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New Homes Edmond | following the process

So begin the price out process here at shaw homes. We begin our appointment at the model home that you have selected as your top choice. So mostly this is going to be done in your new home
specialist office model or the model of the home that you have chosen to build. You will do the price out New Homes Edmond.

You will begin the price out by looking at items and the exterior, the interior, and everything in between. All of these items are going to fill out an itemized price sheet and checklist for you to go over, um, to make sure that you have the cost for all of the items that you would like to have in the home. So these are going to be any additional items, any custom items you may consider doing. I’m not finishing choices or interiors. When you start the price out a, you will meet with your new home specialist. New Homes Edmond like I said, this will either be at their office model or the model that you chose to build. And what you’re going to do is you’re going to go over, um, there there’s a slide show. They may also have some printouts for you to look at and they have a checklist of all of the items that you’re going to be able to select for your home. This is really exciting because you are going to be able to see all of the items in the home, um, and exactly what those are going to cost for you to put those into your home. And this is a very helpful tool to be able to use when you are going through the price that out. Um, so we’ll start today with the price out appointment. And the first thing that you’re going to go to that you are going to go over is going to be that a exterior.

Um, when we do the price out a, we always add a little sentiment from the desk of Glenshaw not reads. I pray that God will help us deliver an excellent customer experience and help us to represent him the way we should so that we can invest in his work and bless others. Beginning in the exterior. What you’re going to look at is going to be the options for New Homes Edmond

what you would like the exterior to be composed of. Now, the way that it will come will be brick on all four sides after the plate line, so that’s going to be included. Uh, you will have your option of the color of brick and that will be something that you choose in the design studio. Optional features here would be painted brick, stone, and slash or stucco. Now the stone is going to be optional to two separate ways. That’s going to be mortared or dry. Stacked. Mortared is just going to be the look that has concrete between the stones. And dry stacked is just, as it says, I’m won’t have anything in between it. A dry stack tends to be a little bit more expensive because they are having to hand ship those pieces to make sure that you have the perfect fit. Um, so at this point you will decide what kind of exterior materials make sense for you. Now there will be pictures for all of these items so you will be able to visualize brick, stone, stucco, brick and stone and painted brick as well. There is a large variety of stone to choose from. New Homes Edmond, and again, that’s probably best done at the design studio, but at this appointment you will be able to decipher the cost of these items and it kind of be able to begin thinking about what you would like to do on your home

with the stone. The options include the following Wednesday, cotting, intrigued gable, other gable, both gables and both gables with wainscoting. If you would like pricing for adding stone to your home, where would you like it priced? And then there will be able to show you the image of when’s carting entry gable, both gables and other gables as well. They will also show you images of the different stone variations. So these are going to be the variations that you will see in the design studio and there are going to be a few more options here, but this is just to give you the most popular and give you an idea of the difference of the texture here. New Homes Edmond, these are all going to be shown as dry stack and the slide show. So you’re going to see chopped Geneva grand berry blend, Texas dawn, Texas, gray, English, rebel and surface limestone.

And like I said, you will be able to choose between mortar or dry stacked on that stone. Now with Stucco, we can offer stucco on the upper gables, the front with a stone wins cotton or also the STUCCO upper gables. Um, you can see it on the front entry and the front of the garage as well. If you choose stuck on your home’s exterior, we have pre priced options for your front elevation to have stucco, um, and as a fixed fee humbled or we know that that’s important to have those options as well. We know that other big ski homebuilders offer a variety and we like to be one of those bixby homebuilders. When looking at your plans flyer, you can price stucco on the areas that show brick stucco for the areas that show siding material. Uh, these are usually referred to as the upper gables, a stucco on both areas as well. So if you would like pricing for Stucco on your home, just let your new homes specialists no at this time where you would like that price. Next we’re going to move onto garage doors and this is an important topic for fixed fee homebuilders. We do see a lot of the bixby neighborhoods going for the would overlay and now that’s going to be an option. Um, that will be additional New Homes Edmond.

What is going to be included on the garage door is going to be the colonial style. So that’s gonna be the rectangular style carriage is also optional here. That’s also going to be the rectangle style that has the vertical bars that go up and down. And that will have optional hardware with it as well. So you will have three door style looks to choose from colonial, which is going to be included carriage style, and then would overlay you also have two different choices for performance type and that is uninsulated, which will be included in the colonial style or insulated. Um, we do see a lot of bixby homebuilders installing more of the insulated garage doors. New Homes Edmond, this really does make a difference, especially with cost of heat and air and to have a, um,

like good feeling insulated garage. It really makes a difference in the temperature of that garage and the summer and in the winter. New Homes Edmond, and as a big speed home builder, that’s something that we definitely recommend. If that’s in your budget, it’s a, it’s a nice option to have. As far as the garage door opener, you will have a half horsepower garage door opener that will be included for the 16 foot wide door. Pre-Wire is included for the eight foot wide door, and the key pad is included for the 16 foot wide door. If you would like to have pricing for a third car bay garage door opener, that is something that you can add at this time New Homes Edmond.

Gutters, these are going to be included on the front of the house own lane. You can add the other three sides as an option. New Homes Edmond, so if you would like full gutters, that is something that you can add at this time during the price out there. Our communities that do include full gutters and those are Chisholm ranch edge wood estates, elwood park estates at the river, Oak Ridge estates rush, Brooke, North villages, southern trails, somerset, Spring Creek, seven lakes while stone Yorktown, quail creek and Timber Creek. And now your covenants will determine those gutter requirements. Um, but like I said, those will be included on the front of the house, only sprinklers. This will always be a six zone system. And the communities that will include it in the base price. Chisholm ranch, edwidge estates, elwood park estates at the river, Oak Ridge estates rush, New Homes Edmond Brooke North Village at southern trails somerset, Spring Creek, seven lakes, while stone, Yorktown, quail creek, and Timber Creek. If you would like pricing on a sprinkler system that is not one of these communities, your new home specialist can get that to you at this time, and again, those covenants will determine your sprinkler requirements.

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