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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond | Financing Your Place

New Homes Edmond | Standing in Function

Oh, hey everyone, welcome to another stunning podcasts where the entertainment value is 100 and we never stopped to even think about ourselves. We’re just here to provide a wonderful time for everyone involved. And even though, New Homes Edmond, you know, it’s maybe not our first choice of what we’re doing, you know, we do it for you. The customer who may or may not come across us on Google under the key word, big speed new home builder. Today we’re going to be talking about your path to a new shaw home. Step one, the model home tour model home tour takes about 90 minutes. You’ll see six to 12 houses all fully furnished and decorated by our award winning design studio. You’ll take your own car and traveled caravan style to each different model home. There’s no pricing, there’s no pressure. It’s just information just about getting you a ton of information about the houses were really going to focus in on the function of the home. Try and tell Ya, you know, what meets your needs from a function standpoint, and it doesn’t matter what your budget is, what size house you’re looking for. We got something for everybody. Our plans are versatile, most of them can be built as one or two stories with different sizes in between New Homes Edmond.

you’re just going to love it. I mean, it’s going to be so fun and um, you know, it’s great. So sign up now after you go on the tour, it’s very important to figure out your financing and talk to one of our preferred lenders, Bank of Oklahoma First Oklahoma Bank or spirit bank. New Homes Edmond

Um, the lenders will be able to give you, of course, monthly payment quotes. They have an extra incentive and extra $5,000 to go with one of them takes you about five minutes to fill out an application online. There’s a 24 hour approval process. They can match the interest rates of other lenders match the closing costs. New Homes Edmond of course they can do any type of loan, whether that’d be a conventional loan or an Fha loan, a va loan, a native American loan, a rural development loan, or any other kind of loan that you can dream up. We got. And that’s how we’re able to be such a fantastic big speed new home builder after you get your financing in place. The next step is to find the right home site. New Homes Edmond We got to figure out the neighborhood, the school districts you want to be in. Do you need lots of amenities?

Maybe you’d rather have a larger home site. New Homes Edmond, and the way that process works is it’s a thousand dollar check. To be clear, we don’t actually cash the check and just sits in my drawer, but it’s a way to protect yourself for seven days during which time you will hopefully reach a purchase agreement. Uh, your, your thousand dollars check is 100 percent refundable if we don’t reach a purchase agreement or if you just need a little more time getting your ducks in a row, we can extend it for an additional two weeks. But at that point it does become nonrefundable. Um, there are no rush decisions. The goal is to get you the home site you want and protect you in case there’s anybody else looking at it. New Homes Edmond, if you decide after reserving a home side that you want to switch, we allow it. We welcome any switcher, we want you to find the right home site and we also want to make sure that you get it reserved and that you’re protected from the rest of the markets. Of course, he gets to take your time, get all your questions answered, and it’s important to note that homesites are always wonderful, kind, very unique. It’s your piece of land that your home will be built on

Bixby, new home builder. After that we got the prize out.

We’re going to price the house the way that you want it down to the dollar for each individual item, the total price we’ll print out on the spot. New Homes Edmond guess what guys? We have 480,000 different options to choose from. Our staff is the most knowledgeable in the business. Just asked me something and basically we’re going to meet at your favorite model home. It’ll be about a 45 minute meeting. We’re going to do an itemized price out for you where we go room by room, talk about what’s an included feature and what’s optional and price every single individual item out by the category, by the items so you’ll know exactly how much everything in your house costs. That way there won’t be any surprises when you get into design studio and we’re going to answer all your questions.

The next step, of course, is the price. I mean the purchase agreement, and we just did the price. New Homes Edmond, if you, if you’re paying attention, then you should already know that you should also know that we’re the best big speed new home builder and all of broken Arrow Jenks bixby Tulsa. And I know I thought a tow you the purchase agreement. First off, we’re going to have you watch a very informative 47 minute video. Um, it’s a real page turner. Uh, you know, get your popcorn ready type of deal. It’s going to give you tons of information about what to expect for each step of the process. New Homes Edmond, and also tell you some of our rules and requirements for while you’re in design studio and other stuff. Uh, the video also goes over like your warranty information and all that jazz too.

One thing to note at the time of purchase agreement is that the structural options, our final, that means the floor plan itself, what side you’re putting your garage on, in any other structural changes, anything that alters the footprint of the home. Anything that changes in exterior wall, New Homes Edmond, or a major in inside design as well redesigned. Other than that you do, you can change any of the options on your price out, whether it be your flooring or countertops and cabinets. Uh, you know, then we got a lot of stuff. New Homes Edmond. I already mentioned that under like number three for the 400, 88,000. So stay with me here. Big speed

new home builders.

Uh, let’s see. The home side is also final. You know, once you sign the purchase agreement, you need to be pretty sure about the land that you’re building it on. Your colors are still not funnel, your finishes are not final. We do ask for the additional deposit at that time. If the house is 2:50 and below, we asked for a total of $5,000. If it’s between 2:50 and $300 than we asked for a total of $10,000. It is 300 to 3:50. We asked for 15 k 3:50 plus we asked for five percent. New Homes Edmond, sorry. My heartburn is burning so bad. Oh, it hurts.

Bixby. New Home Builder.

Of course. We also are gonna. Need your preapproval for your mortgage. We need to know whether it’s contingent upon the sale of your home or noncontingent. Will you be needing a delay of build and. Oh yeah. By the way, congratulations on making your purchase agreements because dude, you did it after you release your contingency or if you’re noncontingent, you’ll go directly into the design studio, the design studio. You’ll meet and work with one of our award winning designers. We have the largest design studio of any builder in northeastern Oklahoma, and I may have already mentioned three times all of the different options that we offer. New Homes Edmond It’s a simple process. However, we do not allow children into the studio, they just have, tend to have really sticky fingers and they can ruin some of the finishes and, uh, generally speaking they can be a distraction and it a very important time and we need to get a lot done.

So if you can’t get a babysitter, you cannot buy a home from us. Sorry, but that’s the way it is. New Homes Edmond, I am a totally a good dude so you can drop your kids off at my model. I’ll take care of them. We’ll play some life on the IPAD or maybe monopoly. Um, but, uh, yeah, I mean honestly, it’s good rule guys. It’s a good rule. Uh, let’s see. There’s three easy meetings and the first meeting you’ll go over the interior of the home, the second meeting you’ll go over to the exterior of the home and the third meeting will be your finalization. We’re going to send you out in between meetings to go on homework and look at different brick and stone options and we can still do some custom options, New Homes Edmond but just nothing that’s structural. Nothing that changes the structure of the house.

Bixby, new home builder. I’m gonna. Go ahead and wrap it up here. We’ll continue with part seven through 10 on the next podcast. Stay tuned. I know you will because you’re required too, but I hope this was wonderfully informative for you. And then it gets us a lot of clicks on Google and, uh, you know, New Homes Edmond I just want everyone to be happy. I want the world to be great and I just love America. I love football and I love Texas and Oklahoma. I wish that they would combine into one mag estate in a perfect world. But, uh, nonetheless, thank you so much for tuning in. Bixby, new home builder. This is Shar home signing off and as always, always stay thirsty. My friends.

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