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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond | Looking in the Edmond Areas

Speaker 1: (00:02)
The Saturday people’s that’s Mike was with another one, representing Shaw homes saw the best new building you can choose in your or your areas. We’re focusing our New Homes Edmond , Edmond, Oklahoma. So be sure to check pat Shaw homes.com if you’re in Homer. So today I just, I was sitting here tomorrow, my mom business, having a good time, really just chilling, organized some stuff. And I got hit with an email that was where I wanted to hear who was emailed. They was talking about, um, how the contract I was that I’ll tell them that I wrote back in with Jackie Reed and Tom Holloway. Um, the Creek was the last, um, got an email that said that check requested, and that commission that got on the front end, they’re going to take that route. And so obviously nobody likes to have money, not at all. That’s to me, that’s biggest and find out why someone needs New Homes Edmond . Um, how did you come to find out her sister who realtor, who was her realtor on a deal? Um, the issues of fence a lot and where everything was placed. I guess I should have been somewhat aware because about a month or so ago, email that came through from Allison, who is the realtor. She copied me on it. Jamie on, um, Colton, one other person, David, you know, she was talking about how, um, of last night decides that they thought it was, uh, they’re losing who for feed when it comes to the fences. But when she talked about [inaudible] to catch up to bounce out them losing square footage and games for the footage, if that makes any sense.

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Um, so all that being said, email didn’t get too much attention. for New Homes Edmond I didn’t respond. Jamie responded. So I kind of figured that, um, I didn’t think that he would result in the best of contact, but they did. So lastly, contact now telling me either my next, uh, my next contract I’ve ever print studies, I’m going subtract. Um, my commissioner, my 17 challenges finding something, but all of them said, never heard one thing from Jack, but they were building this particular floor plan, but it was working so well. So you guys check out stuff on [inaudible], but this [inaudible] checkout shopping will be disappointed now, but outside of that, [inaudible], they’ve been here like four times. I think I’ve seen one more time. [inaudible] so crazy. My first contract community yesterday, I was working in New Homes Edmond Um, [inaudible] then you said that the money, yeah, he was like, [inaudible] what you mean? The main thing that you start that path out [inaudible] I’m not saying she won’t add on set of sections [inaudible] but just for construction use in general checkout, maybe discipline customer service and in Oklahoma.

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