Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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New Homes Edmond Oklahoma | Tons Of Info On Our Website.


When it comes to people looking for new homes Edmond Oklahoma, you’re not going to find a better home builder in Oklahoma then Shaw Homes. In addition to that we are a custom home builder and as such we are also the highest and most reviewed custom home builder in Oklahoma currently. This is partly because we’ve been building homes in Oklahoma for three and a half decades and since 1985 we have a mass to 37 communities throughout Tulsa and Oklahoma City. People certainly love our homes, and one of the reasons why is the fact that we couple high-quality beautiful homes with outstanding customer service as well.

Not the least of our services when it comes to new homes Edmond Oklahoma and people that buy a Shaw Homes the fact that every one of our homes comes with three high-quality warranties as well. Every Shaw Homebuyer is going to get a 10-year structural warranty a two-year mechanical warranty and a one year everything warranty with their home. We produce high-quality homes and then we also produce high-quality warranties to match those homes. In the event that in the unusual circumstances of something going wrong with the home that is covered by one of our warranties, then we will be out there to take care of it immediately. We will make sure that we provide you with Incredible service along with your home-buying experience to make sure that you’re getting the best experience possible all throughout the buying experience and the home-owning an experience as well.

When he’s not the only way that we provide great service on new homes Edmond Oklahoma, but we also make sure we provide the largest collection of fully furnished and decorated model homes for you to look at during your home shopping experiences while. You can take one of our Shaw Homes model tours at any time for free. We provide these to her 7 days a week with our home specialist. That way you can see our model homes based on some of our most popular floor plans that are completely constructed and fully furnished so you have a great idea of what a completed house from your favorite floor plan may look like as a finished product.

People also tell us quite often that whether or not they build or buy with us, they found that our model to her with the single most helpful thing they did during their whole shopping experience. So we want to make sure that we provide everybody with exceptional customer service in addition to the quality homes that we provide and to that and we also make sure we offer more floor plans for that matter also.

If you’re really interested in seeing the quality customer service that Shaw Homes can provide to you during your home shopping experience or after your home-owning experience as well, to make sure you give us a call at 918-688-5660 or you can always go to our website at any time at shawhomes.com where you can find customer testimonials and photo galleries as well.

New Homes Edmond Oklahoma | Tons Of Info On Our Website.

If you are considering new homes Edmond Oklahoma, then you definitely want to get in touch with us here at Shalom is. Maybe the best way to do that and find the most information at one time is through our website. As soon as you log onto our website at shawhomes.com you’ll see right away that first of all we have become the state’s highest and most reviewed custom home builder. After building homes in Oklahoma after a three and a half-decade, we have amassed 37 different communities throughout Tulsa and Oklahoma City metro areas including Edmond.

When you log onto our website after you began considering new homes Edmond Oklahoma, then you will see that right from the first page you can read our reviews. You also find links to our communities, you will also find a list of our current move-in-ready homes for sale, and customer testimonial videos to look through from some of our home buyers who have been extremely happy with the homes and the service that we have provided to them. You also find a link to sign up to win a free home from Shaw Homes.

In your search for new homes Edmond Oklahoma you also find on our website All of our floor plans that we offer here at Shaw Homes which are more than anybody else in the state of Oklahoma. You’ll also find our home buyers corner where you can find kids for home buying Basics, information about the construction process, our design studio and our quality assurance program. You can also make claims on your warranty from our website and have some of your questions answered with an FAQ section.

On our website you also find Photo galleries for Marsha homes including kitchen photo galleries, Master Suite photo galleries and even a video gallery. On top of that, you also find our customer testimonials specifically, and in about section which tells you a little bit about the history of our company and how we were founded in 1985 and then you can also find of course, I’ll contact information in full.

If you’re interested in what Shaw Homes has to offer then, by all means, make sure you visit our website at any time by going to shawhomes.com and then also if you need further information or you need to speak to someone directly for more one-on-one information, you can always give us a phone call at 918-688-5660 or come by our office in Broken Arrow anytime. Be sure to send us any questions comments or concerns to the website at any time or you can also sign up directly to take the Shaw Homes model tour as well. Our model home tour is free to everybody and is available 7 days a week by anyone of our own specialist in Tulsa or Oklahoma City.

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