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New Homes Edmond | Kitchen Cabinets

New Homes Edmond | Kitchen Cabinets

Hello and welcome back to shaw homes. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this article today. I’m going to tell you about your new home and what it looks like to either buy our move into one of our move in ready homes. Shaw homes has more move in ready homes than any other builder and we would love it to make it. You’re a big speed new home.

One of the New Homes Edmond move in ready homes I want to tell you about today is called the Redford. One story that’s built in Elwood Park. The address to this Redford one story is one, one seven, three zero south Redbud street in Jenks, Oklahoma. New Homes Edmond the price for this Redford is $297,959. It is currently active and for sale and the square footage is $2,000. Three hundred and 49 square feet. This is a three bedroom home, two bathroom, one story with a three car garage. The school districts for this Redford is jinx. So we have a west elementary jinx, middle school and high school. A couple of cool things about the Redford is that even as a one story, it has a really tall grand entrance with that window above opening up to the entrance, so some of those windows above the entry go right into the attic space and you have a shorter entry, like a 10 foot tall entry, but this one is 13 and a half feet tall and allowing for a lot of natural light to be coming through that window up top.

Another cool thing is that there’s two bedrooms off to one side, so when you walk into the Redford one story, you’ll notice that there are two bedrooms and a bathroom to one side and an office to the other side. If you continue on, you’ll notice that the living room opens up to the kitchen for an open concept and at the island in the kitchen is turned facing the nook as opposed to facing the living room. This is great for a couple of things. One would be it kind of creates two separate entertaining spaces. That way you can have people over in your big speed, new home watching a football game, and then some other people in the kitchen eating or playing a game and whoever is in the kitchen can kind of be in both situations there. New Homes Edmond The other cool thing about the island is that it faces the backyard, so if you have people in your backyard or a nice home site where you to look at trees or a pond and they spend a lot of time in your kitchen. This would be great to look out your backyard. The other thing about the Redford one story is that it has the most kitchen cabinets of any of our floor plans, so if you’re looking for your bixby home to have a lot of kitchen cabinets and a really large kitchen, the redford would be the best floor plan for you.

The other thing about the Redford one story is that it had what we call a snooze design. So if there are two people that get up at separate times, one person can get up and exit the bedroom into the bathroom and close the doors behind them. This way they aren’t disturbing their partner. They can shower and change and get ready for the day and exit through the master closet without having to go back and forth through that bedroom. This design has been one of our best master suite designs.

A full tile floor plan I want to tell you about is called the Ventana. The ventana q is built in Elwood Park again, and the address is one nine zero five west, 117th court in Jenks, Oklahoma. The price for the Ventana q and this community is $319. Three hundred 19,000, $23. New Homes Edmond It is currently for sale and move in ready. The square footage for this Ventana q is 2,595 square feet. It’s a four bedroom house, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. This one can be your big speed. New Home, because we have several communities where you could build this floor plan. This one is located in Jenks, so the school district would be west elementary, jinx, middle school, and high school. Some of the cool things about the Ventana to you is that there is an office, it has two bedrooms downstairs and one or two bedrooms upstairs.

It also has a really nice size pantry and upstairs those two bedrooms are separated by the game room, so if you have kids that don’t get along or do you have kids that need to be separated. This would be the perfect floor plan for you, allowing the game room to separate the bedrooms. The cool thing about the Ventana is that it still has that snooze button design. Again, the snooze button design is designed for people that get up at separate times and allows for an exit out of the master closet so that way one person doesn’t have to keep going back and forth through the master bedroom. The other floor plan I’ll tell you about is called the Monroe one. The Monroe one is located in Quail Creek of bixby. The square footage here is seven, or sorry, the address is 73, eight one east under the 25th place south in Britain, bigsby, Oklahoma. New Homes Edmond Now this one could be your big speed new home. Since it’s located in Bixby, the price is 313,700 square footage for the Monroe. One. One story is 2,274 square feet. Three bedroom, two bathroom home with a one story was a three car garage.

A couple of cool things about the monroe is that it’s our most versatile floor plan. There are three different downstairs versions and five different upstairs versions of each, so a total of 15 different versions on the monroe. Also with the Monroe, it’s the largest arched opening from the kitchen to the living room, allowing for the biggest entertaining space and most open concept feel of any of our floor plans. The Monroe also has the largest back patio of any of our floor plans, so if you’re the type that likes to entertain outside, maybe add a gas stub out for a grill and some patio furniture with a mounted tv on the outside. Maybe with a fan on your patio as well, New Homes Edmond located on a nice large homesite allowing for your family and friends to gather it in your backyard. Hosting a barbecue or no, if you have a pool installed, the monroe would be the perfect floor plan for that. The other cool thing about the monroe is that it has a unique master bathroom situation where it has a split vanity, so one vanities on one wall and the other advantages on the other wall, it also has a corner tub in the monroe. Some of the versions in the Monroe have that master suite walkthrough or the snooze button design, but in some of the downstairs versions redesigned that and block off that walk through design.

The other floor plan I want to tell you about is called the Monroe to pee again for your bigsby new home. You can build any of these four plans in bixby. This one’s located at the village at southern trails, and the address is three, seven, two, five south elder boulevard in broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The price is $310,926. The status is active with 2,700 square feet, a four bedroom home, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage since it’s in broken arrow. The school districts are Wolf Creek elementary, all of her middle school and Broken Arrow highschool. Some of the cool things about the Monroe to pee again, New Homes Edmond the Monroe is one of our most versatile floor plans with 15 different versions of the monroe. It has the largest living area and arched opening into the kitchen, so great open concept, entertaining space, so if you’re the type of family that has a big get together and wants everyone to be included, the monroe would be a perfect floor plan for you. The cool thing about them in row two P is that upstairs you walk right into the game room with a bedroom and a bathroom. Also upstairs, some of the other upstairs versions you would walk up into a hallway with either

two New Homes Edmond with either one bedroom, a bathroom, and a game room or two bedrooms, a bathroom and a game room. Or you can also have two bedrooms, a bathroom and two game rooms. Or a bonus room. That would be the largest version of the monroe is if you did two game rooms upstairs. Again, for your bigsby new home, the best thing you can do is design and build your big speed new home, but if you’re looking for something that’s move in ready, definitely check out show homes.com and go to our move and ready tab. That way you can see all of the big new homes that are move in ready and they still cover. Come with a 10 year structural warranty, a teacher mechanical warranty, and a one year limited warranty.

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