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New Homes Edmond | Dropping Laundry

New Homes Edmond | Great Laundry Rooms

As a bixby home builders, we a shaw homes have several homes for sale in Bixby, Jenks, broken Arrow, and all over the greater tells. The area that I would love to tell you about today. Um, my former model homes are beautiful prescott in country, woods of genomics is now for sale. It is 2,565 square feet, but it feels like it’s a lot bigger than that because it’s laid out so well super over and floor plan. When you walk in the front door, New Homes Edmond there is a study on your right with hardwood floors and then a dining room on your left also with hardwood floors, but straight in front of you you see the large, a squared. Great Room, a open to the kitchen area. The great room also has hardwood floors and it has four windows overlooking your back patio there. This is a beautiful home since it was my former model.

Um, there’s a lot of the pretty um, upgrades in this home. The cabinets are painted a cow, he shall beige, a Ralph Lauren, Kelly, shell beige color. And then they are trimmed our, they are finished with a hand rubbed a glaze, like an antiquing gloves on him, actually a van Brown. Um, then in the tops of the cabinets there are, New Homes Edmond, there are glass openings up there with lights, so you can print pretty dishes up there and top of your cabinets and just have it all pretty and lit up and open. The backsplashes pretty the built in appliances, of course, our stainless steel. And then, uh, there’s a nice pantry and then it walks straight through from the dining room. P entry into the utility room, into the laundry room. Now back over on the right side, if you’re coming in the front door, the right side.

I’m just past the study. There was a hole that leads to bedrooms number two and three and a hall bath. And then the staircase in the press got his way at the back of the hall, which I can’t tell you how much mommy’s love that when they are. Um, when you have your staircase right at the front door as a bixby home builder, New Homes Edmond Kiddos have it, didn’t see to come in and drop their backpacks right at the bottom of the stairs thinking they’ll take them up later and sometimes the mom will drop laundry at the bottom of the stairs expecting and hoping that the kids will take that upstairs on their next trip. But well, uh, so mommy’s love the press got because the staircase is at the back of the hall. So if there is anything laying on those bottom few steps, um, your guests that walk in your front door and not going to see it.

Um, so that’s why Mommy’s love the staircase at the back of the hall and the press got. And besides that it is a stacked staircase or a staircase with a turn in it. So if a child is not just one long a run of steps from the second floor to the bottom. So if a child would happen to take a little tumble, they’re not going to go very far because they’re gonna go down a few steps and then land on a landing. So that’s another reason why the Prescott is a favorite with parents. I’m also upstairs in this home is a game room and a three quarter bath. So you put an arm while in there, it actually could serve as a fourth bedroom in this home as a bixby home builders. We, New Homes Edmond, we love to give our clients lots and lots of choices and we can build the Prescott as well as many of our homes, many, many different ways.

Um, this press got model also has a beautiful master suite with a large master bedroom, a beautiful master bath with a six foot tub and a nice large tile shower and a walk in closet right after the master, which also even has built in drawers at the back of the closet. So this is a great value on this home in beautiful country, woods of Jake’s, which is just west of highway 75 off of 111th street in the school district. Um, country woods offers everything for families that you could want lots of toys for the Kiddos to play gone. Not only does it have a beautiful pool with a beach front entry and it has paved a jogging, biking, hiking trails that run all throughout the master planned community, New Homes Edmond, just miles and miles that take you by the beautiful lake. And, um, they actually take you to the park.

There’s also a playground there. I’m in country woods. It’s a big playground too, with lots of toys on it for the Kiddos. Also on another part of the property inside the, a neighborhood of Country Woods is a splash pad, which is a big hit with the kiddos. They just loved that. It has those little tubes that spray water out from underneath them. And then those, those big, tall, a high buckets that fill up with water and then temp over on the Kiddos. Kiddos love to go out there and play on the splash pad. Of course it is decked with cool decking so it doesn’t burn their little feet. And um, and uh, it’s actually a textured surface so that you don’t have to worry about the kiddos slipping when they’re running through the splash pad at, um, country woods. There’s a beautiful huge pond there with catch and release fishing in it and there’s always ducks and geese and waterfowl swimming on the pond that are pretty, New Homes Edmond, that the kiddos just loved to watch.

So our former model, the press got in a country woods of Jenks bixby home builder. We’ve got that competitively priced at only $279,000. So I’m all that that I’ve just talked about, my goodness for six and a half minutes on one home for only 279,000 in the famous jinx school district. A complete move in, ready for home. You need to get your kids enrolled for school. Now’s the time to give us a call on that one. This three bedroom, three bath, two and a half car garage, home in country woods. You can call us at nine. One Eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero. And I’d be glad to show you that beautiful home as a big home builder. We also have homes for sale in the school district of Elwood Park, New Homes Edmond the neighborhood of Elwood Park. I’ve got one of my beautiful Ventana cues, which everybody loves this floor plan.

It’s got two bedrooms up, two bedrooms down, as well as a very large greatroom and a really nice size kitchen. New Homes Edmond, I just love this kitchen. I love how much room is around the island for entertaining. And I love how big the Pantry is. It’s huge. Everybody who walks in and goes, oh wow, they just can’t believe it. This home is in beautiful Elwood Park. It is a four bedroom, three bath, three car garage home, and it is ready to move into completely done. And the address on that is one nine zero five west, 117th court as a bixby homebuilder. We had this home very competitively priced at only $319,023. So again, it’s time to get your kiddos enrolled in school. Also in Elwood Park, we have a single story, Redford, which is, oh my goodness, it’s just a beautiful dream home. Um, it’s located at one, one, seven, three.

Oh, south red bud street. And it also is ready to move into. And only two 97, 9:59. The redford is, well, it’s just a very special home. New Homes Edmond, so when you walk into the Redford, you, there’s a whole way in the hallway and a little hallway to your left that leads to bedrooms to three, a hall bath and a linen closet. So the Redford is a true split floor plan because bedrooms two and three are on the opposite side of the house from the master bedroom on the other side of the house. Um, then when you walk on toward the great room, of course you can see I’m all four of the great room windows overlooking the patio. And as you walk toward that from the entryway, you walk past a study on your right, which is a nice size study and it has this, those popular sliding barn doors on it to close it up. So make sure Andrew Hall just super cute. Then a very large, a great room that is open to a large kitchen and a very large nook. This home doesn’t have a dining room, it just has one eating area, which is a very popular trend that we show homes as a big homebuilder have been getting a lot of requests for. So we like to give our customers what they want.

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