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New Homes Edmond | A Fantastic Bedroom

New Homes Edmond | A Fantastic Bedroom

your back live with thej man, but shaw homes doing another fantastic broadcast. Happy to be here. My name’s jared. I’ll be your Sherpa through this mountain of information talking about being a big speed new home builder at least five times a. and we’re just doing a quick rundown here of all of the market ready inventory available here at shaw homes. Charlotte [inaudible] dot com. Like us on facebook. Write us a good review on Google. New Homes Edmond So here we have a. let’s see. Brighton village. How can you pronounce it? With an English accent? I’ll never know. Located at 15, 16 East Pasadena Street in broken arrow. The findlay floor plan is 18. Oh, two square feet. Priced comfortably at $227,005. I mean really guys, we’ve got to tap tech $5 on there. Like we should, we should. I mean I will give Mr Shaw $5 if we can just change that.

Um, okay. It is 18. Oh two square feet. It is a three bedroom, two bath with a three car garage located in the Brooklyn area, school district. Spring Creek Elementary. Children’s Middle School, I am broken Arrow high school. We do have monro three out in Ruby states. Three zero, one seven, zero maxine avenue. New Homes Edmond that’s in Nola, Oklahoma is a monro three plan and it is comfortably listed at 230, $2,678. Twenty 112 square feet. It’s a three bedroom, two bath with a three car garage. And it is all I know. Law Schools. Oh, right. Moving on here to a seven access. We have a 39 and 19 south 14th street place. Just kidding. Not, not straight. It’s plies. And uh, it’s a findlay again, a 18. New Homes Edmond, two square feet. They’re a 238. Three 96 on the price. Tag A, it’s a three bedroom, two bath with the three categories. And that was supposed to be South African. I, it’s not one of my strengths. Big speed. New Home builder years. Not One of my strongest accents. And now we to be just because. Okay. No, I’m not going to do the Indian accent. Um, we’re, let’s just do the regular American broadcaster

located in sevenoaks, south, the stunning and neighborhood. We have an addison one story at 15. New Homes Edmond, six East roanoke broken Arrow, Oklahoma priced at $245,455. And it’s 1857 square feet. Three bedroom, two bath with a three car garage. It is broken Arrow schools, a leisure park elementary school. I’ll oliver middle school and broken Arrow high school, big speed new home builders. We also have in highland creek, a fantastic crescent one located at one. Oh, four, three, three south, 233rd East Avenue, broken Arrow, Oklahoma priced humbly and 250 2009 49. It is 2095 square feet. Three bedrooms, two bath with a three car garage. Broken Arrow school districts. You’ll attend oak crest elementary children’s middle school. And Broken Arrow high school. Uh, we just sold one and beautiful Brighton village and Monro to. I’m 2172 square feet and listed at two 61 to 79 and we’re back. So, uh, now next up we have 3,100 West del Mar Street, broken Arrow, Oklahoma, but community is rush Brooke North. It is a monroe too, and we’re back here. Live New Homes Edmond amazing podcast time. You’re wonderful. Everything’s fantastic. Uh, I will now be doing an exciting recitation of the water model tour walking script. So stand standby for a lot of fun. Welcome to show homes. I’m jared Johnson. And you are. My name is cindy. Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Cindy. What brings you in to the model home today?

Wow, I’m thinking about buying a new house. Awesome. And do you have a certain timeframe in mind when you wanted to move in? Oh, New Homes Edmond, just as soon as possible. Great. Great. And do you have good idea your budget, what monthly payment you want to make? That kind of stuff?

Excuse me, excuse me. Got wicked heartburn. Did they didn’t take my medicine?

Oh, you know, about $2,000 a month would be good.

Perfect. Well, depending on what neighborhood you build in, we’re going to have about 50 plans that can meet that budget. New Homes Edmond, so just to clarify, uh, you know, the price range of your home, you’re looking for somewhere between two 75 and three slash 25. Okay. Great. Well, let me take a minute to give you a quick overview of our process here at shaw homes, bixby, new home builders. Since we have the largest collection of fully furnished and decorated model homes in the Tulsa area. We take our customers on model home tours because who doesn’t love to go around looking at beautifully decorated model homes. Right. Our customers have told us that even if they end up buying a used home or building with someone else, they found our model home tour to be the single most helpful thing they’ve done during their home shopping experience. That’s because on our tour we really focus in on the function behind the design of the homes plan. When we design a plan, there’s a great deal of thought put into why we laid out the rooms the way that we did. These plans are designed from over 30 years of architectural experience and thousands of comments from customers walking through our homes over the past couple of years New Homes Edmond.

In many instances, you looking at version two point Oh, or three point zero of the plan because we have redesigned and rebuilt a model based on popular trends, New Homes Edmond, new home builders. So the way the tour works is that I’ll be taking several families at the same time and you all will just follow me in your own vehicle. That way if any kind of emergency comes up, you are free to go at any time. We take these tours every week at the same times. Saturday at nine, Sunday had five and Monday at six can I. I can only take a limited number of people at the same time. So I will need to go ahead and hold your space if you’d like to join us. Which one of those times works best for you? Oh, New Homes Edmond Saturday. Excellent. So we’ll meet. We’ll meet you at the model home at two, four, zero, six, eight east, Ninety Fifth Street, south in broken arrow. What email address do you want me to send the confirmation to? A Baker Lady? Sixty two g mail. Perfect. In the meantime, I strongly encourage you to read our reviews online between now and then and I’m super excited for you to see the model homes. I know that you are going to have a lot of fun and that you were going to learn a lot about that. The homebuilding process. We’ll see you then.


New Homes Edmond That was the model. Home tours script. I’m just going to say a lot of words here for the next minute and a half home. Building. Shaw website, a warranty. New Financing, a purchase agreement. Design Studio Plan Review. Glen Shaw, Terry Davis homes though. Forget about all the day. Big speed new home builders, New Homes Edmond, show homes located at 14, 20 west Kenosha. And uh, there’s some big flashing yellow lights right across from Raymond, the big church. And um,

you know, it’s just a wonderful time if you go there and you’ll just see a bunch of good folks that are loving life and loving their job, love their company. And, uh, and we just look forward to doing right by you and your family and taking care of business and the way that, uh, Mr Shaw would want us to. So he’s a good man. He’s a chairman of the HBA for Tulsa Ethics Committee. Excuse me. Um, and uh, you know, it’s one of the best parts about working for New Homes Edmond homes is we have really good owner, New Homes Edmond, everybody that’ll do it for me. Thank you so much for listening. I hope that one day you’ll turn to us to be your big speed new home builder.

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