Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond Oklahoma | Smartest Move You Make

The smartest move you make searching for new homes Edmond Oklahoma brought to you by Shaw homes. The hot largest homebuilder in the state of Oklahoma as well as the highest rated and most reviewed custom home builder in Oklahoma. 918-688-5660 www.shawhomes.com. So if you’re looking for a builder that has everything in mind as well as deathly a builder who has all their ducks in a row as well as sticking with a path to make the homebuying easier as well as the home-building project easier for you this is different builder to go to.

Now with new homes Edmond Oklahoma you will not be disappointed. So specifically and with homes like an Oakland city area and you can find special offers if you just go to the website and then you click on the tab it says about us and then it will do give you drop-down menu needs click the button it says special offers that will beat you to some of the series that their offering as well as what’s all involved. So specifically the Manchester series that a special offer for their on the city location.

So going on with new homes Edmond Oklahoma that their offering a new year incentive special offer in their Manchester series located in Oakland city and this is actually for a limited time ask ends at the end of January so if you’re looking at Edmond right now and you want to buy home for an build a home get hold of this offer before and because it does and at the end of January and this is an incentive to give you 25,000 towards the price of the home or the closing costs of your home. Now there are some little you know enough small fine print stuff you need to be able to ask your members represent about for additional details if you are interested.

Also with Oakland city and that working in that area we be more than happy to walk you through some of our model home so you can get an idea of you’re actually looking for in a floorplan or go hang out with model homes and see which one you like and go and buy. We have diff 38 different communities, and where people can build as well as 62 different floor plans. So there’s a whole lot of choices and we would make that choice as easy and as simplified as possible.

The trust Shaw homes and take advantage of one of their series special offers in one city or in the Edmond area. Also go online to look at their communities the available homes as well as schedule a model home tour and look at their floorplan collection. That because Shaw homes has been proudly serving Oakland city and Tulsa nature areas for the past 34 years.

New Homes Edmond Oklahoma | The Most Popular Builder

The most popular builder especially for new homes Edmond Oklahoma is Shaw homes. They are the St. Jude dream homebuilder that everybody wants to go to and everybody want to tour. So if you actually want to book your tour you can book it online and a member of our staff will get a hold of you to schedule that out for morning or afternoon time whatever works best for you to walk through the home as well as bring some family or even friends to take a look. 918-688-5660 www.shawhomes.com.

You will not be able to get enough of new homes Edmond Oklahoma built by Shaw homes. Also they have a number of special offers happening right now especially one specifically in the Oklahoma City Oklahoma area. If you’re curious to see what special offers they have another incentives please visit the website and actually click on the tab because about us and then go down the drop get drop-down menu and click the button that says special offers. Also if you build a custom home with us here at Shaw homes you actually get $15,000 in upgrades. And that $15,000 can go to whatever you want in your new home.

Also if you want to learn more about their team and also understand more about the experience that they happen what makes them the highest awarded builder in Oklahoma you cannot find all this information on the website and we highly recommend that you read the reviews as well as watch video testimonials from very satisfied happy clients. What’s great about Shaw homes is that they are very strict about following the path making sure that they walk alongside you along that path to make sure everything is explained about what to expect when to expect it as well as going into the homebuying or the home-building experience with your eyes wide open.

So the founder and president of Shaw homes is Glenn Shaw. He actually grew up in a construction family with his dad and his uncle and he spent a number of his early years actually on construction site being meant toward by his father. And he actually has his Masters degree from Oral Roberts University and he started raising a family here right and Tulsa. And he has built over 2000 homes in over 50 communities all over the Tulsa area since he started Shaw homes 34 years ago. He still very involved in every aspect of Shaw homes today and he home-building passion is still there.

New homes Edmond Oklahoma is the most popular homebuilder and that is Shaw homes. They have every single member of their team has a passion for building and even from the president all the way to the director of sales and had a construction has the years of experience in the business of new home sales and construction. They work with you in every aspect of the new home construction from framing to the finish. Whether they all have degrees in architecture construction and building. They always have a passion for new home industry and they love working with people.

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