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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond | No Pressure

New Homes Edmond | The hassle free experience

Here at Shaw homes, I’m going to tell you the path to your new shaw home, um, this works for your new home or wherever you want to build your home. We’ve created the best system from start to finish with 10 easy steps getting you from not knowing anything or where to go to moving in and we hand you the keys. The first step that we always take our customers on is the model home tour model. Them tour a is 90 minutes long, six to 12 homes. They’re all fully furnished and decorated a, they’re just information focused on the function behind the floor plan. There’s something for everyone. Versatile plans, one or two stories. Most of our model homes are two stories. However, New Homes Edmond on the model home tour, we’ll go in depth explaining how your bigs b new home can be a one story as well if you choose.

And we’ll just explain the differences in that. Sometimes it adds a bigger coat closet and whenever we eliminate the stairs, the roofline changes. So we just go in depth explaining what the differences are between one and two stories. There’s something for everyone as well. So if you’re wanting to bring some family or friends along that even aren’t interested in building a brand new bigsby new home, but maybe they’re just looking to remodel or they want to look at current trends or paint colors, New Homes Edmond you can bring them along. So there’s something for everyone and the main thing is that we’re just focused on the function behind the floor plan and why we’ve laid out the rooms the way we have. Some of our floor plans have been designed and have 15 different versions. So you’re based in new home. There’s a lot of options and a lot of information for you.

So on this model home tour, we’re just focused on information letting you know what the differences are, what your needs are and what, what floor plan and what model home fits your needs best. Again, there’s no pricing on the model home tour, so there’s no pressure. Just really enjoy the process. Walking through all of these beautifully decorated model homes. Also, you get to drive her own car so you’re not stuck in a van or anything with me while we drive around looking at all of our model homes and that way if an emergency comes up or if you need to leave early for any reason you’re available to do so. They’re all fully furnished and decorated as well. And this we found, helps our customers, New Homes Edmond, with spatial awareness, sometimes it’s hard to understand or even as you’re walking through a home that’s already built, it’s hard to understand where the couch would go or where the table would go and how usable that space would be.

So all of our model homes are fully furnished and decorated. And like I said, there was anywhere from six to 12 homes that are all fully furnished and decorated and we start at broken Arrow even though it’s in broken arrow. All of these model homes can be or Bixby, new home. Um, and then we work our way toward bixby, jenks and we have a little over 25 different communities that you can build in. And the model home, it takes about 90 minutes. It takes about 90 minutes. If we go really fast on the average, it’s about two hours and sometimes three hours, so if you want him to stick through the whole thing, plan at least three hours for the model home tour, but typically 90 minutes would get you a good portion of the model home tour. Now step number two with Shaw homes and your big b new home is financing. We work with the three largest banks in Tulsa, so spirit bank, New Homes Edmond Bank of Oklahoma, and First Oklahoma Bank. We do our. They do what’s called monthly payment quotes, which is really great because the best thing you can do is to understand where at so you can know where to go. Having all the information is the way to have make the best decision. What’s your bigs B, new home,

they’ll do what’s called monthly payment quotes. This way our customers might qualify for a $500,000 house, New Homes Edmond but their monthly payment breakdown will make a lot more sense to them saying, this is what $1,500 will get you with today’s interest rates and you know, if you wanted to buy a $300,000 house, this is what the monthly payment would be, which includes your principal taxes, insurance, principal interest taxes and insurance. So all your entire payment broken down. You can see what that monthly payment would be. Um, it’s a five minute application and at 24 hour approval process, so really fast and easy. And all of these three banks do interest rate matching, closing cost matching, conventional loans, fha loans, va loans, and native American loans.


and also our d loans, some of our communities in Bixby, new homes qualify for an rd loan as well. Interest rates these days are around four point six to five to four point eight. And again, what is happening now is interest rates seem to be rising and building materials. The cost of building materials seem to be going up. So if you’re on the fence and waiting for a good time to buy your home, there’s never been a better time than right now to buy your big b new home. Step number three is the home site reservation. We started allowing our customers to reserve a home site. That way that we can take it off the market and slow things down for our customers and the way they reserve a home site is with a thousand dollar check, a thousand dollars deposit for your new home. That’s refundable for seven days. That check to sits in our office and we don’t even cash it, New Homes Edmond but that allows us to go into our software, delete that home site and

block all of the competing customers from that home site. We could duplicate floorplans over and over, but we can never duplicate land or another home site. So once you find that perfect one of a kind home site that either backs up to the pond or backs up to some trees, or is it a cul de sac? Whatever you are looking for in your home site, the best thing to do is reserve it right away. That way nobody else can take it from you, but this allows for no rushed decisions and switching homesites is allowed, New Homes Edmond so if you are torn between two, the best thing is to just reserve one that the need to take your time, get all of your questions answered, and like I said, we don’t even cash the check for your big street new home.

Step number four is what we call the price out and this one is actually one of my favorite steps and we’re going to get into the price out in the next series, but for now we’re going to go back over the first three steps. So step number one, like I was saying is the model home tour, 90 minutes six to 12 homes. They’re all fully furnished and decorated. It’s just information focused on that function. There’s something for everyone with versatile plans that are one or two story and again, there’s no pricing on the model home tour, so there’s no pressure. Step number two is financing. Again, we work with the three largest banks, Spirit Bank, Bank of Oklahoma, and First Oklahoma Bank. They do all the loans and then step number three was the home site reservation, which is a thousand dollars and that allows us to block any competing customers from that home site and take that home site off the market New Homes Edmond.

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