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New Homes Edmond | Overcoming Obstacles

New Homes Edmond | They Will Come Up

At show homes, we build custom homes in broken Arrow and I’d like to visit with you about some of those move in ready homes as well as some that we have in our jinx school district. I’m at genes in beautiful elwood park located, uh, between 111th and 121st just on the west side of Elwood. I’m in the Great Lakes School district. Um, La Park is a, is a neighborhood that is new homes, but it’s almost nearly complete. There’s only a couple of lots left in there. New Homes Edmond um, we have to move in ready homes or nearly move in ready homes. One of them is our beautiful Ventana Q. It’s only 2,600 square feet. Um, but it feels like it’s a lot bigger than that. It has four bedrooms, two down and two, uh, and a as well as a office upfront, a large, very large, great room and a open island kitchen with a large nook.

Um, this home, the Ventana is consistently one of the most popular homes that we build. It’s popular with families because we designed it to give families the maximum amount of square footage for the least amount of money, so it’s just impossible for other builders to beat us in price and they cannot beat us in quality on this home or any of our other homes for that matter. Um, the Ventana is priced in Elwood Park at only $319,023. So if you want a move in ready home for a family of four, New Homes Edmond, certainly for bedroom. Um, this is the home for you. It is, it just beautifully decorated. It is gorgeous. It feels very spacious. Let me tell you about how special of the master and the other downstairs bedroom are. So once you’re in the master and you walk through the master into the master bath and then into the master closet and then from the closet you were in the utility room just outside the utility room is a whole.

And the second downstairs bedroom is just right there. So it is a perfect setup for a mama or daddy with a little ones at home that they want to have in that bedroom close to them. I’m telling you, you can just walk right through your bathroom closet and then you are in the baby’s room right there. Or if the kids are older and you want them to go to those two upstairs bedrooms, then you could use that second downstairs bedroom for a second office or a exercise room just right off your master suite. How Fun would that be to have your treadmill, some weights, New Homes Edmond, right there in that, that bedroom that you can just close the door too, because exercise equipment is not the most beautiful thing for most families to look at. Additionally, just down the hall from that bedroom is a beautiful full bath. So, New Homes Edmond, that can either be used as your guest bath or it can be used for whoever’s staying in that, in that second bedroom downstairs for you. Um, the Ventana q is a great home and, um, we would love for you to give us a call at nine. One, eight, seven, two, four, two, two, eight, zero. And ask me any questions that you would have about seeing our beautiful Ventana cue in Elwood Park.

We build custom homes and broken Arrow and as I mentioned also in Elwood Park and also in Elwood Park. We have a single story. Redford, Redford is such a special floor plan because the home, uh, the kitchen is truly located right in the center of the home. So the kitchen is truly the heart of the home in the Redford. So if you are a cook or a fewer a dishes girl like I am, the Redford delivers because in many open island kitchens, um, you just pretty much had those cabinets behind Ya, New Homes Edmond, that one wall of cabinets behind you. But in the Redford there’s a whole additional sidewall of cabinets that really gives you an amazing amount of storage. The kitchen is very, very large with a very large walk in Pantry as you’re coming in from the garage carrying your groceries and you step into the utility room and they’re right there.

You are in the kitchen, unload your groceries. It is a, it’s a, it’s a really nice layout for that, for that kitchen area. Then when you’re standing at the kitchen sink, looking straight ahead, rather than looking at the back of your husband’s head sitting there on the sofa while he’s watching the big game on tv, you are overlooking a huge, a hearth room nook area that we have built just off the kitchen, you know, New Homes Edmond, that overlooks the backyard, you know, we’ve heard from so many customers over the years, hey, we don’t want both the formal dining room and a nook. We just want a very large network where we can put our formal dining room furniture. Well, that’s what the Redford delivers for families. So it’s a beautiful home, a gorgeous home that I would love to show you. And um, we have fully furnished model homes that we can show of these floor plans.

So if you are a realtor and you have a client who wants to see these homes, it can also be really helpful for me to take them into the model so they can see what they look like when they’re finished. Uh, that Redford is for sale in Elwood Park for only $297, 900, $297,959. It’s in the electric rough phase, which means it’ll be a few months before it’s done. But oh my gosh, is it worth the wait? That is a beautiful, beautiful home on a nice, New Homes Edmond nice lot there. In elwood park shell homes, we build custom homes and broken arrow. And in broken Arrow is located millicent pond. We have a couple of move in ready homes. And millicent pond, a one of them is our Stonebrook v at 2,805 square feet. It is located at 10:16. That’s one o, one six south Joshua Avenue. And it’s for sale for only $319,900.

And I’m telling you if you want a new family home in the union school district in Broken Arrow, you are not going to find one for less than that. Not for brand new, only three, 19 900. And it’s a beautiful, beautiful home with a, uh, the kitchen just is spectacular. It just knocks people out. Has a very large, great room because a very large nook that overlooks the backyard, um, that is beautiful. And the walk in Pantry and this home, you just won’t believe it. I’m, when I’m touring people through this home, New Homes Edmond I always make them step all the way into the pantry because they just can’t believe how it just keeps on going and going. Tons of storage in this home. Uh, the master down, all the Kiddos go up. So this is one of those homes where if you want the kiddos upstairs, um, there is a game room and three bedrooms upstairs for them.

And then you have the downstairs master plus. This home comes with a really adorable little powder bath for your guests to use downstairs. It’s just a beautiful layout. We love our Stoneberg v and I’m sure that you will too, and we would love for you to tour it. Also in the union school district as custom homes, broken Arrow builder, we offer in Crystal Creek, our amber that we have for sale that is 100 percent complete. Our amber home is a great home for a emptynesters. Someone downsizing where someone may be just starting out with their first home. New Homes Edmond It is only 16 and 83 square feet, but they are adorable square footage. They um, they are. The amber is located at four, three to six south 33rd east avenue in broken arrow. It is ready for you to move into. It is 100 percent complete and it is for sale for only $206,769.

So what a great buy for a three bedroom, two bath, three car garage. Home is gorgeous. Also even slightly smaller. And Crystal Creek, we have one of our bay woods. This bay would is only 1,336 square feet. So it is perfect for a single mom, single dad or perhaps a, a couple who was downsizing. Um, it is just laid out. So adorable. He has just said it’s the cutest little floor plan and it’s located at one, three, three. Oh, five east 41st place. It is 100 percent complete. It is ready for you to move into. New Homes Edmond Are you ready for the prize? It is only $179,729. So, um, for the Union School district hire 79,000, um, that is a bargain. You’re not gonna, you’re not gonna find that bargain anywhere. Also in Crystal Creek, we have one of our ambers for sale that is also 100 percent complete.

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