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New Homes Edmond | A Really Great Location

Today I’m going to continue on with some of our committee movies with Shaw homes and the ones that we can build in show homes has a little over 25 communities that we currently built in and we have a lot of communities in big speed which would be perfect for your big spinning. The first community I want to talk about today is called the reserve at Spring Creek. The reserve at Spring Creek is located off of 21st and Aspen really great location, close to the warranty eater and a lot of upcoming shops in that location as well. They just put in a starbucks there as well. So I mean a lot of good shops are going to be coming to that area is also right next to the creek turnpike. So New Homes Edmond if you need to get too big speed, um, you know, it’s about five or 10 minutes away from big city as well.

The reserve at Spring Creek, the homes are starting in the mid to hundreds with the square footage ranging from 21, 2000, 102 square feet to 3,712 square feet. And if you’re looking for a new home shot, homes has more communities in any other builder so we can definitely find a community for you and to build your business in your home. The next comedian I tell you about, it’s called the village at southern trails and village. So southern trails is starting and the tune and seventies, New Homes Edmond the square footage right, is ranging from 2,102 square feet to 3,712 square feet.


The diligence other than Charles also has a pool and a clubhouse and it’s one of our premier communities. Whenever we say premier community with Shaw homes, this means that included in the base price of the home is guttering on all four sides of your home sprinkler system. It’s also included three centimeter granite or quartz is included in the kitchen and a fully tiled shower. Master shower has also been included. The next community about it’s called well stone New Homes Edmond

at Forest Ridge was done at forest ridge is starting in the nineties. The square footage is ranging from 2,224 square feet to 3,712 square feet. Broken Arrow is the largest suburb of Tulsa and is the area to a wide range of great businesses and industries. That’s also one of the safest cities in Oklahoma and it’s also one of the most affordable places to live in America for families. It’s a great town and is now home to a new performing arts center with museums and farmers markets and great parks with the theater as well. The Warren Theater is now there with more shopping New Homes Edmond now for your new home. Some of the other things I want to tell you about our, about our new waterstone collection. You can have a big new home was one of our waterstone homes, which are a higher end $450,000 plus homes. The first waterstone home I want to tell you about, it’s called the Belhaven.

Belhaven is 4,000, 169 square feet. Four bedrooms, five bathrooms, two stories. What’s the three car garage. Again, any of these can be. You’re a big speed new home. New Cool thing about the Belhaven is that as an open concept with the nook and with the island facing the Nook, that also hasn’t. One of the biggest math master bathrooms have any of our waterstone homes as well as a really large walk. In shower downstairs there’ll be two bedrooms, the master bedroom and bedroom number two. There’s also a powder bathroom and bedroom number two has his own private bathroom. Upstairs, you’ll find bedroom number three, bedroom number four with large game room, another powder bathroom upstairs with both, both upstairs bedrooms, having an attached bathroom. The next waterstone home and your new home is the Chelsea. One story. The Chelsea as a one story is 2,937 square feet. Three bedroom, two and a half bathroom.

Um, New Homes Edmond one story with a three car garage. The Chelsea, he is 3,837 square feet. Four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms. Two stories was the three car garage. The cool thing about this is that there is a dining room right off the entryway with two bedrooms and a bathroom downstairs, a huge master walkthrough, sweet with the study, also off of the great room. Another cool thing is that in the pantry it looks just like a cabinet, but when you walk through, there’s one of the largest pantries as well. The Chelsea, he is 3,837 square feet, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage that Chelsea J.

New Homes Edmond Again, it’s another version of the Chelsea, but this would be 4,000, 119 square feet, five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage next to the Chelsea K, which is 4,417 square feet. This is a five bedroom home, four and a half bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. Chelsea k would be the perfect big speed. New Home upstairs and the Chelsea k there is a media room, a game room, and two bathrooms with two bedrooms as well. Next is called the Hampton. The Hampton is 3036 square feet, four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. The cool thing about the Hampton is that from the entryway you have a study.

Yeah, New Homes Edmond and this one also has two bedrooms downstairs, which both have their own private bathroom, a powder bathroom, and a really large master suite. The next big vineyard home on it tell you about. It’s called the luck Shire. The luxury is one of our biggest waterstone homes coming in at 5,236 square feet, five bedroom home, five and a half bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. The Lock Shire has a really good cool staircase, which is a landing turn staircase, one of the biggest great rooms as well. We have the master bedroom downstairs with a master bathroom master closet walkthrough feature with the laundry room. Bedroom number two is also downstairs with an attached bathroom. This one also has two ways up, two staircases, up two staircases down with bedroom number four, bedroom number three with an upper hall landing, bedroom number five, and a bonus room upstairs. The next one tell you about, it’s called the Whitfield. Whitfield is 4,743 square feet, four bedrooms, five bathrooms, two stories. It’s a three car garage. This would be the perfect big at New Homes Edmond home for you as well. Downstairs we have the master bedroom with a really large master bathroom with a shower behind the master bath.

Also has a side entry garage downstairs. You have a single car, garage, double garage at the side entry bedroom number two with bedroom number two’s bathroom. Attached a powder bathroom. You have your great room. One of the biggest great rooms, New Homes Edmond the Nook, a kitchen and a steady upstairs. You have a bonus room, a powder bathroom, bedroom number four with an attached bathroom. Bedroom number three with an attached bathroom.

Okay, New Homes Edmond and a game room as well with a bonus room if you’re looking for a new home show, homes definitely has what you’re looking for.

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