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New Homes Edmond | Really Tall Windows

New Homes Edmond | Really Tall Windows

On the model home tour, the Shaw homes, trying to find your big speed new home, we’ve started taking our customers on a model home tour because who doesn’t love going around looking at beautifully decorated model homes. Our customers have told us that even if they ended up buying a used home or building with somebody else, that our model home tour has been the single most helpful thing that they’ve done during their home shopping experience and that’s because our model home tour, New Homes Edmond we really function. We really focus on the function behind the design and why we laid out the rooms the way we have these floor plans have been designed from architects over with over 30 years of experience. The way the model home tour works is that

we would meet at the starting location and you would drive behind a sales manager and you had to drive your own vehicle. That way if something comes up, you’re free to go at anytime. They take these model home tours the same days every week. It’s Saturdays at 9:00 AM, Sundays at 5:00 PM and Monday’s at 6:00 PM. They can only take a limited number of people on every tour, so if you want it to go, be sure to let us sales manager know and they’ll reserve a spot for you today. I’m going to tell you about our path and where we go whenever we drive from community to community and I’ll tell you about the model homes that are built and the ones that you’d get to tour while you look for your big speed. New Homes Edmond The starting location for the model home tour is in our community called ashbrook out in broken Arrow, and the floor plan is called the Prescott. The Prescott’s address is two four, zero six, eight east, 95th street south in broken arrow.

The cool thing about the Prescott is this one, this floor plan has the most windows in the living area and one thing you might not know is that we’ve actually redesigned it where the patio used to overhang the nook and those really tall windows, but our customers kept saying that it was blocking a lot of that natural light. So we redesigned it and pushed the patio off the end of the Nook, allowing for a lot of natural light coming in. Those really tall windows. The Prescott also has the most storage closets have any more floor plans, which is really nice because homes these days seem like they don’t have a lot of storage, but this floor plan has large closet almost in every room. Another cool thing about the Prescott is that it has a huge pantry New Homes Edmond


it has a design that’s late night laundry design and this is great for somebody that likes to do laundry at night. The reason it was laid out this way is that the laundry room is the furthest away from all the bedrooms after the Prescott in our community called Ashbrook. By the way, Ashbrook is off of 241st East avenue and just north of 101st. This community is in broken Arrow also in wagoner county. I’m in this community. There are half acre home sites, so if you’re looking for a large home site in broken Arrow, ashbrook would be the perfect community for you. The next location that would go to on our model home tour is called Highland Creek. Highland creek is just south of 101st off of 225th. Now the cool thing about highland creek is that again, it’s in broken Arrow in wagoner county. It qualifies for the Rd loan and it has walking trails, New Homes Edmond hiking trails, fishing ponds, a pool of clubhouse to playgrounds, soccer fields, basketball courts. This is a great broken Arrow community with a lot of amenities.

The model home built in highland creek is called Addison. The Addison’s address is two, two, five, zero seven east, 104th street south in broken Arrow, but this model home could be built in bixby and would be your big speed new home. The cool thing about the addison is that it’s our most efficient four or five bedroom home. This one could be built as a one or a two story as a one story. Again, it’s a four bedroom home, a little over 1800 square feet, and then as a two story, it’s a five bedroom home, a little over 2,400 square feet. The Addison is a split plan, separation of bedrooms, so you have bedrooms and a bathroom on one side, separated by the living and kitchen area, and then bedrooms and a bathroom on the other side as well. This is a great plan for a nursery because this is a smaller bedroom right off of the master closet and the game room upstairs is huge and fits nine comfortably after the highland creek. The next community that we go to is called seven oaks south south, again, as in broken Arrow, but in Tulsa county. New Homes Edmond, but any of these model homes can be built for your speed. New Home. The model homes in here are the Greenville, which the address is one for one for east new place or the stone brook, which is one four, one zero east and one’s place. The cool thing about the Greenville is that it’s our most open design concept with New Homes Edmond really high ceilings in a one and a two story version. The ceiling heights today, this is the same. The ceiling heights are a 13 foot right in the entryway, and then a 20 foot in the dining room making for a huge grand entrance. The entrance to the Greenville is truly breathtaking.

The Greenville also has the largest area dedicated to the master’s suite. New Homes Edmond Literally one side of the home is the master suite. Also, the Greenville has another option, unique option for the master suite expansion where ads to private rooms off of the master suite for a study and an exercise room. The Greenville would be the perfect floor plan for your new home. The next time is stonebrook stonebrook, uh, again, only has one bedroom downstairs, which is the master suite and the rest of the bedrooms are upstairs. So the stomach has to be built as a two story version. Stonebrook has an oversized note and, uh, turned island, which is really cool that the island faces the backyard, allowing for really two different, two different entertaining spaces and allows you to look out those back windows. Also in the stonebrook, there’s what we call a preppers pantry. Really it’s just a huge pantry. Would that would allow you to live for months? If something happened and you needed to hide away in your closet, Sternberg also has the snooze button design in the master suite. This is great if people get up at separate times, one person can get up and go into the master bathroom, shower and change and then exit through the master closet. Never having to go back and forth through the master bedroom to disturb anybody.

Steinberg also has a unique l shaped vanity in the master suite, one of the largest vanities in the master in our master suites.

No, this is only halfway through the model home tour, but typically at this time we just like to double check and see how our clients from customers are doing on time and sometimes this is where people would reach their 90 minute mark depending on how quickly we can get through these models. Sometimes it often goes over 90 minutes, so again, the first one is the Prescott. One of the things that we started doing is texting a survey to our customers. That way they can fill out the survey as they go through the model home tour and it helps keep things straight and allowing them to know the differences in these model homes because by the end of it they all kind of blurred together. So the cool thing about the survey is that at the end it will email you a copy of the survey. That way once it comes time to move on to the next step, you’ll know what you liked and what you didn’t like and they’ll help you narrow down your search for your big speed. New home again, on the model home tour. To recap, we have the Prescott at two, four, zero, six, eight east, 95th street south in broken Arrow in our community called ashbrook. Then we have the addison at two, two, five, zero, seven east hundred and fourth street south in broken Arrow in our community called highland creek. Then we have the Greenville at one for one for East New Orleans place in New Homes Edmond

in our community called seven oaks south. And then we have our stonebrook model, which is one four, one zero east New Orleans place in broken arrow. Again in our community called seven oak south.

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