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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond | Loads Of Acres Of Homesites Available

We know that there are a lot of people moving from other states to move here to Oklahoma. If you were one of those people and you were looking for New Homes Edmond because you’re moving your family so place it is a little bit more conservative and more family friendly, then go ahead and call city here at Shaw homes. We are the largest builder in the state and we are going to ensure that you get the best home possible for you and your family. No matter if you’re looking to upgrade from the home that you had before or simply just keep it the same and move to different place or if you want to downsize, no matter what you need will have it.

We will show you all the different options will be able to walk you through them in person. You’ll be able to see your model homes in 40 live in living color and you’ll be able to see everything and touch everything and be able to see how your family interact in the space. You’ll be able to see your kids picking out their bedrooms and see how your family fits within the living space in the common areas like a great room or kitchen. You can even see if your dining room table would fit in the nook.

If you’re looking for New Homes Edmond something that has a little bit larger space in certain areas and we have over six different floorplans and we can show them all to you. We will show you exactly what our floorplans look like and will show you exactly which ones will have a better space if you have a larger dining table and you like to formally entertain or if you simply like to have a larger space in the living room or the game room. Will show you all those different options.

You can come and see all of the smaller homes as well as all the larger homes and you can truly just let us know what it is it you’re looking for because we will customize the model home tour for you. We will show you all the things that are going to match within your budget within what you’re looking for and we don’t wanna show you anything that is over your budget or under your budget because we don’t want to underwhelm you or overwhelm you with too many options. We are simply going to show you exactly what is it you’re looking for and we can even get you creative help if you need it.

That’s why the bus number to dial whenever you were looking for New Homes Edmond is 918-258-6161 and get it’ll get you in touch with one of us today. You can also find us online first and then Call us after that. Our number is on the website and our website is www.Shawhomes.com and you’ll be able to see all of our reviews and testimonials as well as our floorplans on there.

New Homes Edmond | Our Plans Are To Give You Satisfactory Results

If you were looking to bring your family to New Homes Edmond and you’d like to look into building a new home that will be ready as soon as you’re ready to move here, then go ahead and call spirit here at Shaw homes our bill time is about 7 to 9 months for some of our smaller homes in about 10 to 12 months in our larger homes. We want you to have their own expectations and so we are going to try to set those expectations for you right away. We are going to make sure that you expect us out of us because I was what we were going to deliver to you.

We always deliver above and beyond with our customers expect. We always want to overwhelm you with our deliverance and we are always going to under promise and over deliver every single time. We never want you to feel like we have overpromise do things and then don’t deliver on them. Instead we are going to stick to our work and we are going to make sure that you get at home that is truly magnificent and ready to go for you and your family to move into it.

If you’re looking for New Homes Edmond that is more move-in ready and you don’t have the full seven and 9 to 10 months to wait, then go ahead and call us because we have homes that are already started. These are what we call our market ready or spec homes. These are homes and I’ve already had the process started on the build so they’re a little bit further along and you may not be able to pick as many amenities going to the how many may not get to choose the colors and things like that but you will get to choose the home and see if you like where it’s located.

If you do choose to build from scratch and you get to pick everything about it. He gets back to homesite in the community that you live in. You can pick the floor plan and you can even pick which orientation it is whether the garage is on the right or the left side of the home. Sometimes this can’t happen depending on the way the land is on that home site but if it works and you wanted a certain way then we can do it. We can also get you any kind of amenities you want we can even add on a third car half car or depth extension to you Garage if the home site fits it.

That’s why you only wanna call one New Homes Edmond company whenever you’re looking at build a new home. That’s gonna be us here at Shaw Homes pedo number is 918-258-6161 and will be happy to get you all the information as quickly as possible. You could also find this online at www.Shawhomes.com and will get you into a home as quickly as we can.

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