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New Homes Edmond | Meeting Your Needs

Hello and thank you for visiting Shaw homes and our website today. Today I’m going to tell you about our big speed new homes, what it looks like to find a homeless shaw homes that is move in ready. If you’re looking for move in ready homes that are brand new, New Homes Edmond the best thing you can do is visit [inaudible] dot com and click on our move in ready homes tab. This way you’ll have a list of all of our move and ready homes and you’ll be able to see if there’s a home that meets all of your needs in the location that you need it to be in and for the price that you want as well.

Some of the moving homes that I’m going to tell you about today, it can be your bigsby new home if you choose to build your next home as opposed to buy a home that’s already built. Some of the benefits of building your home is that not only do you get this like the floor plan because we have over 70 different floor plans. You also get to select the community and within that community you get to select your home site, allowing you to decide if you want to be in a cul de sac or a straight road or backing up to a pond or to some trees, wherever you want to face a certain direction with your home, and then you also get to choose all of the interior selections to you get to design your brand new home, New Homes Edmond but from start to finish with shaw homes, it takes about seven to eight months to design and build your bigs b new home.

So if you don’t have the time or you would rather find one that’s move in ready. The second best thing you can do is buy a move in ready home from shaw homes because it comes included with our 10 year structural warranty or two year mechanical warranty and a one year limited warranty today. The first home I want to tell you about is called the crescent p located in the reserve at Spring Creek. They’re crescent p. The address here is six, six, one, three south chestnut avenue in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, 74 zero, one one. The P is for sale for $342,952. It is still under construction, but really, really close to being move and ready. The square footage here is 2,946 square feet. This is a four bedroom, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. The Crescent p here is located in broken Arrow school districts, so we have to Aspen Creek, middle school, New Homes Edmond child.

There’s middle school and broken Arrow high school. A couple of cool things about the crescent p is that it has a front porch, which is great. One of our few floor plans that has a big front porch. It also has a crescent shaped hallway down to those two bedrooms, so I think that’s why they call it the crescent floor plan is due to the front hallway that bends around that office. That also has a formal dining room and an office in it as well. So this would be a three bedroom house, four bedroom house plus an office plus a dining room, plus a game room. So this is one of our best floor plans. It also has the laundry room far away from the bedrooms and this is great if you like to do late night laundry, New Homes Edmond you can put the laundry in the dryer and let it run overnight and you wouldn’t be here. It has an open floor concept, the kitchen opening up into the living room as well, and a really large master bedroom with an additional bump out note for maybe some additional sitting area or a space for you to set up a desk.

Another big speed new home I want to tell you about is called the Redford three. The redford three is built in our community called Somerset, which is in bixby. The address is six seven, five zero east 119th street south in Bixby, Oklahoma 74 zero, zero eight. The redford three is for sale for $340,995. New Homes Edmond It’s currently active for sale. The square footage is 2,354 square feet. Does a three bedroom, two bathroom home, two stories with a three car garage.


Is located in big city school district. So we have north elementary, basically middle school and high school. So this could be your next big speed, new home. Some cool things about the red for three is that it’s a different version of the Redford because the garage moves over 10 feet allowing for a nice size front porch and also allowing for windows in that office in the front. It has a really huge sitting nug breakfast nook.


and uh, turned island as well. So the island in the kitchen faces this really large note and this is great for two different entertaining areas or if you want it to look out your back windows to your backyard. And this one does not have a formal dining room, which is nice for people that want to have their dining area included in their kitchen or their living room. So it’s a really nice inclusive floor plan. The redford three also what we call a snooze button design. So New Homes Edmond it has a walkthrough feature through the master bathroom and closet, so if you have two people that get up at separate times, one person can get up and exit clause the bed, the bedroom through the bathroom, get ready and exit to the closet, not going back and forth through the master bedroom to disturb their partner. The retro to three also has the most kitchen cabinets of any of our floor plans. So if you’re looking for a big spending of home with a nice large kitchen, the redford three would be the perfect floor plan for you. The next move in ready home I want to tell you about is called the Wyndham one. I the Wyndham one is built six slash six slash seven slash two east 25th street south in Bixby, Oklahoma. The price for this home is 399,900 is currently active for sale. The square footage is 3,561 square feet. This is a four bedroom home, three bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. This one is located in big city school districts as well. So you have north elementary, big feed, middle school and bixby highschool.

A couple of cool things about the Wyndham is that it has a formal dining room with a Butler’s pantry and it one of our largest living rooms and one of our biggest islands as well in the Wyndham one eye you also have a second mother-in-law suite, so the second bedroom downstairs has its own private entrance to the bathroom and then the master bedroom also has that snooze button designed for people who get up at separate times and one person can get up and exit through that master closet, not having to go back and forth through the master bedroom, another moving ready home.

Another cool thing about the Wyndham one eye is that upstairs it has two bedrooms, a bathroom and two game rooms. So the Wyndham can be built as a one or a two story as well, depending on what you want for your new home. The next move and ready home I want to tell you about. New Homes Edmond That can be your big speed. New Home is called the Monterey, one h located in the estates at the. At the river. The sale price for this one is $432,833. It is $3,000, 448 square feet, four bedroom home, three and a half bathrooms, two stories with a three car garage. This is located in big cities, school districts. You have north elementary or enemies? Intermediate elementary, middle school or bixby highschool. A couple of cool things about the Monterey is that it is one of our largest single story homes. It could be a Monterey one or Monterrey to the Monterrey to as a single story is a little over 2,600 square feet, but the Monterey one h, the cool things about this one is that it has a true mother-in-law suite, so there’s a bedroom with a walk in master with a lock in a bathroom and a walk in closet alongside with the master which is downstairs, which has the most private bedrooms.

So to get to the master suite and the Monterey you have to walk down an l shape hallway. So New Homes Edmond it’s truly private master suite and the master suite still has the walkthrough feature. So if there are people that get up at separate times, they can walk through the master closet and in the Monterey one age upstairs you had done another long hallway for the game room and then continued down the hallway for a bathroom and two more bedrooms upstairs. All of these homes can be your big screen, new home. So if you’re looking for a move in ready home, check out [inaudible] dot com.

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