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New Homes Edmond | Further The Goal

New Homes Edmond | Reaching Your Goals

Henshaw Shaw homes, we built custom homes and broken Arrow and I’d like to take a minute and tell you about our beautiful notting hill h floor plan. As you in the front door there is a, a very large entryway. It’s actually, um, it’s actually 18 feet, seven inches long by three feet, seven inches wide. New Homes Edmond I’m just to the left of the front door. When you first stepped off the front porch into the entryway, there is a nice sized study that is 12 foot three inches by 10 foot 11 inches. It has a tall vaulted ceiling that bolts up to a 13 foot high, a flat part of the ceiling.

Then if you step on just a little bit further in the entryway, just passed the study, you will see a staircase going up and that’s a stacked staircase. So that’s a staircase that parents really, really loved because, um, if a kid would happen to take a tumble, there’s a landing that uh, they wouldn’t land or they wouldn’t tell him very far. So you actually walk up the staircase, turned a corner on a big large landing area, and then walk up the stairs the rest of the way. As a custom home builder in New Homes Edmond, we find that families with young children really, really liked that feature.


Then on through past the staircase on into the family room, you will see a large family room that’s 23 feet, three inches by 14 feet, five inches wide, it has three, a 30 by 60 windows in, it would transom windows up above just to let an extra light and a corner fireplace. And as a custom home builder in broken Arrow, you can actually customize it. That fireplace a number of ways, whether it’s a brick stacked all the way to the ceiling or or stone stacked up to the mantle or all the way to the ceiling or painted brick. New Homes Edmond There are Shaker mantles and trim legs that we can put on there. So as a custom home for custom homes in broken Arrow show homes is going to be your one stop shop for things like that. Then it’s to the left of the great room is the large kitchen and nook the kitchen.

I really especially love because first of all it’s got one of the biggest Patris I’ve ever seen. It’s huge. I’ve seen master closets that are not this big but as a huge, huge pantry and as a custom homes and broken Arrow, uh, we have our customers that tell us that they want big pantry. So here you go. The nottinghill certainly provides that. Then the kitchen has of course a nice long island and the backsplash counter, but it actually wraps the corner and goes toward the refrigerator. New Homes Edmond So lots and lots of cabinet space in the Notting Hill. And then there’s a very large nook in the notting hill that is big enough for your formal dining room furniture. It’s a 13 feet, five inches by nine by nine. Then offer the book, you’ll see doors that

doors that walk out to the patio off the NERC. Um, and it’s a nice size patio to. And then if you go back toward the entryway, there’s a wonderful powder bath in the notting hill, which many families like because it, they can keep it pretty and keep it clean. Kids don’t have to use the powder bathroom, so there’s a nice half bath off of the entryway for your guests. Then when you step through the family room into a little hallway that pitch you in the master bedroom. And the master is a real nice size to a 15 foot three inches by 13 three, and it has a trade up vaulted ceiling. So the ceiling is um, is 10 feet tall. So it’s a really nice high, high ceiling that, New Homes Edmond, your family will enjoy and you will love the look of that. Then stepping from your master bedroom, you step right into your master bathroom as a custom home builder in broken Arrow for our customs custom homes, we like to give our customers all their wants and desires in this master bath certainly provides that with his and hers vanities.

Of course, hers is a little bit bigger than he is. We girls need room for curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, things of that sort. So when you first step in the master bathroom from the master bedroom, her than it is on your right. And then the six foot soaker cultured marble tub is on your left, New Homes Edmond, directly across from her vanity. Then you step on it a little further and you see the private toilet closet that actually separates the, his and hers vanities. And then right across from his vanity is the shower a really nice sized a shower. Then from that master bathroom you could step into the master closet and the master closet is very large, a twelfth at Three by seven foot, one with lots of shelves, um, for you to stack your shoes in and then rods with shelves on top for your hanging clothes.

Both the double high lows and the, um, oh, just the one rod for long hanging things. Then as a custom homes builder in broken Arrow, we like to provide our customers with what they’re looking for. And so many of our customers over the last several years have requested that their utility room be placed or they’re very, very close to the master closet and bathroom. So the Notting Hill Age certainly delivers that. So when you walk out of your master closet, your standing in a utility room with a mud bench. New Homes Edmond then just to your right is a nice sized laundry room for a washer and dryer and a lower cabinet with a granite countertop on it for you’re folding your laundry when you pull it out of your dryer right there. So then that’s also dual function because when you walk in to your home from your garage, you walk into the Madrichim utility area, um, and then you can close the door to your laundry room so you don’t have to see your homework if you don’t want to.

That is something that was designed by, um, by customers, trial and error, um, customers who want a custom home in broken arrow. New Homes Edmond they’ve asked us to add that, that feature. So it’s great. And then upstairs, the notting hill can be built several different ways than notting hill age one. And when you get to the top of the stairs, you can step up to him. We’re in a hallway basically at the top of the stairs is step up to two more steps and you’re in a very large, great room. Um, and then just to the right, there is a hall bath with a full tub, a sink, and a toilet in it. Um, that bedrooms number two and three can share, uh, they share that hall bathroom. Then there’s storage closets. New Homes Edmond, the game room has got for a windows that overlook the back yard.

And of course the home, like every shaw home comes with a three car garage. So for custom homes and broken Arrow, a cannot beat our notting hill age, our, the notting hill l and the notting hill l, we actually add a fourth bedroom upstairs with a large walk in closet and a second bathrooms upstairs. So that makes for the nottinghill l a total of three full baths and one half bath downstairs. So that’s not something that you can find in every home, New Homes Edmond but the nottinghill l certainly delivers it and shaw home builds custom homes, broken Arrow, jenks bixby, and I know law and the Greater Tulsa area.

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