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New Homes Edmond | Seeing everything That Possible

New Homes Edmond | Open Your Eyes

To continue discussing our process here at shot homes for New Homes Edmond, it’s important to get an overview of how we work and obviously the first step in your process with Shaw homes will be that first point of contact, um, whether that is reaching out to your realtor and having your realtor and contact us to get started or whether or not that is coming into one of our model homes, um, when we have open houses or, um, when our models are open during model ours, um, you know, maybe you walked in one weekend and spoke with one of our new home specialist and you’re ready to, to start on your process here at Shaw homes. The first step in that process is going to be joining us on one of our model home tours. And we do that model home tour three times a week. So we do those on Saturdays at 9:00 AM and Sundays and Mondays at 5:00 PM. New Homes Edmond, so usually you are able to find time in your schedule to meet on one of those days. I’m the model home tour is so important because we do have so many fully furnished and decorated models. Um, it’s just a really fun way to be able to see all of our homes, our customers have told us that even if they don’t build with us or um, if they buy a used home that our model home tour is the single most helpful tool during their home shopping experience. And the reason why is we really focus on the function behind the design of the homes floor plan a, we really put a lot of thought into laying the rooms out the way that we do.

Um, a lot of times you are seeing version two point oh, or three point, oh, of a homes floor plan because we will change those floor plans based on popular standards and popular trends. And uh, based on what our customers have told us in the past. And the model home tour is such an important tool for our customers because it really gives them a, a solid opportunity to see everything that we can do. Not only are you seeing all of the floorplans imperson, you’re seeing all of the different style ideas, New Homes Edmond you’re seeing all of the different selections. We try to make these models as different as possible. We try to use all of the different, um, all of the different options when we are so that once you’re in the design studio, if you would like to, if you would like to use a certain stain or would like a certain kind of flooring or would like to see a certain style of cabinet,

you’re going to be able to see all of those things in one of our models. New Homes Edmond, we think it’s important to make the models as diverse as possible. You’re not just going to see one style, you’re not just going to see ’em all upgrades. Um, we’d like to offer select options and certain models, um, but we don’t like them to be fully stocked with every upgrade that you can have. And we want you to have an idea of what does come standard in our homes. But we also like to show off and show you some of the things that, that are optional that you can add to your home if those things are important to you as well. Um, so that’s something that you’re going to notice once you’re on that, that model home tour, New Homes Edmond because the reality is, who doesn’t love to go look at beautifully decorated model homes, right?

So because we have so many with custom homes, broken Arrow and at shaw homes, we have so many fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in the Tulsa area. Um, which is why we invite you to join us on what will be one of the most information packed experiences in your home shopping experience. Um, this tour allows you to see what would take a couple weeks on your own in just two hours, um, because the truth is time is something nobody ever has too much of these days. New Homes Edmond it’s important to really go with one of our new home specialist so that they can really show you what all each of these models has to offer. Um, our monroe floor plan alone can be built 15 different ways. Most of our floor plans can be a one story or two story. Uh, the number of bedrooms can always change. The number of bathrooms upstairs can always change. Um, do you want to have a bonus room upstairs or just a game room only? And these are all things that can be changed within a, a floor plan. New Homes Edmond if you were to just look at these model homes and during model hours on your own without a new home specialist, these are things that you would miss out on. So

once you have really gone on that tour, um, you do get a really, really good idea of what all is possible, New Homes Edmond, through shaw homes, what we can build for custom homes, broken Arrow, and all of the different options that have to offer here. Uh, that’s why it’s so important to, um, you know, we, we like to be able to, to give you the opportunity to access the floor plans online. Um, we also have printed floor plans and most of our models as well that, New Homes Edmond, that you can see as well, but nothing will give you the,

the experience like walking through that model home. Um, maybe there are certain things that you thought were important and once you go on that tour, maybe you see it in person, you may change your mind and there may be other things that you didn’t think were as important to you and once you see it and envision your family living there, again, that might be something that you maybe have a change of heart on. Um, so that’s, that’s just a really important reason to join us on one of those model home tours. New Homes Edmond, and like I said, those do happen three times a week. Um, if you were not able to make one of those three times, I’m, your new home specialist can usually open up their schedule just a bit in order to accommodate you possibly during the week or on another time during the weekend. I’m either way, it’s really important to be able to schedule that tour. You want to be able to have that experience and I do think that although there are a lot of steps in our process and a lot of moments along the way that are key and important, you can’t get to any of those later steps unless you’ve gone on that home tour. It really, really is the single most helpful tool New Homes Edmond

when building and when building with New Homes Edmond, a lot of our clients have told us just how helpful that model tour was. Um, and once they have made it to their design studio appointments or even right before they may even want to go on to go look at some of those model comes again to refresh their memory about some of the style options that are available to them in those model homes. It’s just a really helpful way for us to be able to remind our clients as everything that we can do. Then everything that we’re capable of it shaw and all of the custom homes broken around.

We know that our clients really appreciate the time that is taken during this part, the process, um, because it can be a little bit of a longer tour if that’s something that is important to you. I’m really getting to see everything and all of those homes. So we really liked the fact that, New Homes Edmond, that our new home specialists really take that time to show our clients everything that, that we can do. Um, we, we know that that’s something that is really setting us apart from other builders with other New Homes Edmond, we know that that is not something a lot of our competitors do and we do it not just to set ourselves apart, but because we know that that’s the experience that we would appreciate and that we would enjoy, um, to really give our customers that exhaustive list of options to be able to show them all of the different ways that we can do everything that we do here at shaw homes. New Homes Edmond, we’re building with custom homes, broken arrow.

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