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New Homes Edmond | a Variety of New Homes to Choose From

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It is time to buy a new home Edmond. We offer many different types of homes for families of different types. New homes Edmond is the place to come and check out new homes. If you want to create a home, that is a single story or a two story. There are many different things to choose from new homes. Edmond creates homes that can last a lifetime. We want to offer the best warranty with the best finishes, with the best price. New homes. Edmond is a wonderful builder with Shaw homes that can create the home of your dreams with many different types of floor plans. We can build homes that range in size from small to medium, to large, to extra large and extra, extra large. If you would like to build a home, we like to start off with our five easy steps. New homes. Edmond has many different choices and what you want to make with our five easy steps.

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Owning a Shaw home is one of the best decisions you will make when you buy new homes. Edmond. Our first step in our five easy steps is to choose what floor plan you want to create. We like to take people on a journey and adventure through all of the floor plans. We have set up in a model home feature. We caravan car behind car so that new homes Edmonds can take you through and create the home that you want. When we have the ability to take you through new homes Edmond in our model home tour, it makes it easier for you to see the different feel of the floor plans rather than walking in an empty home or looking at a piece of paper. New homes, Edmond makes this part fun and interactive with the most model homes that are furnished and decorated in the sea.

Speaker 1: (02:00)
In this state, we want to take you on a home tour that you will never forget. It is similar to a small parade of homes. While we go through new homes Edmond, our first step of picking the floor plan that you like best is purely for functionality purposes. During this time, we don’t discuss pricing to a long extent until we get to the end where we take care of step two, we want pricing to be transparent and honest. We pride ourselves in being new homes Edmond, best transparent builder in the state. We want you to know what you’re going to pay for before you sign a contract. When we go through step one of picking your floor plan, we want you to have the flexibility and enjoyment of the exciting part of choosing which plan is your favorite. We want to show you homes within your budget.

Speaker 1: (02:56)
So we start with the general range and work out the exact details at a later step, new homes. Edmond can be a tricky process and we want to make it fun and easy. In our first step, we have the ability to choose which floor plan you like best. Whether it’s the ADIs SNP, the Cypress, the Cypress, oh, the Cypress P the Cyprus, our new homes Edmond, the Glendale, the Monroe to the Monroe to E the Monroe to H the Monroe to P the Monterrey one, the Monterrey one E the Monterrey one H the Notting hill L the Nottinghill V the Piedmont P the Piedmont, the Redford one, the Redford one, a, the Redford one E the Redford one H the Redford two H the Redford three, the red for three, a, the red for three E the Sequoyah, the Stonebrook H the Stonebrook V the Valencia, the Ventana P the Ventana cue, the Westport H the Willow, the Willow a and the Willow E is a list of homes that you can build new homes, Edmond for you and your family.

Speaker 1: (04:09)
When you’re ready to choose the plan that you like best. For example, the Valencia, you get to choose what things you’re going to put inside of the home. Before we jumped to that step, we want to go to step two. Choosing your payment is very important. As we mentioned, we want to be the most transparent as we can be in. When we talk about pricing, we want you to feel comfortable with what you are going to pay in a mortgage. New homes. Edmonds is an exciting time when you are building. If we have chosen the Valencia, for example, we want to give you a payment. That’s going to reflect that floor plan and to the community. You want to build it in new homes Edmond has many different communities. So that is our step three. We want to know where you want to put your home.

Speaker 1: (04:59)
We put our homes in different communities, or on lands that you’ve purchased, depending on its location, new homes, Edmond builds homes of your dreams. The Valencia is a wonderful, wonderful floor plan for us to use. As an example, if we want to take the Valencia as the floor plan of your dreams, then we will then find out payments on that in different communities. Choosing the place is very important because we can replicate floor plans and do our best to make it your dream home. But we can not replicate a piece of land. The piece of land that has the beautiful sunset in the backyard, and the morning glow in the front yard is not something that we can replicate. We want you to find the home of your dreams in the same, in the place of your dreams, new homes Edmond, we at Shaw homes want to do that for you.

Speaker 1: (05:54)
When we are choosing the community that you want, place your home. And we observe a seven day reservation. We want you to have seven days to think on why and where and how you want to do this big step in your life. New homes. Edmonds can be an exciting time. So in our third step, when you have solidified the place that you want to put your home, we ask for a refundable check to hold the Homesite that you love the most. During these seven days, it locks in your pricing in less than a month has lapsed. In that case, it does not lock in your pricing. When we offer this option, it allows you to think about the things that you are doing, and it gives you the space to make that decision. And what is right for your family, when you’re considering new homes Edmonds, it gives you time to process and ask questions so that we can help after you’ve chosen your place in your payment.

Speaker 1: (06:56)
And you know, what floor plan is your favorite. Then we send you an options guide that shows you what comes standard in our homes, in any upgrades that you may want to put in the home, the finishes make the home unique to you. We want you to choose what color schemes and styles of cabinets or flooring that suit your family and your tastes. When you fill out that option survey, it’s re it, kicks it back to us so that we can then fill out an exact line by line price sheet for you. And you have plenty of time to ask questions and get a promised answer. When we new homes, Edmond’s list that price for you. You can sit and add and take away different features of the home so that we can make a price that you are comfortable with. We pride ourselves in being able to offer the price.

Speaker 1: (07:51)
Before you go to contract. When you’re building new homes Edmond, we want it to be a transparent integral process with our first step in our five easy steps, being, picking your plan and choosing that floor plan that you love the most. Our second step is choosing what payment is most comfortable for you. Speaking about the prices of the home brings us to the third step, where we need to know what location and Homesite you want to build your home on. Do you want your home to face north? Do you want your home to face east? Do you want your home to face south? Do you want your home to face west? There are many different choices to make a corner. Lot. It called us at Homesite, whatever your heart desires. We want to build that for you. When you get to the fourth step of choosing your finishes, we are able to have a meeting where we discuss every feature that you want in the home and asking if it’s something that’s in your budget, or perhaps something you can do after the construction, we

Speaker 2: (08:55)
Want you to be comfortable with the price that you’ve been given for new homes Edmond. And we want you to be comfortable sharing with us where you are in the process. When we get through the first step, the second step, the third step, and the fourth step, it brings us to step number five. We require an earnest money that goes straight toward your down payment on a home. When you build new homes, Edmonds, this is required so that we know that we are building a home for somebody that is going to stick through the process. If you have a home that is up to $300,000, there is a $10,000 earnest money required. If you are purchasing a home that is under $350,000, we require $15,000 in earnest money. If you are purchasing a home that is over 350,000, then we require 5% down. That goes towards your down payment for new homes, Edmond, we create this process to make it easy and fun for you and your family.

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