Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond | Have We Mentioned Our Incentives?

As you were trying to figure out what you want to give me you’re going to do for a brand new home, you should be looking into New Homes Edmond With us here at Shaw homes. You were going to get the best price in the bus for plans. We put the most thought and attention to detail and to all of our floor plan to make sure that they are fully functional so that you don’t have a lot of wasted space. I don’t want you to have to have a home that has cute always but no actual space that you can live in. We want to make sure that you have everything that is top of the line and the best to make sure that you work with us.

There’s so many different colors of choose from but whenever you want to work with 1 that it really does know what they’re doing the make sure that you call us. Our team is ready to serve you and ready to give you an incredible results. your home is going to look beautiful and you are going to love the Finish touch us. We always go through and give you incredible upgrades and incentives to build with us and we want you to know that whenever you do this you were also picking the very best builder has the best morals and the most incredible team.

If you were getting a brand New Homes Edmond with us, you are going to be in for a treat. If you are looking at your smoke detectors now and again at their outdated or that you would like to have something a little more new then you should come look at our house. We have amazing smoke detectors that are going to actually be voice activated and he will also be able to change them out without her but they are hard-wired in. You are going to be able to actually have a carbon monoxide detector on those smoke detectors as well still your house would really be protected.

We have also included the Smart Touch thermostats and all of her home so you are again going to be able to change the thermostat with your phone and also open your garage close your garage and even set your alarm with the same. This means that no matter where you’re at if you’re in your home or out of it you’re going to be able to control these things and give your house a little bit better efficiency.

He would love for you to call today by dialing 918-258-6161. You can also find out more information about us you would like to go to our website by going to www.shawhomes.com. our team is ready to help you find the New Homes Edmond of your dreams so don’t wait any longer and visit us today So that we can be the very best builders that you have ever worked with.

New Homes Edmond | Our Contractors Do Amazing Work On Our Homes

If you have ever built a New Homes Edmond and you weren’t quite happy with the processing you most likely want working with someone who really know what they’re doing. Whenever you build a home with us here at Shaw homes, you were going to be getting a brand new home that you were going to love. We are going to make sure that we put every bit of effort and attention to detail into the details of your home and we are going to take our time and be efficient and we are going to make that we are getting your home done in a timely manner but we are also going to make sure that we were quality controlling every bit of the process of that your home is perfect and you don’t have to worry about any major situation is happening later on.

We are also going to build you a brand new beautiful home and we want you know that you were going to love it. You and Phil are going to be able to live in it for years to come and you are going to enjoy every minute and it. We are going to build it exactly how you build it we are going to put everything into your home that is in the contract. So whenever you sign off on everything you were saying that you know that that’s what’s going to be in your home and we are going to do just that. If for some reason we make a mistaken or contractors in the counter tops or the wrong tile, we are going to fix it.

We are a company who stands by their words so you can trust that you can work with us and have the best experience. that is why you should want to build your New Homes Edmond with us and no one else. We also don’t do variable pricing. So if for any circumstance you have been talking to a builder who says that they’re going to have to change their pricing throughout the contract or that there’s a potential for that to happen, then you may not want to work with them. You can come back and said because we’re not going to do that to you.

We are always going to do everything we can to keep from ever having the change of prices when someone is in contact. If for some reason we ever have to because of some national natural disaster or some epidemic that we cannot control, then we will always give you the option to get all of your money back and break out of your contract or you can simply keep your contract and just pay the difference in the sales price. We wanted to always be in your control though and never force you into anything.

You can trust it when we say we will build you a sound and safe and gorgeous New Homes Edmond we mean it. You can see it in the handy work that we do in our craftsmanship. You can also trust that our warranty is going to be the best beer. You can call 918-258-6161 for more information or find us on line by going to www.shawhomes.com today.

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