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New Homes Edmond | Combining Customizations

New Homes Edmond | King Size Solutions

Waterstone homes and homes as a broken Arrow home builder. Um, I was just gonna talk to you a little bit today about what all is included in our waterstone product line by shaw homes. Um, on our interiors exteriors. Of course, uh, we include a king size meridian brick on all four sides with outdoor living, with a covered patio on all homes. Of course, the size of varies per plan. And then our firm foundations, uh, our come only with a engineered post tension slabs that are pulled to 32,000 pounds of tension. Also as a broken Arrow home builder, we include low e argon filled vinyl tilton dual pane energy efficient windows with New Homes Edmond, divided light on the front and clear view on the back. Of course, your color choices include white or Tan Clay, bronze or black. Um, bronze and black are only included on the front windows.

Um, and then as a broken Arrow home builder, we also include in our 32, uh, owens corning blown in ceiling in some insulation and a bib wall, insulation, all exterior doors and windows and all penetrations are energy foam sealed and energy efficient. And weather sealed of course as well. Then we also include, New Homes Edmond, agonized, seamless aluminum guttering and downspouts on the entire home. Our framing is to befores, uh, with 16 inch on center and interior and Exterior Wall. Of course we use only the very best moisture vapor protection for your home, which is they trademarked at Dupont tyvac house wrap, which is the best that many combined. But we think the moisture barrier on your home is pretty important. So we spend a little extra on that. And of course for energy efficiency, we also include a radiant barrier roof decking, then textured and primed horizontal hardboard siding, a board and batten and slash or random shakes depending on which plan a you choose.

The two story homes use a limited lifetime warranty moisture resistant sub floor on top of engineered a no squeak floor joists. New Homes Edmond, all of our shingles on the roof on your home is a 30 year warranty, architectural style shingle, and of course a designer mailbox to match a whichever community covenance and design is required by the neighborhood that we’re building in. We use paint, of course on all exterior siding and trim, one color for siding and one color for fashions and trends, and then of course one accent color for the front door and shutters. A eight foot tall by three foot wide. New Homes Edmond Would front entry door with of course continuous at weatherstripping protection, back patio fiberglass door with full view glass and internal blinds. I love those internal blinds. I just think they’re the bomb. Then I’m also as a broken Arrow home builder, we include a West law, a Westlock, a front door entry set including a deadbolt and your choice of colors, either satin nickel or oil rubbed bronze colors.

Our oversized, um, would overlay garage doors. The two core car of course is an 18 foot by eight foot. And then the third car door is eight by eight, but we’re going to include that oversized would overlap. Garage door. The landscaping is $1,500, allowance for shrubs and trees and flowers and Mulch and green iron, edging included or per the covenance in the community dictates. So we read the covenance first and decide what they require to put us there. But to put in there, New Homes Edmond, sometimes different community, Kevin Owens will require additional trees, for instance. Um, so that’s what I’m talking about there. Also, as a broken Arrow home builder, we’re going to include two frost free, um, hose bibs are on one on the front and one on the back of your home. And three, a water proof, a ground fault interrupter receptacles. We’re also going to include a gas step out at your patio cover at your covered patio for your grill.

I’m an electric half power half horsepower garage. Door opener is included on all garage doors. And of course we also include the irrigation sprinkler system up to six zones. Then additionally, a waterstone homes by shaw homes as a broken Arrow home builder. We’re going to include the for the mechanicals in your home at carrier 80 percent percent high efficiency gas furnace and a 14 seer carrier, high efficiency cooling equipment, um, along with a programmable thermostat with heat and air control. New Homes Edmond, of course we do zoning, heating and cooling with two separate units on two story homes for extreme energy efficiency. And sometimes, depending on the square footage downstairs, sometimes we have to put a third unit on there. We also include, um, fully installed a security system on all windows and doors, including two motion sensors. And to key pads, your a hot water tank is a o Smith or equivalent with a 50 gallon efficiency gas or water heater. Um, that’s also a quick recovery 50 gallon, a 200 amp electrical service per plan and Pecs, freeze tolerant plumbing lines also.

New Homes Edmond, let’s see. Okay, so then in your gourmet kitchen, your custom gourmet kitchen in your waterstone home by Shaw, um, as a broken Arrow homebuilder, we’re also going to include built in stainless steel appliances with the oven microwave cabinet that features a cookie sheet divider and pot and pan drawer, the frigidaire professional 30 inch built in five cubic feet oven with an oversized window light clock and timer. Also the frigidaire professional dishwasher with a silverware spray, the frigidaire professional ventless microwave with turntable and the frigidaire professional 36 inch gas cooktop. Also the frigidaire professional all fridge all freezer, which is a really cool. Then of course, you’ll have a vent hood above the cooktop in your choice of multiple styles with a high capacity food disposal with a push button switch in the countertop. Um, I liked those so you don’t have to reach underneath the sink to flip the switch of the garbage disposal on you.

Just hit it right there on top of the counter, which of course it’s so much more convenient. New Homes Edmond, as a broken Arrow homebuilder, we’re also going to include a task lighting including recess lights and pendant lights. And I’m under cabinet lights with puck lights in the kitchen. Also, we’re going to include custom made solid stain grade alder or paint grade cabinets with a 52 inch tall upper class cabinet with glass doors in your choice of multiple styles. Um, that comes with the hidden soft close hinges and the soft clothes drawer glides and crown molding. And then, um, we’re going to offset your cooktop. That’s also going to be included. Just a little extra pretty that we at waterstone homes want to include in your high end luxury home by Shar.

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