Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond Oklahoma | Shaw Homes Customer Service.


If you are potential homebuyers and you’re looking for New Homes Edmond Oklahoma, then you deftly want to look at Shaw Homes. Not only does Shaw Homes have custom-built homes and beautiful moving ready homes in the Edmonton Oklahoma City area but we also have them all throughout the Tulsa Metro area as well. John is been building homes since 1985 and currently has 37 communities spread across Oklahoma City and the greater Tulsa area. Shaw Homes is the home builder choice for Oklahoma and we are the highest and most reviewed custom home building company in the state of Oklahoma.

Nobody offers better custom-built home and we also offer pretty bill homes and New Homes Edmond Oklahoma and Edmund and all over Tulsa. Everything that we do is high-quality, beautiful and well-designed. So if you’re a potential home buyer or your homeowner looking for, then you really want to look at Shaw Homes. That only are we going to offer you the highest quality most beautiful homes either in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, but but we also offer you better warranties than anybody else. First of all we’re going offer you a full 10 year structural warranty in your home that we also add on top of that to your mechanical warranty and then we also provide you with a one year everything warranty that covers literally everything on your home for the first year.

Also when you considering New Homes Edmond Oklahoma coming also want to consider the fact that we at Shaw Homes have the largest collection of fully fund and furnish integrated model homes for you to take advantage of. The for plan to turn them in the model homes so if you are interested in any of those particular four plans you can tour that model home seems like fully built and fully furnished and decorated see get a much better sense of what the home is going to be like when it’s finished. Get as many homes as you like and we can set you up with a full model home tour.

So if you’re somebody that is seeking a fully custom-built home, and you live anywhere in the Oakland city area or in Tulsa, then get touch with Shaw Homes. Contact us we can see if the custom home that you want to build is going to be within our radius if you listed in an existing community. We can also provide you with some great incentives when you talk to us on our homes as well.

Get touch with us today if you’re interested in what we can offer you by calling us at 918-688-5660 always get our website at shawhomes.com sea can find more information about us as a company, our customer testimonials and also be sure to look through the photo gallery of our moving ready homes and take a look at every four plan that we offer.

New Homes Edmond Oklahoma | Shaw Homes Customer Service.

When it comes to New Homes Edmond Oklahoma, you want to make sure they are going with the top homebuilder in the state. That homebuilder is going to be shows because we the highest and most reviewed by the people of Oklahoma. We have hundreds of excellent Google reviews that you can see for yourself for the quick Google search. We have become the best home building company in Oklahoma because only do we provide you with the highest quality most beautiful homes but we also offer you the great customer service, the best value, and unbelievable incentives on your home purchases. We build homes all across the entire Tulsa Metro area and in areas of Oklahoma City as well. So get touch with us if you want to know about owning or buying or building home from scratch in any of our existing 37 communities stretched across both of the Metro areas.

When it comes to our homes, or even New Homes Edmond Oklahoma or Tulsa, we’re going to provide you with the most beautiful high quality home you’ve ever seen and try to provide you with that dream home you’ve always wanted. In trying provide you with a the most hasslefree stress-free design process leading up to the construction the home. We can even help you with your financing. If you need help with that, then we have preferred lenders that you can work with that are going to do everything they can to make sure you get the mortgage are the home of the you need to make sure you get the home that you’ve always wanted. We are to have these letters in place all you have to do is give us a call then we can do for you right away.

When it comes to New Homes Edmond Oklahoma, we can also help you in other areas such as making sure that when we provide you with a beautifully designed beautifully built in high quality home, we also provide you with the warranties to back up the work that we claim. So we claim to have high quality homes in the back that up and we believe in our words we provide you with three warranties because we know that we can do that. We can backup our 10 year structural warranty are to your mechanical warranty and are one year everything warranty that you get with every single Shaw Homes that we sell.

Also we make it easy for you providing you with the largest selection of fully furnished a model homes the tour, and provide you with more floorplans than anybody else. We also make sure we provide you incredible deals with our incentives because we can give you $15,000 off of the closing price of your home or we can pay the closing costs completely depending on which series of home you buy.

If you’re really interested in a Shaw Homes and you want to get touch with us set up your model home tour to kick it off the get touch with us at 918-688-5660 or you can find us on our website at shawhomes.com we can find a lot of information including photo galleries of our moving ready homes, testimonials from some of our shop family and also check out everything one of our floor plans that we offer the website as well.nn

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