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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond | Get behind the design

New Homes Edmond | Get behind the design

At some homes we have a specific building process that we like to use and in this building process, um, it’s really important to keep the, to keep the buyer and the builder really well informed on our process and really how we do things. New Homes Edmond, and, and with custom homes, broken Arrow, we see that it’s very important to have a rigid process as for how we, how we build our homes and the process that our clients go through urban. They’re building with us the first step in our process for Shaw, for Shaw homes, um, and for custom homes, broken Arrow is going to be

the model home tour. And the reason why we take our clients on model home tours is because who doesn’t love to go look at beautifully decorated model homes, right? I will, it show homes. We have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in the Tulsa area. So we invite you to join us on what will be one of the most information packed experiences and your home shopping process. And a lot of our clients tell us that even if they don’t build with us or if they buy a used home, that the model home tour was really the most helpful tool in their home shopping process. And that’s because we really focus on the function behind the design of the floor plan. New Homes Edmond, we put a lot of thought into why we lay out the rooms the way that we do. Um, a lot of times you are seeing version two point oh, or even three point, oh, of a homes for plan, a custom homes of broken arrow. The tour allows you to see what would take a couple of weeks on your own and just two hours because time is something nobody ever has too much of these days. So that’s a, a really important beginning step in your home building process is really that model home tour and seeing everything that we can really bring to life here at shaw homes with custom homes, broken arrow. Um, so at this point you’ll really see

all of the floor plans that we have and that will fit your lifestyle and your family best. At the end of that model home tour, you’ll really come to a decision of which one really fit you best. Um, and at that point in time you will want to go ahead and schedule a time to meet back with your new home specialist to start that price out. In the meantime, you are going to move along to step two, which is going to be financing, uh, so in order to help you focus in on the plans that will best fit your budget, we suggest applying for a mortgage preapproval from one of our preferred lenders soon after your model home tour. Uh, we do have three preferred lenders. That’s going to be Juan Rodriguez at first Oklahoma mortgage, New Homes Edmond

Ethan Wagner with Bank of Oklahoma. And lexi gains with Spirit Bank. Um, this free application process can be done online and it only takes a few minutes. Um, when finished with your application, you should have your approval within 24 hours. So that’s a pretty quick turnaround to kind of see where you really are with your financing. And the third step is really going to be that home site preservation. So now that you’ve selected your one of a kind home, it’s time to find the one of a kind piece of land to place it on a with custom homes, broken Arrow, and the home site is really going to be the most important because not every home will fit on every home site. So now that we know the plan that you’re interested in building a, we will show you what home sites that your plan will fit on. Once that home site is selected, New Homes Edmond it’s time to do a seven day, 100 percent refundable deposit.

And that’s called our home site reservation. Uh, this will actually take your favorite home site off of the market for the next seven days. And then we will go over any other remaining questions you have before moving forward with the purchase agreement. Now, the reason why this is so important is because there are other new home specialists that are working with clients every day, just like yourselves. And it’s important that if you find that one of a kind home site, you don’t want to lose it to someone else. So, um, that’s really why we do the home site reservation and not check a, it’s 100 percent refundable that we do require a thousand dollar check to hold that home site. It’s just kind of a handshake to let us know that you are seriously considering moving forward in this process. Homes, their reservations are important because we can always duplicate the home and the floor plan, but we can never duplicate the land. So once you’ve found exactly where you would, you would like to, to build your one of a kind home, New Homes Edmond it’s really important that we lock that in for you because like I said, it’s, it’s something that we can’t replace. So that homesite reservation, in my opinion, is one of the most important steps in the process.

The fourth step in the process, going to be that price out. Um, this is discussing all the structural options and the pricing at this point. So now that you’re home site is reserved, we will actually meet back at your favorite model home a review those features that are available to you for that floor plan, and create a itemized line sheet and price quote for you, uh, with custom homes broken arrow. These options can also be found on the interactive floor plan section of the website. This is all done just in an effort to get you the information that you needed about pricing so that you can make the best, most informed decision when moving forward. Once you go to that price out, New Homes Edmond you’re really going to discuss all those minor details, um, so that you can see exactly what it would cost to build that home and to move forward.

It’s a really important to get those pricing items, um, and so that you can move onto the next step, the next step, the most exciting step, New Homes Edmond, that purchase agreement. So at anytime during the homesite reservation period, you can move forward with the purchase agreement at the time of purchase. We will apply the funds from your home site reservation and an additional deposit towards your purchase for custom homes, broken Arrow at the time of purchase agreement. All decisions for the structure of the home needed to be final such as the number of garages, the side, the garage will be on, whether it’s a one or a two story, the bedroom count, and anything that will affect the footprint of the home, so any other decisions that are going to pertain to colors or finishes, those can all be finalized in the design studio. Those may have been items that you discussed when you were talking about pricing, but that’s only to give you those pricing items.

This is a fluid list that can always change during those design studio appointments at the purchase agreement. It’s a really just going to be the layout of the garage and any structural changes. The home site that the floorplan is on, and then the floor plan itself, so those are really just going to be what is stagnant at that time. Next, you’re going to step into the design studio. That’s going to be steps six and our process here with custom homes, New Homes Edmond at shaw homes and Shawn homes. You will have your own personal design consultant to help walk you through the process of picking out all of the finishes, selections, and colors in your home. You’ll be in great hands here as our design staff has been intimately involved in the selection of the colors you see in our award winning model homes. Shawn Holmes has the most well appointed design studio in the Tulsa area, filled with everything you’ll need to are to be our one stop shop for visualizing and selecting your paint pallets all in one location without the hassle of driving to 20 different warehouses all over town.

When you’re finished choosing your colors, we will finalize the selection with your signature as approval and then launch into the building phase. If you’re a new home. The design studio process is the most exciting for everyone, um, because you’re really getting to choose all of the details to building your dream home. And our design consultants are such amazing designers. They went all of the awards during parade of homes and they design all of our model homes, so all of the beautifully decorated model homes that you saw during your model home tour, uh, you will get to have those design consultants help you with building and designing your dream home. So if you knew exactly the way you want it to look, there’ll be there with you, um, to help if you have any questions and if you need a little bit more guidance that they’re happy to help as well. New Homes Edmond So we are really excited to have this design studio on these design consultants to help you with the most exciting part in custom homes, broken Arrow at shaw homes. It’s really one of the best steps in our process.

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