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Hi, this is Brooklyn clues with Shaw homes and I wanted to talk to you today about some of the homes that we have available here, um, that are going to be moving ready now. A lot of builders can’t offer this because, you know, obviously as a builder, New Homes Edmond most of our homes are going to be custom for each individual customer, but we have found through our realtors and some of our previous customers that it is very helpful to have homes that are moving ready. We call these are market ready homes. We had them in a lot of neighborhoods, um, and as a big homebuilder, um, we think it’s important to have them in a variety of communities. I’ve talked a little bit earlier about some of the communities I’m in Jenks and in fixed fee where we have available homes, um, but we also have some available homes in the New Homes Edmond areas.

Well, I’m not all big speed homebuilders will be able to offer you homes in different communities. Um, and that’s something that really sets us apart here at Shaw. One of the communities in the broken Arrow area’s going to be in millicent pond. It is our Stonebrook v to v just means that there are four bedrooms as opposed to this three bedroom, which is the stone brick age. This stonebrook V is priced at 319,900. It is 2,808 square feet. It offers four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms. It is a two story with a three car garage. It is in school district nine for Union at Anderson Elementary, union middle and union high school. Those are going to be your school districts New Homes Edmond

and that is that one. Zero, one six south Joshua Avenue in broken arrow. That zip code is seven four. Oh, one, two. The second home that we have available is going to be in New Homes Edmond r seven oaks south, a neighborhood and that is located on 101st between Lynn Lane and county line. It is also a stone broke V, uh, this one’s going to be a little bit different because the home and millicent pond actually had an additional room added upstairs. New Homes Edmond, so the square footage on the Stonebrook v in sevenoaks south is going to be 2,619 square feet. This is going to be your typical square footage for all of our stonebrook viz. It’s still a four bedroom, two and a half bath, two story and three car garage. So the only difference is really going to be that flex room upstairs. He does the broken Arrow School district, that school district three leisure park elementary, all of our middle school and Broken Arrow high school.

And that is at 14, 10 east New Orleans place in broken arrow. The next time that we have available, it’s also in sevenoaks south is going to be our Greenville one. He not a stone brook I just told you about. And the Greenville are both going to be models so they’re not currently on the market. New Homes Edmond, but there will be at some point. So that’ll probably be once the neighborhood fills up quite a bit and we’ve built another model of those floor plans but they are still fairly new and they’re really beautiful homes. The Greenville one, he is 2,987 square feet. It’s also four bedrooms, but it’s three full baths. Two story three car garage. Again, that’s going to be the same school district is. It’s just right next door at school district, three in broken Arrow and leisure park elementary, Oliver Middle School in Broken Arrow high school. The next time in the seven oaks south that we have available is going to be our addison, which is a one story. It’s on the market for $243,255. It is a one story. Three car garage, three bedroom, two bath at 1000, 857 square feet. That is a broken Arrow school district as well. It’s the same in the same neighborhoods at school district three, leisure park elementary, Oliver Middle School, and broken around high school New Homes Edmond.

Now the addison one story is a great, great home. I’m offering a three bedroom, two bath with just 1857 square feet at such a great starter home. If you’re not wanting a lot of square footage or if you are an empty nester and you were wanting to downsize and you’re tired of heating and cooling that upstairs because the Kiddos are gone. New Homes Edmond This is a great option.


The next time that we have is going to be in Brighton village. It’s our Finley floor plan coming in at 1,802 square feet. Uh, it is on the market for $227,005. It’s a three bedroom, two bath, one story three car garage. So if you’re wanting something that’s around the same square footage at, New Homes Edmond, you know, significantly less, almost 20,000 less,

you really want to consider the Finley. It is a beautiful layout. Um, it’s really giving you all of the things that you need, the bedrooms and the bathrooms and still give me that large garage and it is in the broken Arrow school district three as well. It’s spring creek elementary, shoulders, middle school, broken Arrow Highschool, Brighton village, if you’re not familiar, is a beautiful community. Um, and it’s a little further east and broken arrow. So you really are still getting a good size home site and you don’t have a whole lot of homes that are out here and neighborhoods. You’re right off the creek turnpike. You’re also adjacent to, um, the broken Arrow and one 69 as well, which is very convenient. New Homes Edmond, so you’ve got a lot out here in Brighton village, which I think is one of the true highlights of our Finley. We did have a couple of the homes just recently sell in the seven oaks south community, the Addison p in the Ventana q, um, both excellent floor plans that are no longer available.

But I’d like to tell you a little bit about them. New Homes Edmond is going to be similar to our addison one story. The p simply means that there is going to be an upstairs, um, and you’ve just got one bedroom upstairs. But what’s great about having that upstairs is not only do you have a bedroom and a bathroom upstairs, you also are going to have a, um, an additional room upstairs that you could use as a game room or you could use as a second gen or a playroom for the kids. New Homes Edmond, there’s also going to be a study in this model as well, like you had in the Addison one story. Some people even use that study as a nursery because of its proximity to the master suite. So that room is actually, I’m just on the other side of your master closet, so very easily accessible.

Um, if you wanted to have a nursery that was close by as well, or if you have a young Kiddo that you don’t want crawling out of the crib and fallen down the stairs, um, you don’t want to have an accident like that. That’s a, this is a great plan for you. The ventana q and other beautiful model, um, that we had in sevenoaks south. It is 2,595 square feet. It was a four bedroom, three bath, two story with a three car garage. Uh, the Ventana q is a beautiful, beautiful floor plan. I’ve been ton is actually Spanish for windows, which we named it that because of the amount of windows and natural light that you are going to see here in this floor plan. It’s a really, really beautiful floor plan with a lot of natural light, which, you know, it’s a very popular trend right now in a lot of our customers has told us that that’s really something that, that they want New Homes Edmond.

I’m now a home that we do have that is still available. It’s in south, in broken arrow. New Homes Edmond, it’s in highland creek. It’s our addison p. and so it’s going to be the same floor plan. Is that Addison p that was in sevenoaks south in highland creek. You are still going to be in the school district. Three broken arrow. You’re going to be an oak crest elementary childers middle school and broken Arrow high school. Um, the anus and p here again, it’s 2,421 square feet, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, two stories, three car garage, and that is our model home there in highland creek. And because the home sites are going so fast, uh, it might not be a model home for much longer. New Homes Edmond, so keep your eye on this one because it is a beautiful, beautiful model home and I know that it will soon be on the market and it will be hot because highland creek is such a booming neighborhood and it’s in such a great new part of broken Arrow with all the things that they’re building in broken arrow. Um, I know that this community is going to sell out fast, so you might want to keep your eye on some of those home sites because they are going very quickly.

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