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New Homes Edmond | A Single Story

New Homes Edmond | Minutes Away

This is candice was shaw homes, so with podcast number one for this week, I’m going to be giving you some community overviews from some of the many different neighborhoods that we built in. I’m going to start with Ashbrook. Ashbrook is a beautiful community with large homesites like a, like a half acre home sites. Um, it’s located close to the forest ridge golf course and the Muskogee turnpike highway 51 and much, much more. This neighborhood gives you the feeling of being way out in the country and away from it all. And yet you’re really only minutes away from a really anything that you could want shopping, travel to work, a medical facilities, anything that you need. It is broken. Arrow schools and the square footage range in that neighborhood is 1,874 square feet up to 3,772 square feet. Um, the price range in Ashbrook is from $216,150 up to 3:39 800. The elementary school for Ashbrook is highland park, a baroque and narrow. The middle school is Anita Ridge of broken arrow. And the high school, of course, New Homes Edmond is broken Arrow a north for driving directions to this neighborhood. Uh, the community is located on the west side of, Oh, need a road which is south 241st East avenue between 91st, which is Washington and 101st, which is New Orleans in broken Arrow

from broken arrow. Take the broken Arrow expressway and exit on a 51 towards Toyota. Uh, do not continue onto the Muskogee turnpike and you’re going to drive approximately three and a half miles and then turn left on [inaudible] road. And ashbrook is one half mile down on the left. I know it sounds like it’s way far out there, New Homes Edmond but it’s really very quick to get to because it’s all expressway travel until you get to within a half a mile of the neighborhood.

Ashbrook has our beautiful Prescott model home, which is a, which can be built as a single story or as a two story home. The Prescott, I’m downstairs has three bedrooms and a study that could actually act as a fourth bedroom if you wanted to have it act as a fourth bedroom. Because it has a closet and a window, so it could easily become a fourth. Then a large hall bath. Everybody loves that hall bath and then an open concept dining room with a large great room that overlooks and open concept kitchen and nook. Now hidden kind of behind the kitchen is a huge walk in pantry and utility room. We call them bedroom because that’s where the mud bitch goes. And then a very, very large private, a walk in laundry room that is really, New Homes Edmond really a nice size. So when you’re coming in from the garage door, you’re walking into the mudroom, the laundry room is going to be in through another door on your right, you’re walking right past the pantry, so it’s so handy when you’re bringing home groceries to unload in that pantry right there off of the, um, the entryway into the home from the garage.

And then a few steps more. And you are in the open concept kitchen, unloading groceries right there at the refrigerator in the kitchen has a very large nook off to one side. And then the large covered patio. Then on the opposite side of the great room is the master bedroom suite. This master bedroom is huge. It New Homes Edmond is 19 three by 14 feet and it has a large walk in a bathroom from the master bedroom that has to, uh, sinks, of course in the master, a large shower and

a linen closet as well as a private toilet closet and a very large master closet. Um, and speaking of large closets, the uh, bedroom number three, which is the bedroom on the front side of the home, has a huge large vaulted ceiling and it opens up to a closet that no kidding is the size of a small bedroom. It’s just a huge, great storage space for you to utilize on your single story home. Now when we build the Prescott as a two story home, uh, that closet gets a little bit smaller because we utilize some of that space for these stacked staircase, which is a favorite of parents because the stairs are at the back of the home. So I’m at the kids leave shoes or laundry or whatever stacked on the stairs. You’re not going to see that first thing you walk in the home. Also, the reason why it’s a family favorite is because if one of the kiddos would happen to take a tumble down that staircase, New Homes Edmond, since there’s a landing halfway down the staircase turns the opposite direction.

The kid not going to fall far. Uh, so for safety reasons, parents, uh, like that, the stuff all lot. Plus when you’re hearing the kids, you know, run up and down the stairs on the stack staircase, it’s kind of at the back of the home. You’re just not hearing that knocking around as much. So go on out to Ashbrook and see our beautiful prescott. The upstairs can be built a number of different ways either with just a game room or with a game room, bedroom, bathroom combination. Um, we can also build the press. Got as a five bedroom homes when we put two bedrooms upstairs. So I’m, the press got is one of my favorite homes. My first, uh, well not my first model, but my second model, New Homes Edmond they have my third and my fourth model with that I sat in for Shaw homes were Prescott models.

So. Oh, know that floorplan extremely well. In fact, our press got model that I sat in and country woods of Jake’s, um, is currently for sale. So it’s a great jinx home available for only $279,900 in the wonderful school district and the beautiful neighborhood of country woods as a broken Arrow homebuilder. We love to bring you homes, of course in broken Arrow, but also in jinx, in big speed. And I’m country woods is just a great a community with a pool, with a trails, um, with the splash pad and all kinds of fun stuff for the Kiddos as a broken Arrow home builder. We also build homes. And the beautiful battle creek community of bell trace bell trace has a lots that back up to the golf course there. New Homes Edmond, as the battle creek golf course wines through a large portion portion of bell trace as a broken Arrow, homebuilder battled bill trice has been one of our most popular neighborhoods that we’ve been building in for a number of years.

It is located in broken Arrow and the square footage size of homes range from 1874 to 3,772 with the price range of 216,000 to 340,000 as a broken arrow. Home Builder, of course, Bell Trace, um, elementary school is country lane. The Middle School is centennial and the high school is Broken Arrow North for driving directions. It’s located in broken Arrow on the east side of Aspen, which is 145th east avenue between 31st and 51st streets from Tulsa, take the Brooklyn Air Expressway and exit on 145th, which is Aspen from the ramp turn left on aspen past east past east 51st street. And then the first two streets on the right skin. Sandusky and Vale are the entrances for bill trace one and two, New Homes Edmond a shaw homes as a broken arrow. Homebuilder Lee would love for you to come see us and ask us about either broken Arrow community of Ashbrook or bell trace in broken Arrow, and we look forward to giving you more information on our website at www dot [inaudible] dot com.

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