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New Homes Edmond | Living Your Life

New Homes Edmond | Theater Room

At Shaw homes as a custom homes, broken Arrow builder, um, we have lots of move in ready homes that we would love for you to come take a look at. For us. They are beautiful. They are located in big speech jinx, union and Broken Arrow and I know less school districts. So New Homes Edmond I’m going to talk to you first about the ones that we’ve got in big speed. Our former model is for sale and beautiful seven lakes. This backs up to a gorgeous pond. It is located at six, six, seven, two east, 125th street south and it’s priced at only three 99 nine. Now this home is 3,561 square feet. And as a custom homes broken Arrow builder, we designed it for, to be family friendly. This home is certainly family friendly. It is a four bedroom. It’s a three full bath that has a study and a game room up front.

In addition, I mean a study in a dining room up front in addition to the four bedrooms. It also has a very large game room that has windows that overlooks the pond, that the home backs up to, and additionally it has a very large bonus room that can be used as a theater room, an extra playroom, a very large upstairs office exercise room, or it can be used as a fifth bedroom because there is a closet in there. So this home is versatile, it’s got a lot to offer and a 26 and a half that covered patio on the back that backs up to that beautiful, beautiful leg there in seven lakes. Um, additionally, seven lakes offers, um, a community pool that’s a lot of bug, very family friendly. New Homes Edmond It’s like I’m cloverleaf design with three different sections of the pool. The deepest spot in the pool is only four and a half feet deep and there is a large, um, pergola covered area for those who want to lay in the shade.

And of course, plenty of open deck, um, areas for those who want to catch a few rays. Additionally, this pool has a beach front entry, one side that is perfect for the little toddlers, little babies and moms and dads to take their little ones into that very shallow fund. Water for the Kiddos to splash and play in seven lakes is a beautiful community located at 125th and South Sheridan, a really very close to the big north elementary schools, uh, which of course are great school system. New Homes Edmond, additionally, as a custom homes broken arrow builder, we like to have our neighborhoods close to many amenities. So in addition to the seven lakes pool, a clubhouse, uh, it also backs to the biking trails, the jogging, biking, hiking trails that you can actually hop on and take all the way to the Arkansas River or an actually go across the bridge and go on into the city, a big city and beyond. But also you can take them north all the way to say in springs and beyond. So, um, it’s beautiful that those trails backup right there to the neighborhood. I’m also close to seven lakes. You’ve got everything that south memorial has to offer with the, the whole restaurants and shopping and every amenity you could possibly want.

They’re located at 100 2111th and memorial for instance. There’s a research, a lowes, a very large walmart superstore. I’m all co located right there in that same intersection as well as a complex across the street that has many restaurants as starbucks. New Homes Edmond, lots of shopping, lots of retail centers, gyms there, several gyms in south memorial as well as the very large costco that is now at a, basically a hundred and fifth of memorial along with all those other restaurants and the movie the movie theater there at 105th and memorial. So as a broken arrow homes, a custom builder. We like to have our neighborhoods close for families to, um, to have fun and be able to get all the things done that they need to get in their daily routine. So that’s why we located our neighborhoods close

close to highways and shopping. And of course schools for easy, easy access to everything. I’m also in beautiful seven lakes. We have a Stoneberg v now, the stonebrook is a real special floor plan rather than having the island in the kitchen overlooking a, basically the back of your husband’s head towards facing the TV. We actually have the island when you’re standing in front of the sink, it is actually facing the backyard so you can look at your beautiful backyard. New Homes Edmond this stonebrook certainly does back up to a beautiful backyard, backs up to a green belt. Um, so it’s, uh, it’s a wooded greenbelt, lots of trees, wildlife to look at. Um, and it’s just a beautiful site. It’s a great home side, super, super wide. Um, it’s just really, really nice. Plus there’s actually a reserve on one side of the home site, so there’s even more width between you and your neighbor.

So a privacy in the big speed area is what you’re looking for. This stonebrook is going to be the home that delivers that punch for you. It is 2,619 square feet. It is a, it is a four bedroom home with a game room and it has a two and a half bats. New Homes Edmond It’s got the cutest little powder bath downstairs for guests that you just ever never saw and it’s a nice private located, a powder bath behind the study in between the study and the great room in that floor plan. Um, so when you’re standing at the kitchen sink looking out at your backyard and your covered patio, you’ve got three large windows in the nook overlooking that backyard and three large windows in the great room overlooking that patio in and a backyard. So if privacy is something that you’re looking for, this is the home for you.

We build custom homes and broken Arrow as well as bixby. And seven lakes is a neighborhood that packs a lot of punch and delivers a lot of things to families. It just crosses a lot of checks, a lot of the boxes for most families. I think it’s a beautiful neighborhood. I’ve lived close to that area most of my life growing up. And I’m on 101st street between memorial and Sheridan. Um, I used to ride the horses back in there when that was a sod farm back in that area. New Homes Edmond now it’s a beautiful neighborhood called seven lakes as a custom homes broken arrow builder. We like to offer our, uh, our clients, the best neighborhoods, the best amenities in those neighborhoods, and the best areas of town. And seven lakes is one that certainly delivers that just to the east of seven lakes is the beautiful quail creek.

Also a big speed north elementary school district. It actually is just on the other side of the jogging trails from seven lakes in Quail Creek. We have a movie to move in. Ready, Beautiful Monterrey, a floor plan. It is great series, single story 2,419 square feet. Um, and it is located at one, two, five, three, three south, 73rd east place. And this home is a gorgeous. It’s got a master suite, the feels like a spa retreat, uh, with a huge master bedroom, a very large master bathroom with a big six foot soaker tub in it as well as a big five foot shower and two sinks and it is just beautiful. Finished out with Barbel, a huge walk in closet that walks straight through from the master closet into the agility room, New Homes Edmond which is such a popular feature. Um, this home delivers a lot to a family who needs a three bedroom, two and a half bath home, and only 300, $24,883. It is a gorgeous home and we would love for you to call show homes to view our beautiful Monterrey.

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