing that you think about in the kitchen. And what is included here is going to be that whirlpool package. So that will include the cooktop, the oven, and the microwave, which are both in the wall and the dishwasher and the two optional here. It’s going to be the frigidaire gallery or professional package, um, and the double oven below the cooktop or in the wall is going to be an option here as well. Um,

also I just like to remind people to keep in mind that their own refrigerator and washer and dryer are going to be provided by you. So those won’t be appliances that will be included in an appliance package. Um, I know that some bixby homebuilders do it a little different. New Homes Edmond We find that there are so many options that um, it’s better to open up the budget a little bit to just allow you to pick out your own on these, um, and as a to be humbled or we have found that that’s something that our customers appreciate as well.

At this time, your new home specialists will show you what these cooktop looks like. They’re going to look a little bit different. There’s a 30 inch frigidaire gallery in a 36 inch frigidaire gallery. So it’s important to kind of see the difference on these, um, you also want to see what that 30 inch cooktop looks like as well. Now we’re gonna move onto countertops. Um, as a big speed homebuilder we see that countertops is a way for people just to distinguish their home, the most, New Homes Edmond, the paint color, the cabinet color and the countertops really make a huge difference when you walk into that kitchen and they’re going to be three surfaces to choose from here on your countertops and that’s going to be cultured marble, granite and quartz, and that

two centimeter I’m cultured. Marble is what’s going to be included. New Homes Edmond, two centimeter granted is going to be included on your kitchen countertops and a three centimeter granite is going to be included in those premier communities. And you will have the option of two submitted, two centimeter and three centimeter courts. I’m the countertops in your bathroom. What’s going to come is two centimeter cultured marble, and that’s going to be included in all bathrooms. New Homes Edmond, you will have the option of two centimeter, three centimeter or six centimeter granite. Uh, the kitchen will come with, like I said, two centimeter granite. The laundry room also comes with two centimeter granite and the bathroom’s come with two centimeter cultured marble. If you select the optional granite or courts and the bathrooms, you will need to select an undermount sink as well. So just keep that in mind.

There are so many levels of granite and quartz countertops. We know that we have the most of several of the bixby homebuilders and we’re really proud of that and proud of our large inhouse design studio. Um, you will get a sample of all the countertops once you do that price out and look through some of those, New Homes Edmond, visuals, but you’re really going to get the best idea of this once you’re in that design studio appointment. Um, so at this time, you really just want to get pricing on these items because there’s going to be a lot of variety and a lot of options when you’re looking at these later on.

Um, kitchen sinks. So your options here, there are several. Um, there’s going to be that stainless steel that’s going to be included either the single bowl or the split bowl. You can do a 60, 40 or 50 slash 50. Um, what’s optional here is going to be that diamond composite sink. So that’s like a granite to composite mixture. Again, you could do the single bowl or slash 40 or 50 slash 50 split. There’s multiple colors to choose from when you do the composite sink. Um, so again, you really just want to focus on, um, if you like that texture of that sink or that style and look because there are many colors to choose from. Your third option here is going to be that farmhouse style sink. It comes two ways, either in white or in stainless steel. Um, it’s a really, really beautiful option here. New Homes Edmond It’s one of my favorites. Bathroom sinks is going to be next. What’s gonna be included? Is that wave sink or the oval with the cultured marble? Um, the undermount sink is what’s going to be optional, again, oval or under or wave. And that’ll be a few of a granite or quartz countertop.

The master tub is going to include the cultured marble tub. Um, it’ll be a little different in the monroe because it is a corner tub, New Homes Edmond but all the other ones will look the same. What’s optional here is the cabinet front. We see a lot of this with other bixby homebuilders and as a big sweet home builder, we know that this is an important option here for most of our clients. Another option is that six inch tile back splash, New Homes Edmond, along with that cabinet tub front, all of the drop in tubs are going to be optional. Um, what will come with it as, like I said, that culture, more cultured marble

in the master shower, you are going to have the framed fiberglass shower. What’s optional here is going to be that fully tiled shower, um, with the option of having that heavy glass. Um, you also have the option of that frame glass as well, um, and the tiled shower. So those are just going to be a couple of options for you in the shower. Um, you can also do the optional tiled shower with the half wall. Um, the frameless heavy glass with the optional half wall and tiled shower or you can do that full wall as well. So you’ve got plenty of options, um, as far as what that is going to look like. Um, there’s also an in wall niche. We call that the little shampoo shelf. New Homes Edmond I’m a corner bench or a straight bench. Those are all options to do within that shower, um, accent stripes in the tile.

Um, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes with the tiled walls, um, because what is going to come is going to be that tub shower combo, just that fiberglass insert and that’s going to be in that hall bath. Another option in that bathroom to keep in mind is going to be that head knocker, which will be the cabinet above the toilet. Um, we see a lot of big speed homebuilders put these in every bathroom, but the thing is not everyone wants them in every bathroom. Maybe you might want them in the hall bath, New Homes Edmond but they’re not necessary in those bathrooms upstairs. Um, so these are going to be optional and all of the bathrooms. Um, also if you would like pricing on any of the toilets, if you wanted a round of elongated or the Ada compliant toilet. So what’s going to come included here is just that round toilet, the elongated in the Ada are going to be additional. Next we’re going to move onto trim and the base and the casing. So the three inch trim and the two and a quarter casing is what’s going to be included. What’s optional here is that five Inch Oji base and that trim as well. I’m also the three inch oge casing I’m like, you’re going to see around the doors

crown molding, um, that’s also another option and cove or traditional in four inch or in five inch. Um, a lot of ics be homebuilders do a lot of Trem head moldings as well. So that’s just another option that we like to offer our clients and I’m passed that down to them if they want to do, um, that are on the doors or the windows, New Homes Edmond, any of those trim options are going to be optional.

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