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As a broken Arrow, home builder show homes is so proud and thrilled to be able to bring you great neighborhoods to choose from in broken Arrow and one of those broken Arrow neighborhoods that we’re especially proud of because we were the developer for this neighborhood is in Brighton village. Brighton village is located less than a mile from the creek turnpike, which gives the neighbors their access to just about anywhere in the Tulsa area and just a very short amount of time as well as the new Warren Theater, Walmart, New Homes Edmond lots of other shops and restaurants are within a two mile drive. So close highway access, shopping and entertainment where you feel like you’re living out in the country. Um, but you are right there in the heart of the city.

The amenities of Brock Brighton village are the, a clubhouse and pool and it’s a sidewalk community. So it’s nice for families to take strolls on the pretty eat beings. Walk your dog, your kids, your husband, whenever. Um, as a broken Arrow homebuilder, we like to make sure that our communities have as many of these amenities available. And um, while Glenn Shaw and Chuck Ramsey where the original developers of Brighton village, so we have uh, here at shaw homes, had a particular interest in making sure that Brighton village stays pretty and family friendly. The homes in Brighton village range from 1,726 square feet to 3,772 square feet with a price range of $199,850 to 3:33, 9:50 as a broken Arrow home builder. New Homes Edmond These a Brighton village neighborhoods are in, is in d broken Arrow school district. So the elementary school would be Spring Creek. The middle school would be childers and the high school would be broken Arrow south high school

Brighton village is located on the north side of 120 per street, a half a mile west of 193rd, which is county line road, as I said, on the north side of 121st. So from Tulsa directions to get there, you would simply take highway one 69 south and then follow all the signs for the creek turnpike south loop tech. The Elma road exit and turn right on El Road, Elma road, and from the ramp, take your first left onto east 121st street south, which is Tucson. Brighton village is approximately one and a half miles on the lift from broken arrow. Take Elm Lynn Lane or 193rd south to 121st Brighton village is located just off of 121st between Linda Lane and county line road as Pinero homebuilder. New Homes Edmond, we want to bring you the most versatile floorplans. And one of our family favorite floor plans is our beautiful park wood model home right there in Brighton village. So when you turn into the neighborhood, it’s going to be the first house on your right.

The parkwood can be built a number of different ways as a broken Arrow home builder, we like to give our families variety, New Homes Edmond, so that you can truly customize your home in the park would. Of course it comes with a three car garage as do all shaw homes. And when you walk in the front door, you’re walking into a very large, very tall entryway that is spacious and gorgeous. And then just to your immediate left is a study, a large study with a vaulted ceiling in it, two big windows up front that overlooked the front yard. It is a really nice size room for those who need to work from home occasionally, again, immediately on your right is the entry hall coat closet and then a door to a adorable little powder bathroom. And then once you go on through the entryway, blc the staircase on your right heading upstairs, but straight ahead of you is the great room. And as you look toward the great room, you will see the focal point of the fireplace, the corner fireplace there on your left, as well as three s, a very tall windows with transom windows up above. I’m overlooking a large covered patio. New Homes Edmond An open concept kitchen with a very large island is located just on the right side of the green roof gate. That great room

as a broken Arrow home builder, we like to give our families lots of space for eating. And this note certainly delivers, it’s a big nook at ten three, but 13 one with a walkout door to that beautiful large covered patio. The island is super long to. It’s huge. And um, the kitchen cabinets are a little bit longer than they are in a lot of open island kitchens. So you get lots of cabinet space there in the park. Would one of my favorite features about the park wood is the rear for higher. So as a broken Arrow home builder, New Homes Edmond, our families have told us that when they walk into the home from the garage, first thing they want to see is a mud bitch so they can have a place for the Kiddos to drop their backpacks and kick off their shoes.

They also don’t want to have to take very many steps when they’re carrying those bags of groceries. So coming in from the garage, you’re there in the med bench utility area. And then the huge walk in pantry right there to your left as well as a very large, really nice laundry room to. You’re right, it’s a very family friendly laundry room. It’s great big with the large folding counter upper cabinets in there as well as room for your washer and dryer. It also has a window in there, give you something pretty to look out and see, and then on the opposite side of the home is the master suite, so walking from the great room, you walk into a hall and you turn slightly to the right and then you’re in the large master bedroom with the huge vaulted ceiling as a broken Arrow home builder. New Homes Edmond We like to give our families what they’re looking for and what one of the things they’re looking for is large master bedroom and master bathroom going through the master bathroom. It has a huge counter space in it with double sinks, plenty of room for the wife to spread out with her makeup, a flat irons cooler, curlers blow dryers, etc. A very large six foot soaker tub

as well as a super big walk in shower and then a very large master. When I sAy very large, it’s almost room size at 13, three by six foot seven. It’s a great a closet and then upstairs as a broken arrow, homebuilder, we can build the parkwood many different ways including putting the game room and a couple of different locations for our families. So, New Homes Edmond, it can be a five bedroom home or it can be built a small as a three bedroom home. So the park wood is definitely one of those family friendly floor plans that you want to check out. And our brighton village neighborhood, um, as a broken arrow home builder, we have more furnished and decorated model homes and any other builder in the greater tulsa or broken arrow area. So come out and see us.

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